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Billy Mays Net Worth, Lifestyle, Profession & Age



Billy Mays was an American salesperson who has specialization in direct response marketing. Like many other marketing spokesmen, he promoted a lot of products having different categories. But he gained much popularity while he was dead and people came to know about Billy Mays net worth.

According to a lot of people, he had achieved a huge milestone in making assets all over the world. In this article, we will reveal a little bit from the biography of Billy mays.

Early life

Billy (William Darrell Billy) was born on 20 July 1958 in a town in Pennsylvania. He was raised in the nearby town where he got his basic education. He completed his education in his native town where he kept showing his interest in different other activities.

Early life

Mays was one of those few persons of his college who lead their football team to the final matches of many tournaments. He played as a linebacker for his college team during his two years educational period in the college.

After that, he was dropped out from his college due to some unknown reasons. That was the point from where he took part in his practical life and started his career journey.

What Was The Profession of Billy Mays?

Just after getting dropped out by college, he worked in a waste management company. In 1983, he left that job and moved towards Atlantic City, New Jersey. We can say that it was the turning point of Billy Mays’s life from where he got a career that made him popular.

After moving to this state, he started selling Washmatik washing devices along with many other products of the same company. Then, he was taught by the older geeks of this field with whom he was working in that company.

Those salesmen told him how to sell products to make a huge profit in this business. Once he has been learned enough, he started selling various maintenance products and tools in the entire United States for almost twelve years.

He attended a lot of home shows, auto shows, state fairs across the country to sell more. Meanwhile, he made a friend in 1993 who was the founder of an international cleaning company. Max (his friend), who was his rival salesman in the past, hired him to promote more his cleanliness products on different platforms.

He worked as a direct response advertiser for his company and many other companies for that duration. It is a special kind of marketing where a person has to go and communicate with a selected audience. Because of his communication skills, he got much popularity and products to be promoted by him having different categories.

This is all due to which people are curious about Billy mays net worth. You might be curious too about this section that’s why we have discussed it in the upcoming lines.

Billy Mays Net Worth

  • $10 Million

Whenever we are talking about a direct response marketing person (Pitchman), we might have a sketch of the person having an ordinary salary or savings. Billy mays were not one of those people who have been worked for a small salary.

According to some estimation, Billy mays net worth was about $10 million at the time of his death. He earned a lot of money and bought multiple houses in different parts of the world. Billy is considered the richest pitchman in the history of the United States who has gained huge popularity as well as earned enough money.

Famous Products Promoted By Billy Mays

As we have discussed that Billy did not promote only a limited number of products in his career. He had worked for multiple companies and their concerned products to sell more. Some famous products that he had promoted were Oxiclean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, and Zorbeez.

Oxiclean products are those that became the basis of his popularity. With his direct response marketing, this product sold more than the expectations of the manufacturers. It is because a prominent number of companies hired him for their product’s advertisement.

Rumors About His Death

At the age of 50, he was found dead in his home in Florida on 28 June 2009. There are many rumors about his death that you might have heard. Many people argue that he died because of a head injury that he had got while traveling to Florida via some airline company.

The reports and his wife stated that he was found dead in the morning that showed he died at any time in the night. According to his doctor, he had a heart disease that might be the reason behind his death.

So, all rumors are wrong while we looked at the facts shown by doctors and his wife. The main reason why people make rumors about his death is the Billy Mays net worth that has been left behind.

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