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Here’s what Apple TV ” we crashed” cast look like as compared to their real-life counterparts;



This is the season of swindler TV; Netflix discovered Anna set the rolling ball which was followed by Tinder Swindler and after that The Dropout and show time pumped arrived in the market. Soon the list of miniseries come which is based on Apple Tv+ we crashed.

After meeting a big failure in selling clothes of babies with kneepads and women’s shoes with collapsing heels. Adam Neumann who is a business in Israel founded what was a real estate company that works as a technology company.

The business model of We works depend on the leasing of office space making it more dapper and also subleasing some sections to start the freelancing  temporarily

But the main thing is physical interaction with workers which is too much necessary. The physical social network plays a key role in managing the business.

 Freelancing is good because you just work at home or office without communicating with people. You just focus on your work without coming in proper dressing. Setting up the freelancing market is very easy to manage the business because it does not take much time and you have no need to come to the office at the proper time.

 You just stay at home and complete your work in any location. You don’t need any exact position or place to work. 

But in certain aspects, it is not too good because socializing with each other is very necessary to start up any business. Socialization is a very important thing and it is very necessary for management. 

When you work continuously your mind is stuck and you need a break at that time talking with others is the biggest therapy in which you lose your depression and anxiety.

Glasses of Beer;

Neumann told in an interview in 2015 at TechCrunch, we gave 90,000 glasses of beer last month. He also said that we are proud of it because it is a large number.

This figure feels us too proudly included WeWork’s spread from Warsaw to Wuhan and it costs up to $10 billion in 2015.

 But all of this crushed down when a lot of profit rushed out. This amount is too much and we are all proud of it because bunches of profit come after these servings. By Neumann’s smooth talk and behavior, this company gains a lot of achievements.

 He feels so proud at that moment when he announces that he has given such a large amount of glass of beer.

Neumann’s unprofessional and irresponsible ways affect the company and business practices. Japenese Softbank which is the biggest technology investor decided to pull the rug out from its feet. Adam Neumann travel for a journey. His wife whose name is Rebekah Neumann and she has her own employees for a business. His other business partner whose name is Miguel McKelvey was also with them.

WeCrashed Apple TV+

The series from Apple TV + in which rise and fall of WeWork during throwing juicy nuggets that I don’t want to vanish. 

WeCrashed is the story based on reality, this is a true story. The Rebeka fired a mechanic in WeWork in a few minutes. Because she did not like his energy according to the company. WeCrashed is Apple TV + original series and it is easily watched on a TV streaming platform.

 Its story is based on the man who is Adam that sells fitting fewer baby clothes and then builds up a large organization in just a few months. 

His style of working and speaking is too attractive that’s why his business goes higher as compared to other organizations.

WeCrashed has a total of eight episodes. There first three episodes were released on the Apple platform on March 18. 

Then the remaining five were released after one week. And now the last season is expected to be released in April in 2022. These series become famous and it is the main reason behind the up and down of this company. WeCrashed is the latest series that turned real-life stories or events into drama on a small screen. 

This series hit and popular among people in no time and gain a lot of viewers and likes. But after that, this series lost its popularity and it costs $2 billion in 2019.

Everyone wants to know about this series. So that’s why people demand that the roles of this series come on screen with their real appearance. That’s why we will talk about the real pictures of these characters.

By these pictures, you can easily examine that which characters look like in real life and which role they play in the series. Let’s take a brief look at how the characters look in the real-life

This is the picture of Adam Neumann;

Here Jared Leto as the character of Adam Neumann;

And this is the real Rebekah Neumann;

Here is the Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Neuman;

This is the real Miguel McKelvey;

And here is the Kyle Marvin as Miguel McKelvey;

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