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Footwear To Complete Your Look At Different Occasions



Footwear is the first thing someone notices about you when you meet them. And yet, somehow, we have grown to emphasize more on the dress, makeup, and hairstyle. You do not need to own numerous pairs to blend in with each occasion.

Knowing your style and your wardrobe must help narrow down your collection to the best and versatile shoes. Your dress and other accessories alone will not complete the style. Your footwear, too, is equally important and an integral part of the style statement you are trying to make – be it the sneakers for women or the kitten heels. Here is a guide that will help you decide the footwear for the occasions in your life.

Casual Events

Flat Sandals

You want something to wear on the girl’s day out or just to go out for a movie. Your first choice should be flat sandals. They are available in many designs, and the most common one that is preferred for casual events is the flip flop. It is perfect for the beach or to run some errands.

Flat Ballerinas

Inspired by the ballets, these ballet flats or ballerinas are the perfect pair for your tired feet, and yet are perfect when you have a casual evening dinner to go to. It is very versatile footwear. It can be worn to most casual events under the sun.


Sneakers for women is a trending topic in today’s times. They are perfect for the days you must run around but need not be dressed too formally. They are the choice you must make for both style and comfort, especially when you need to be on your feet for longer durations.


There is still a debate going on whether loafers are formal or casual. Whatever the result, this pair is a style statement without much effort. It is so versatile that it can be your workwear for the day and be your companion for the same evening.



Are you always in a rush? Then mules may be the right footwear choice for you to wear to work. Pick the covered heel mule for your workday. They come in different styles and cuttings. If wearing a heel isn’t your cup of tea, go for flat mules. You will not regret this choice.

Kitten Heels

These are low heel shoes for girls that taper at the bottom. It has a slender heel of 1.5 to 1.7 inches with a curve setting at the back. They are the most preferred choice of power-packed women. When you wear the low heel to work, it helps you stay comfortable through the long hours.



College is the place to experiment with styles. You can start with the wedges. The sole and the heel have only a single piece. It is high-heeled due to the difference in thickness at the back and front. Uniquely designed, they are a modern touch to the good old platform heels.

Platform Heels

Unlike the wedges, the back and front aren’t connected by a single heel, but rather platforms have an extension on the front part. It is a half-inch less in height than the heel. The trend is to choose bright and vibrant colors. You can try colors like red, blue, and gray.



That stunning saree you are planning to wear for the wedding must be paired with an equally stunning shoe. Stilettos must be your first choice for such festive traditional occasions. These intimidating shoes for girl are not for all. It requires some practice and confidence to get the look right.

Moderate Heels

If you are worried about being successful in a Stiletto or aren’t comfortable in them, you can wear a moderate heel with a saree or lehenga. Choose your heel in ethnic colors that is in contrast with the dress color.


Flat Boots

If comfort is what you need during the winters, nothing can beat the flat boots. They are available in both ankle length and full length. Own the basic colors, and you can always do a mix and match with your winter wardrobe, especially with long overcoats.

Converse Shoes

Your casual look for the winters is guaranteed by the converse shoes. They are casual and are robust for the winters. They come in vibrant colors and really will bring out the younger side of you. It is comfortable, trendy, and keeps your feet warm. A real winner!


Strappy Sandals or Boots

The aim here is to stand out. You must want to be the life and soul of the party. Well, wear a pair of strappy footwear along with the dress, and you will be the showstopper.


A statement pump gives an edge to your party look. They can match almost all the clothes in your wardrobe, and you will never feel bored of them. With a heel of 2 to 3 inches, they are very versatile and come in many designs.

Footwear represents a personality. It has the power to reveal your fashion sense. Pick your footwear based on the occasion, your style, and your comfort level. You can now get quality products at the best price. If you are bold and confident to pull off sneakers for women with your wedding dress, go for it. In the end, you need the confidence to walk and let your attitude do the talking.

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