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Damar Hamlin Posted His First Public Statement After His Cardiac Arrest, And It’s Super Touching



Damar Hamlin is an American football safety for team Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). He had a heart arrest when the Bengals were playing. Medical personnel reportedly used CPR and a defibrillator to revive him on the field. Damar was taken to the hospital when his heartbeat was restored.

Damar Hamlin

Thankfully, Damar made a quick recovery. On Friday, he was feeling better, and even he did FaceTime with other players without a ventilator.

Damar made a quick recovery

On Saturday, January 7, Damar posted his first public statement after suffering Cardiac arrest. He posted his picture on Instagram and wrote, “When you put real love out into the world, it comes back to you three times as much.”

Damar posted his first public statement after suffering Cardiac arrest

Damar Hamlin continued, “The love has been overwhelming, but I’m thankful for every single person that prayed for me and reached out.”

Damar Hamlin

“We brought the world back together behind this. If you know me, you know this only gone make me stronger,” Hamlin added.

Damar Hamlin

Keep praying for me as we travel this difficult journey, he said. And we will! You’re welcome, Damar, for sharing.

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