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Funny Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty Of Doing



Have you ever done something that was a little inappropriate but so hilariously funny that you just couldn’t help but laugh? Of course, you have!

We’ve all done it. From accidentally sending the wrong text message to a friend to singing in a public place, there are so many funny, yet slightly inappropriate things that everyone has done. Here’s a list of 16 hilariously inappropriate things everyone is secretly guilty of doing.

Burping Loudly In Public: 

Burping Loudly In Public

Burping loudly in public is a behavior that is frowned upon by society. Though it may be funny and make others laugh, it is still considered rude and inappropriate.

Despite this, many of us find ourselves guilty of burping loudly in public from time to time. Whether we are feeling embarrassed, or simply can’t help but let out a huge belch, it is an embarrassing thing that most of us do secretly.

Picking Your Nose In Public:

Picking Your Nose In Public

We’ve all done it at least once – picking our noses in public! It’s a funny thing that no one admits to but is secretly guilty of. Even if we don’t realize we’re doing it, it can be an embarrassing moment when someone catches us red-handed. It’s best to take your nose-picking shenanigans to the privacy of your own home!

Scratching Yourself In Public: 

Scratching Yourself In Public

It’s hard to resist the urge to scratch when you’re feeling itchy, but scratching yourself in public is a definite faux pas.

Whether it’s your head, your arm, or any other body part, people definitely notice and can be quite taken aback by this behavior.

It’s best to contain your itchiness until you can find a private place to scratch!

Singing Along Loudly To Songs You Don’t Know The Words To: 

We have all been there, playing a song we love and singing our hearts out, only to realize that we don’t actually know all the words! This is a guilty pleasure that many of us are secretly guilty of.

We sing our own rendition of the song with improvised lyrics, making sure no one is around to hear it. It’s a funny thing that we can all relate to!

Making Funny Faces In Pictures You Don’t Want Anyone To See:

We’ve all done it at least once – making a funny face for a picture that we don’t want anyone else to see. Whether it’s crossing our eyes, sticking out our tongues, or pulling a silly expression, we can’t help but be guilty of making funny faces in pictures that we would rather no one else see. It’s a harmless way to have a bit of fun and let loose, even if it is for a photo you don’t plan on sharing with the world.

Snorting When You Laugh:

Snorting When You Laugh

Snorting when you laugh is an embarrassing habit that many of us are guilty of doing at some point. While it can be funny and entertaining for others, snorting can also be socially unacceptable, depending on the situation.

If you find yourself snorting when you laugh in public, try to control yourself and laugh without snorting. It will save you from a lot of uncomfortable situations!

Walking Around In Your Underwear: 

Walking Around In Your Underwear

We’ve all been there – caught off guard by an unexpected guest while still in our skivvies. While it’s certainly an embarrassing moment, it’s also a funny and relatable one. Even if you’re an adult, walking around in your underwear can be a comical and carefree thing to do. Just make sure no one else is around to catch you in the act!

Peeing In The Shower: 

Peeing In The Shower

It may not be the most socially acceptable behavior, but everyone has done it at least once in their life. Whether it’s because you’re in a rush, or just too lazy to go to the bathroom, peeing in the shower is something that most of us are secretly guilty of doing.

Though it’s not exactly the best thing for your plumbing, it can be one of those hilarious moments that you look back on with a smile and a shake of your head.

Clipping Your Nails In Public:

Clipping Your Nails In Public

Clipping your nails in public can be an incredibly awkward situation. Nobody wants to hear the sound of nails being clipped in the middle of a quiet room. It’s especially embarrassing when it’s done without any regard for those around you. The best course of action is to simply avoid clipping your nails in public if at all possible.

Passing Gas In Public:

Passing Gas In Public

Passing gas in public is one of those funny things that we all know is wrong, but often can’t help doing. It’s usually done unintentionally, but it can also be a source of great entertainment for those around you! Whether it’s a silent but deadly or a loud and proud kind of situation, passing gas in public can be an embarrassing experience, but it can also be a good laugh.

Spitting In Public: 

Spitting In Public

Spitting in public can be a very embarrassing and inappropriate thing to do, yet many of us have done it at least once. This is especially true when we’re trying to get rid of an unpleasant taste or smell in our mouths. Even though it’s socially unacceptable, it’s something that we all secretly do from time to time.

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