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I Can’t Stop Laughing At These 31 People Who Were Confident And so Wrong At The Same Time 



  1. You’ll be shocked what “aunt rap runner” was really supposed to be:
aunt rap runner
  1. I know this person must be speechless
  1. I cant even  understand how this typo happen
  1. Look what this person has done. He has hit their head and might have hit it harder than they executive:
  1. Someone wanted to try new food
  1. It could be a drag queen’s name “Sally Manilla”
  1. Clearly you can see this person is good at math but not on spelling:
  1. Hey, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m sure they want to say “ominous”
  1. I found this comment on youtube and it left me alot of questions:
  1. This person try to prove kink shame and sadly failed:
  1. At least some one leave an honest review:
  1. This person has bad spelling but best memory:
  1. IDK why i not have tried this  dessert before:
  1. The person has not idea how to use words with exact meaning:
  1. IDK how to spell this for years either honestly:
  1. How did this person think this what he has written? And it made sense
  1. This makes sense in a funny way:
  1. Some oen is in legal trouble:
  1. This wasn’t their whole tip i  hope:
  1. Some people really need to google the about words they want to use before sending messages:
  1. In any comment section you will always find a gem:
  1. This person is trying to beat the Instagram algorithm:
  1. It could be taught at Hogwarts sounds like “Curse of writing”
  1. First of all this person should checked the milks inspiration date:
  1. They cant even try to blame on autocorrect now this is a misspelling:
  1. They had the right message but wrong words:
  1. This person chose a different career maybe its for the best:
  1. What a beautiful view:
  1. Some one is clearly versed with mexican food as they thought:
  1. At first this dad’s discovery was a bit confusing:
  1. This person tried to darg someone and it went badly wrong:

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