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The Biggest Troll of Meghan Markle Is Her Half-Sister Samantha



In an investigation by the latest news, they found that Samantha’s Twitter account has posted conspiracy theories about Meghan. News is going to sue the duchess’s half-sister if she says anything about the news.

Meghan Markle, an American actress, was identified as the new girlfriend of Prince Harry. In an effort to learn more about her, the media went into overdrive. “Don’t fall for my little sis, Harry, she’d be the next PRINCESS PUSHY,” was the headline on the Sun’s front page of an interview with Meghan’s half-sister just two days later.

When Samantha Markle first started out in the media, this was the start of her career. Samantha, 57, is Meghan’s half-sister from her father. She is 17 years older than Meghan by that amount of time. Samantha has been ready and willing to slam Meghan since her first interview with the Sun, in which she called her “shallow” half-sister “social climber” and said her behavior was “certainly not befitting of a royal family member.” 

Samantha’s Twitter account has spread these same baseless rumors, even though Samantha hasn’t made these claims in interviews with the mainstream media. This allows her to keep a veneer of respectability while still smearing her half-sister.

When BuzzFeed News wanted to write this story, they sent Samantha a long list of questions in a lot of different ways, including a Gmail address that was given to her by her partner. Gmail: “You’re crazy,” the person said. “You were told in advance that these are lies and will be proven so by the IP and mac addresses they came from.” Person: “I will file stalking and harassment charges against you, then against your media company for letting you do this. You aren’t the fair journalist you say you are in your emails.”

These statements were likely produced by a third party to discredit our client because Mrs. Markle’s email and other accounts have been hacked multiple times. Douglas Kahle confirmed this in an email. He didn’t specify which statements he was referring to when he talked.

People have written a lot about how weird it is when people question celebrity pregnancies, but with the Duchess of Sussex, this doubt is taken to a whole new level.

People who don’t like Meghan think she wore a “moon bump,” or fake belly when she was pregnant with her two children. Archie and Lilibet were born. When Meghan is walking or sitting down and then getting up from a chair, videos of her pregnant belly moving as she moves are looked at a lot. Also, photos of the wrinkles in her clothes around her midriff are also looked at a lot. “What the Hell is That Popping Noise as Pregnant Meghan Markle Stands Up?” is the name of an 86-sec clip that has 240,000 views. It shows Meghan rising from a squat to pet a dog during an official engagement in January 2019. There is even a group of people who think there are no children. Meghan and Harry have been using lifelike baby dolls when they go out in public.

When BuzzFeed News looked through years of Twitter images, they found that Samantha’s accounts have said for a long time that she believes that her half-children sisters were born through IVF and a surrogate. If the children are still alive in January 2022, her Twitter account asked.

Samantha is thought to have used a lot of Twitter accounts over the years. There are hundreds of screenshots of tweets from these accounts that make fun of her sister. She has a Twitter account called @TheMarkleSammy, which BuzzFeed News is only going to talk about in this story because that’s where she posts now. This is because Samantha is thought to have used that account to communicate with this reporter, but she hasn’t said that it was hacked. Also, when this reporter used Facebook Messenger to talk to this person, someone who looked like Samantha talked about DMs that this person had sent to this person from this account.

Mostly, Samantha’s Twitter account isn’t public, and tweets are deleted from it all the time. But BuzzFeed News was able to keep track of these tweets because this reporter was following the account in January when it was open. This reporter was recently blocked from the account by the person who did that. A lot of untrue things have been said about Meghan on Samantha’s Twitter account, but she hasn’t said this in any of her interviews with the mainstream media, so it’s possible that she didn’t say this at all.

Tweets from Samantha’s account have said that Megan has used the doll in place of her son in Paparazzi photos. Many of these tweets were deleted after the news asked for a comment. Harry and Meghan’s son Archi might have down syndrome. They have talked about the idea. They have asked her half-sister to show that she had a miscarriage. People have said that Meghan may have been friends with Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. 

People have said for a long time that Meghan used a surrogate to have babies and wore padded stomachs to make it look like she was pregnant. They say that Meghan and Harry used IVF for both of their children. They said that Archie might not be Meghan’s biological child at all, or that both of her children might not be Harry’s and should have their DNA checked.

Samantha’s Twitter account also shows interactions between her and a lot of people who are very against Meghan, especially a woman called “Yankee Wally.”

If you think of Wallis Simpson, the American siren for whom Edward VIII gave up the British throne, you might think of “Yankee Wally.” She’s a Welsh pensioner in her mid-60s who goes by the real name Sadie Quinlan. After four years, she has become one of the most outspoken and persistent anti-Meghan voices in the royal social media world.

By the spring of 2019, Quinlan had moved her attention to YouTube, where she seemed to be trying to prove that Meghan was not really pregnant with her first child. Yes, I believe that Meghan Markle was never pregnant at all. Quinlan told that he thinks she can’t have a baby because she can’t carry one. The Royal line of succession makes it very important that this situation be fixed, so I don’t want to talk about it. Archie and Lili are 6th and 7th in line to the throne right now. That’s just crazy! When I pay for a pair of FRAUDULENT kids because their mother is too proud and ambitious to admit the truth, I don’t like it.

A screenshot of YouTube search results for “Meghan Markle surrogate,” sorted by how many people have watched them so far. Yankee Wally’s video is the third one that comes up. Quinlan is one of many YouTubers who have built their brands by tapping into the anti-Meghan sentiment that exists on the internet. Few, if any, have done it as well, or for as long, as Quinlan has, and with so little effort, too.

Quinlan’s Yankee Wally account has a lot of videos about Meghan’s alleged surrogacy. Five of the top 10 are about that. When you search YouTube’s most-watched videos for “Meghan Markle surrogate,” Yankee Wally’s is the third one with 410,000 views.

But almost all of the top videos about Meghan’s alleged fake pregnancy are different from Yankee Wally’s in one important way: They don’t show the same thing that he does. If you look at videos with titles like “SURROGACY hint in Lilibet birth announcements” or “Harry & Meghan disrespect the Queen/violate privacy,” they don’t say that the duchess faked her pregnancy. Instead, they say that these rumors are out there and ask why Meghan didn’t address these rumors, why Meghan’s children’s birth announcements were worded in a certain way and if that means she used a surrogate.

The person who sent the DM to the news site said they didn’t know Quinlan “personally,” but said Quinlan seemed to be “nice” and “sometimes very funny,” even though they didn’t know him. The person who sent this message to the reporter from Samantha’s Facebook account said that they only knew about Quinlan from what they saw on YouTube and Twitter.

In another email, Samantha’s partner said that “Sadie [Quinlan] has never been given permission to publish any of our messages or anything else for that matter.” She said that “Sadie” published one of our messages last year, and I have an email that tells her “she has no permission and should never do it again,” and that she should not do it again.

Quinlan said that I know that Meghan could sue me. I know that. That’s what she said: “Meghan Markle didn’t have them.” The biologically correct answer is that they are hers, but they were not born in her body. They can sue me, too. It’s time. I’m up for it. Because the baby didn’t come from Meghan, Quinlan said, “I would demand the true birth certificate, and where did that baby come from because it didn’t come from Meghan,” if she ever went to court.

She informed us, “I guess you could say that my whole life is on the internet,” she said. It’s my life, and I feel obligated to share it with you, even though it makes me uncomfortable. That’s the way things really are. The man continues, “And I’ve never been happier than I am right now.”

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