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Happy New Year

Funny Happy New Year SMS



New Year is the celebration to get another to live a happy and prosperous life. Due to excessive use of mobile, many people love to send SMS to their friends and belongings to wish for an event like New Year. Therefore, we are here with a huge collection of funny happy New Year SMS that you can send to anyone without any issue.

To Whom You Can Send Funny Happy New Year SMS?

Funny messages, no matter for what event you are talking about, can’t be sent to anyone. It is because the receiver might feel your funny words are inappropriate and get angry. So, you should keep this factor in your mind while looking to send funny happy New Year SMS.

On our platform, we have kept all such precautions in mind while designing this collection. You will find all these funny quotes or SMS appropriate to send to anyone. In all these messages, you won’t find any inappropriate words.

We have selected only those SMS that have decent words to happy the receiver instead of ruining the happiness of the event. Therefore, you can pick any of the following quotes and send them to anyone from your circle. You will be able to make happy the receiver as well as send him wishes for a better future in the upcoming year. Just come and copy Funny Happy New Year SMS from the following collection.

Funny Happy New Year SMS For 2022

If you think your friends don’t deserve a well-sophisticated wish from you. 😉

Just screw them with these most hilarious and funny New Year wishes to add LOL…CRAZY!!

Express your true feelings and tell, you never want them to get success, look, Skinner, join the gym, eat healthily, and get married this year.

Instead, you want them to gain weight, look fatty, a bit older, party junkies, have endless fun, and enjoy lots of celebrations of your success. 😉

Happy New Year Funny SMS

These crazy wishes will blow their mind and create lots of fun memories around. So, share your moments of happiness and love with just a little use of your witty behaviors.

These super funny New Year wishes are a fantastic way to add LOL…and enter a New Year.

A special is sorry for you. please excuse all my mistakes before the end of this year and get ready in the new year for new mistakes. because I cannot change.

Forget SENSEX Forget TERRORISM Forget Cricket, Forget Election & Result, Cherish the best moments of 2021, Happy 2022

Happy new year. I know it’s too early, but I have 100s of handsome guys and girls to wish, so, I decided to finish off uncles and aunties first.

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