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These Couples Took Their Pregnancy Announcement to Another Level



There was a time when pregnancy news was just between the oldsters, closest relations and friends. But times have changed and also the dawn of social media has made it quite easier for us to share every news with our friends and members of the family irrespective of which part of the planet they’re living on. Here, we’ve created a group of 40 creative pregnancy announcements by some lovely parents-to-be. So, sit back and luxuriate in it.

Time to form Room, Baby

This female offspring doesn’t want to depart her beautiful little home within a home and that we feel bad for her. But hey, this can be the rule of the planet. you bought to sacrifice for your siblings.

Responsible Doggo

With pregnancy, there aren’t just big changes for the people living within the house. It also means there’ll be changes for the dog additionally. That’s why this doggo realized it absolutely was important for him to search out ways to induce treats when the humans are having a baby. If you are taking a glance at the third book on the right, you’ll notice that it clearly says, “Seriously, don’t eat the baby.”

Thank God, The Baby Comes With Instructions

These parents-to-be announced their pregnancy a la mode and that we can’t argue with their different sense of humor. As babies aren’t easy to handle, these parents are learning everything they have to understand from the guide.

A minimum of they’re Not Complaining

This couple better knows becoming pregnant means limiting the consumption of alcohol. The mother-to-be is avoiding the drink and just enjoying her chicken wings. The father-to-be, on the other hand, seems happy as he’s visiting and enjoying two beers without anyone complaining about it.

This is often What planning appears like

As we all know that children nowadays are drawn to smartphones, this photo makes quite a sense. Although this announcement is from 2016, it still makes lots of sense in 2020 and that we cannot get enough of it.

He Wasn’t Ready

Some guys get shocked to find out that they are visiting dads. As this couple wanted to announce their pregnancy, they did it in some style. We are sure it must be the mother-to-be’s idea to point out the father-to-be fainted at the sight of a positive bioassay.

The simplest within the Business

These adorable dogs love their family and that they are able to tackle any job for them. As a replacement baby is coming to the house, they took proper certifications and are prepared to require care of their little sibling.

It’s Probably Not the correct Thing to try and do

Having a baby are often stressful and it becomes a touch more overwhelming for the new parents. This couple wanted to indicate to the globe how they’re feeling on the inside at the news of becoming parents. it’s hilarious and that we just want to inform them that there is nothing to fret about. Everything are going to be alright.

An enormous Promotion

It’s not the fogeys who get promoted from being parents of 1 child to 2 children, the tiny brother or sister also gets a promotion. This tiny angel is announcing that she’s getting ready to undergo an enormous life-changing moment and that we are so happy for her.

Family That Loves Starbucks

Ladies and gentlemen, this can be what happens when your entire family can’t live without Starbucks. The baby is coming to a family that’s hooked to coffee and pastries that are heated in an exceedingly microwave. Nevertheless, their way of announcement is pretty good.

The Lego Announcement

We think this can be genius – Matthew loves Legos, and using Legos to announce their family expansion expresses the love. Who knew Legos can be employed in such a cute way. As fans of Legos, we feel that this is often one amongst the simplest pregnancy announcements out there.

Not Again!

This is such a hilarious pregnancy announcement that we couldn’t stop laughing for a whole minute. The ladies within the picture don’t seem to be super happy to grasp that their parents are bringing in another sibling. The fogeys seem pleased with their decision. Good luck to them.

No Need for Ultrasound

If you’re expecting a baby, then there’s no need for an ultrasound. Get some major money-saving ideas from these soon-to-be parents. All you wish could be a chalkboard and a bit of chalk. Although it’s not medically accepted, it’s still quite good and we loved it.

Life is near to getting a bit Rough

This doggo was wont to play, eat, and much of sleeping within the house. But now the doggo knows that things are changing around within the house. Now the doggo should be sure of the newborn kid and that we are sure he’s 100% ready for it.


 This is so cute and artistic, right? The fogeys previously came up with some simple ideas for a pregnancy announcement. But at this point they knew the way to announce with a bang and that they sure amazed everyone with this creative idea. It’s a bit of art.

It’s Easy Peasy

 This pregnancy announcement is hilarious thanks to the reaction of the dad-to-be and also the calmness of the mother-to-be. The dad knows what he can really expect after nine months and therefore the mother is simply chilling and eating food. All the mother needs is Netflix and she’s good to spend the subsequent few months in this fashion.

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