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Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Bonsai Plants That Anybody Can Buy In 2022



Bonsai Plants growing is a unique form of gardening that seems difficult to beginners but is not. It takes some simple techniques and patience to grow any of your favorite species as a delightful miniature houseplant. However, you can buy a pre-potted and trained bonsai plant online and can instantly enjoy the experience of being a proud bonsai owner.

Wide Variety of Bonsai Plants To Buy As a Beginner

The artistic miniature structure may bewitch you, but there is a broad array of bonsai plants that you can grow happily in your home even if you know nothing about bonsai gardening. While some of these bonsai plants will increase the visual appeal of your home, others will make you feel a soothing aura and offer numerous health benefits along.

These varieties come pre-planted and are well-trained to give you the ultimate joy of bonsai-keeping. Also, you can find all types of these bonsai trees, whether evergreen, deciduous, or succulent, to beautify both indoor and outdoor spots.

Top Choices for Beginner-Friendly Bonsai Plants

Best recommendations for beginners, these easy-to-maintain bonsai plants will bring life to your home with minimum caring, which includes basic practices like regular watering, pruning, and feeding.

Juniper Bonsai Tree

Juniper as a bonsai plant is most popular for its small needle-like foliage that resonates well with the miniature structure. The plant is an evergreen hardy species and produces flexible, easy-to-wire branches and trunk, which make it ideal for beginners.

Placement: Open or semi-shaded outdoors.

Watering: Every 2-3 days, avoid overwatering.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

With bright green foliage and an ornamental trunk, the Chinese Elm bonsai plant not only has beautiful but an equally robust and hardy structure. The plant will grow gorgeously in your home with little maintenance and will be reminiscent of beautiful natural landscapes for a long time to come.

Placement: Shaded garden or porch.

Watering: Once a day.

Ficus Bonsai Species

Ficus tree species are considered excellent choices for beginners as all the plants are hard to kill and thrive with minimum care. With Ficus tree species, you will not only recreate some of the most phenomenal elements of nature such as aerial roots and dense foliage but will also experience the prosperous and health benefits these plants offer when grown as houseplants.

Placement: Bright indoor locations.

Watering: Regularly in moderate amounts to keep the soil moist most of the time.

Jade Tree Bonsai

The shrubby and evergreen succulent Jade bonsai plant grows flawlessly indoors with proper lighting and makes for the best and luckiest bonsai plant for beginners. Considered a popular Feng Shui plant, Jade tree bonsai brings wealth and abundance home and imparts soothing vibes indoors.

Placement: Well-lit indoors, indirect but bright sunlight.

Watering: Once or twice a day.

Phoenix Palm Bonsai Plant

Perfect for an indoor gifting plant, the Phoenix Palm grows happily indoors and showcases the eye-pleasing appearance of long drooping fronds and foliage. Its leaves are lacy and grass-like, which also blesses you by purifying the air from harmful toxins and pollutants released from various objects present in the home.

Placement: Well-lit indoors with bright, indirect sunlight.

Watering: Sparingly to keep the soil moist.

Bring Nature Closer With Easy-to-Maintain Bonsai Plants

Bonsai plants are natural replications of huge trees that bring the essence of nature right into your home. And getting these bonsai plants online that are also very easy to care for, is the best way to bond with nature while elevating the overall ambiance of your home.

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