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22 Secrets about reality shows work that past contestants have told us.



  1. Nick from Love Is Blind Season 2 said that the couples aren’t supposed to go out together while the show is on because they would be a walking, talking spoiler. Nik said, “The last few weeks of the show’s promotion, we spent a lot of time at home watching Dawson’s Creek. I didn’t even know that was what we talked about when we were filming. In the past, “Live your life and don’t post about it on social media” was what people said.
  1. The less people you’re dating, the longer the dates are, says Jarrette from Season 2. She told BuzzFeed that Jarrette told BuzzFeed that she told BuzzFeed “As your dates get shorter, the amount of time you spend with each one gets longer. Our first day of dating was about three hours long. Then we went on night dates that could last for up to two hours.”
  1. Contestants on America’s Next Top Model Season 9 were paid “$40 a day, no residuals,” and they had to pay for their own food, Sarah Hartshorne said in a tweet in 2021.
  1. Captain Lee Rosbach of Below Deck told Cosmopolitan that only a small amount of what is filmed ends up on the show. He said, There must have been 45,000 hours of film shot, but then it reduces to 900 minutes of Show.
  1. That’s why Captain said that when cameras need to be reset, “the cast gets iced,” meaning they can’t talk to each other so the crew doesn’t miss a second of the show. In response to this question from Rosbach: “Let’s say we’re going out for the night. We might get iced when we move from the yacht to a restaurant. This is because we’re moving quickly between places. That means that they can’t talk to each other anymore because the cameras have to move around.”
  1. Dave Vasen says that if the contestants give away plot points about an episode before it airs, “the production team can just cut you from the show (and will).” This is what he wrote on Medium. It was also said, “We didn’t say a word about the movie’s ending when we watched it last night.” 
  1. The Sharks interviewed Vasen for “well over an hour,” but it was “trimmed to 5–10 minutes” for TV because they didn’t want to show too much. As Vasen wrote, “So some things are left out and some points are made more prominent, but the storey is right on. The only thing that was different was the previews, which made us look like we had been hit.”
  1. Insider talked to Akiva Neuman and Logan Broadbent, both of whom competed on Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior. They said that contestants pick their own clothes and do their own makeup. They also have to pay for their own transportation to the set, as well as their own lodgings, so they have to take care of that.
  1. Neuman and Broadbent also said that there was a trampoline for people to practise on before they ran the course, which had a trampoline-based obstacle. 
  1. Shirley Chung and Brooke Williamson told Delish that even though the cast is all chefs, they don’t eat very well during the competition or cook very much between challenges. He said, “We were sick for seven weeks. We ate like shit. I lived on Cup of Noodles for a long time, but I didn’t like it. When I was hungry, I would have one cup of noodles every day for about a month Chung said that during filming, chefs could eat “cheetos, and baked Sun Chips, Doritos, and fruit snacks.”
  1. If you’re a contestant on Chopped, you were told not to make bread pudding for the third round because, as Josh Lewis said, it’s not good “Everybody does that, and the judges are tired of it. They want you to come up with new ideas.” Otherwise, he didn’t have to think about what the judges liked.
  1. Chefs are allowed to bring their own knives, and the ovens are already heated to 350 degrees and there are pots of already-boiled water on hand. Also, before each round, the contestants have a few minutes to “get to know everything in the pantry.” “Lewis said that,” “When I didn’t know how to use something, they showed me. How do you get the ice cream out of the machine?”
  1. Seth Aaron Henderson said that after filming, he was very happy with how his clothes turned out “Everything is auctioned off right away. The clothes that we make go up for auction right after the show.”
  1. She told the New York Times that when she was on the show, her daily schedule looked like this: After filming for six hours, the contestants sewed until midnight then did confessional interviews for another few hours. Finally, they were able to go to sleep between 1 and 3 a.m.” This is why when it comes to the final challenge at the end of each season, everyone is terrible because they’re tired. Dao said this:
  1. Giuseppe Dell’Anno, who won the Great British Bake Off last year, says that Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding spent a lot of time with the contestants both on and off the show. She said this to Vulture: Dell’Anno told Vulture that she was a fan of the show “Two real gentleman: Matt and Noel. When they were with us, they would eat lunch with us every day. They would be so supportive and concerned about our health. I didn’t think the experience would be so good.”
  1. During the show, a producer told everyone that about half of people on social media would not like it. Jürgen Krauss, one of Giuseppe’s fellow Bake Off competitors, told Vulture that this was told to the cast. In Krauss’ words: “They said something like, “Yeah, 50% of the response will be positive, and the rest you should not read.” Jürgen, on the other hand, was very happy to say that “99% of the responses I get are very positive, and the rest are still very friendly.”
  1. Brooke Lynn Hytes, a finalist on RuPaul’s Drag Race, told Cosmopolitan about the long list of things that a potential contestant’s audition video must meet. This is what Brooke Lynn said: “You have to make a video that is no longer than 20 minutes. In that time, you have to do two lip syncs and acting challenges, three Snatch Games, 14 runway looks, a boy interview, and a costume you made out of paper,” she said. Adds he: “In the boy interview, the hardest part was that they said it should be over in three minutes, but then they asked you like 20 questions.
  1. Contestants are given iPods with the “lip sync for your life” songs and written lyrics so that they can learn them before the show starts, Brooke Lynn told Cosmopolitan. As the season goes on, they ask for them back at certain points, taking songs off and adding songs on.
  1. When Bobby Berk visited Los Angeles, he met up with Neal Reddy, who was on the first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye. He told the Evening Standard that after he appeared on the show, he kept in touch with the cast and even went out with them. It was Reddy who said, “Bobby is the person I talk to the most, and he’s been very helpful after I’ve filmed. The last time I was in LA, we spent some time together. He let me stay at his house, we went hiking, and I got to spend time with him and his wife. He is just one of those people who makes his friends feel like royalty when they are around him.” Because they remind me not to be so hard on myself when I feel bad about myself, he reaches out to Jonathan Van Ness.
  1. Former Jeopardy! Host When a player buzzes in too early to answer a question, they are “locked out for a fraction of a second.”
  1. A new legend on Jeopardy! There is a website called “J! Archive” that has all of the old games and clues from Jeopardy! She said that “popular music” was one of the topics she didn’t do well with.
  1. During the BBC’s Radio 1 Newsbeat, a contestant on Love Island said that the cast is told not to talk about certain things while being filmed. This includes the week-long “media lockdown” the contestants go through before the show starts filming. Because it isn’t part of a show, Williamson said, “That’s the one thing the cast all have in common.” As he said, “You can’t talk about brands and things.”

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