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“Chili From TLC And Matthew Lawrence From “Boy Meets World “Are Dating, And Now Danielle Fishel Has Blessed This Incredibly ’90s Union”



It’s a match made in ’90s television heaven! After months of speculation, Chili from the iconic R&B group TLC and Matthew Lawrence from the classic sitcom Boy Meets World have finally announced that they are an item. And now, to top off this incredible ’90s union, Danielle Fishel, who played Lawrence’s love interest on the show, has given her blessing! From the looks of it, this is one relationship that ’90s kids can definitely get behind. Read on to learn more about this exciting union!

The News of the ’90s Couple:

90s kids everywhere are rejoicing as one of their favorite couples, Chili from the iconic girl group TLC and Matthew Lawrence from the beloved sitcom Boy Meets World, have just been confirmed to be dating! The two were spotted out and about in Los Angeles looking very happy and were not shy about showing off their affection for each other.

The two stars have a long history together, with Lawrence appearing on TLC’s hit music video “No Scrubs” back in 1999. After that, they both went on to pursue their respective careers and started their own families. However, it looks like their love story is being reignited as they’ve been spotted spending more and more time together lately. 

The news of the relationship has certainly been exciting for fans of the two stars. Many have commented on how wonderful it is that two people from the same decade have found their way back to each other after all these years. It’s a reminder that true love is timeless and that true connections can last through the years no matter what life throws at you.

What the Stars are Up to Now:

Chilli is currently working on her new TLC album, while Matthew Lawrence recently starred in the new movie National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Matthew also had a recurring role on ABC’s The Goldbergs and made an appearance on Fuller House. Chilli is also an author and motivational speaker who does a lot of charity work for organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the African Women’s Health and Education Fund. Both stars have been busy with their careers but are now being blessed by one of their former co-stars for their romantic union.

Fishel’s Blessing of the Union:

Just when fans thought the ’90s couldn’t get any better, news broke that Matthew Lawrence and Chilli from TLC are dating. Fans went wild over this incredible union, but it was made even more special when Danielle Fishel, Lawrence’s co-star on Boy Meets World, publicly blessed the union.

Fishel took to social media to show her support for the couple and share her well-wishes. She posted a photo of the two and wrote, “So happy for you both!” alongside some heart emojis. It was a touching moment for fans to see that Fishel was genuinely happy for Lawrence and Chilli’s relationship.

It seems that the ’90s really have reunited, with Fishel’s blessing no less. Fans are overjoyed by this unexpected union and are excited to see what else the decade brings us.

What Fans Are Saying About the Reunion:

Fans of the stars of TLC and Boy Meets World have been expressing their excitement over the reunion of Chili and Matthew Lawrence. Many fans took to Twitter to express their joy, with one fan saying, “I am so excited to see these two together again. I’m old enough to remember them both when they were first on TV.” Another fan shared, “Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the sheer ’90s nostalgia of this union?” 

The news has also sparked conversations about both shows. Fans are reminiscing about the different episodes, while others are using the reunion as an opportunity to encourage people to watch reruns or streaming services. As one fan said, “I’m watching reruns of Boy Meets World just to get in the spirit of this amazing news!” 

It’s clear that the news of Chili and Matthew reuniting has struck a chord with many fans of both shows. It’s always exciting when two stars from the ’90s come together again, and it’s even more special when it’s been blessed by the castmate!


Chili from TLC and Matthew Lawrence from “Boy Meets World” has set the internet ablaze with their new relationship. Fans of both stars, as well as those who remember their characters fondly, are ecstatic to see them together. The icing on the cake is Danielle Fishel’s blessing of the union, further validating their love. All that’s left now is for Chili and Matthew to keep doing their thing and for the rest of us to watch in awe!

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