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Gabby Petito’s family have accused Brain Laundrie’s parents of hiding that they already know about the Murder;



Gabby Petito disappeared for a long time and now this news spread on all the social media platforms people also talk about how he accused her fiance’s parents to help him to leave the country. He forced his parents to send him out of the country so that no one will know about that murder.

Brain Laundrie is the husband of Gabby Petito. His parents knew that he had killed his wife. That’s why her disappearance now rocked on the headlines and social media. This news spread like fire on all TV channels. But Brain Laundrie and his parents did not want that her murder exposed in front of Gabby’s parents. That’s why they hid this story in front of her parents.

In court, Petito’s parents which are Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt exposed new information about her daughter’s death. And they accused Laundrie’s parents Chris and Roberta Laundrie about the details of what happened to her daughter.

Statement of complaint;

According to the complaint it is stated that Laundrie killed his wife after a little dispute of claiming responsibilities. He told his parents about what he has done on that day with his fiance. And then she died on 27 August. After that, his parents tried to send him out of the country. Petito’s family then searched for more information about their daughter’s death. This is the statement of complaint.

Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie already know about the mental suffering and anger of Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt and knew that they could alleviate by exposing what they knew about the exact location of the remains of Gabrielle Petito, then they refused to do so. In the complaint, this statement is also added.

Steve Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundrie family refused the claims that are present in the lawsuit and he directed his clients not to comment publically over the last some months.

Assumed that everything about petitio in the lawsuit is true which we denied. This lawsuit statement change the fact that the Laundrie’s had no right to speak to any third party including the Petito family, he said these words in the Monday statement.

An FBI spokesperson declined the comment he has done on the Petitos death.

“Van life” Youtube channel

The young couple made a lot of pictures and videos and put them on the social media platform. They put road trip pictures on social media and the main question arose that he returned home alone not with his fiance. This couple gains a lot of followers because people like their pictures and videos. Laundrie was driving a van whose color is white.

 This couple made their youtube channel which is ” van life” but after that Petito disappeared. Her family reported about her missing.

Police declared Laundrie as a person of interest because he never complained to police about her fiance missing and he did not contact any authority about Petito’s disappearance. He and his attorney refused to give answers to public questions related to her fiance’s death.

Laundrie’s remains were found out on October,20 in the Carlton Reserve Environmental Park with a notebook in which the statement was written that he was responsible for the death of petito. 

According to the complaint, when the petito dead, after some time, Laundrie continued to send messages between him and petito. He continuously sent texts to her phone to hide that she was deceased. He also send messages from Petito’s phone to Nichole Schmidt on August 30 to trust him that her daughter was alive.

The complaint also stated that Roberta Laundrie block the phone number of Schmidt and also block her on Facebook on September 10. Four days later Laundrie’s family released a statement saying that they hoped that the search was successful and Miss petito returned to her family.

Patito’s parents seek a lot of damages that exceed $30,000 according to the complaint.

Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie exhibit extreme conduct under specific circumstances beyond all the decency bounds and it is very shocking and tolerable in a civilized community the lawsuit states.

Gabby Petito is the fiance of  Laundrie, he murdered his girlfriend due to some clashes. They both go on a road trip in the white van but during traveling, Gabby Petito disappeared and this news spread on the media. People arise different questions on Laundrie when he returned home alone.

 He didn’t take Petoito with him. Now all the doubt on the Laundrie, because when her fiance with him then where she goes within travel. He both uploaded videos on their youtube channel while traveling. But after sometimes she never come in with videos and on their channel, no new video was uploaded. That was a big shock for the public and their followers and they wanted to know about Petito’s death.

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