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Disturbing And Creepy Facts We Wish We Could Erase From Our Memory



Do you enjoy a good scare? If so, you’ll want to read this blog post about some of the most disturbing and creepy facts that exist. We’re not talking about ghosts and goblins, but real-life events and occurrences that you’ll wish you could erase from your memory.

Prepare to be horrified, fascinated, and scared all at the same time as we explore disturbing and creepy facts that will make you wish you could erase them from your memory.

The World Is Full Of Creepy Crawlies: 

The World Is Full Of Creepy Crawlies

From enormous spiders to slimy slugs, there is a lot of creepy crawlies out there that can give even the bravest person a bit of a fright.

Whether it’s finding a large spider in the corner of your room, or stepping on an unexpected slug, creepy crawlies can be found almost everywhere and are sure to leave you feeling unsettled.

Some People Will Do Anything For Money: 

Some People Will Do Anything For Money

It’s a sad fact of life that some people will do anything to get their hands on money, even if it means putting themselves or others in danger. From embezzlement and fraud to robbery and extortion, there are plenty of ways that people use to try to make a fast buck. While it can be disheartening to learn about the lengths people will go to for money, it’s important to remember that it’s never acceptable to take advantage of others in order to get ahead.

There Are Some Seriously Strange Things Out There: 

There Are Some Seriously Strange Things Out There

From bizarre creatures to unusual phenomena, there are some strange things out there that can’t be explained. Whether it’s the stories of mythical creatures or tales of unexplained events, there’s a sense of the unknown and eerie that surrounds them. From talking dolphins to poltergeists, these weird and mysterious stories are sure to give you chills.

People Can Be Pretty Dark: 

People Can Be Pretty Dark

There are some truly shocking and disturbing things that people are capable of doing. From the sadistic torture of prisoners to the gruesome murders of innocent victims, these acts of violence can be difficult to comprehend. It’s a stark reminder that, while we may strive for justice, sometimes the darkness in humanity can manifest itself in truly horrible ways.

Nature Is Both Beautiful And Terrifying: 

Nature Is Both Beautiful And Terrifying

Nature has a way of captivating us with its beauty, while also reminding us that it can be quite dangerous. From ferocious storms to wild predators and creatures, nature can be both awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time. It’s no wonder that many cultures have developed a deep reverence and respect for the natural world around them. 

Nature Is Both Beautiful And Terrifying

From ancient myths to modern horror films, we can see just how powerful nature can be when we dare to venture into the unknown. Nature is a source of both beauty and terror – and we should never forget that.

Sometimes The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: 

Sometimes The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

It’s true that sometimes reality can be stranger and more terrifying than fiction. Take for example the eerie, almost supernatural story of the ‘Bunyip’. This creature is believed to have haunted Indigenous Australians for centuries, with tales of it roaming through creeks and rivers in search of human victims. 

Sometimes The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Despite its fearsome reputation, no solid evidence has ever been found of its existence. Whether a real creature or not, this is a prime example of how the truth can be far more fascinating and disturbing than any fiction.

There Are Some Seriously Disturbing Urban Legends:

There Are Some Seriously Disturbing Urban Legends

Urban legends can be incredibly spooky and unsettling. From stories of phantom hitchhikers to mysterious creatures stalking us in the night, urban legends have been around for generations. Some of the most disturbing urban legends include tales of cursed dolls, supernatural entities that lurk in the shadows, and even ghosts of past victims seeking revenge. 

While these stories can be fun to talk about, they can also be quite scary. Be sure to tread lightly when discussing these spooky tales, as they may not be suitable for younger audiences.

History Is Full Of Dark Moments:

History Is Full Of Dark Moments

From the genocide of Native Americans to the slave trade in the 18th century, the world is full of dark moments. From wars to executions, political turmoil, and oppressive regimes, there have been countless acts of violence and cruelty throughout history. 

History Is Full Of Moments

Even today, there are injustices that we face as a society, from human trafficking to political corruption. These dark moments are reminders of our capacity for cruelty and a reminder that we must strive for justice and equality for all people.

Humanity Can Be Pretty Cruel:

Humanity Can Be Pretty Cruel

People can be incredibly cruel, and we have seen this throughout history. From wars and genocides to the mistreatment of animals and our environment, it’s heartbreaking to think about what humans are capable of. We must strive to be better and kinder to each other, no matter the situation.

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