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What a harassment survivor got to say about their abusive partners. 



At the point when you first become hopelessly in love with your partner, individuals are for the most part behaving as nicely as possible. It generally occurs a little late in a relationship that victimizers show their real nature.

 Your point of view and your explanatory nature on the topic could help other people by assuming that you are alright with sharing.

So we need to know: are there any inconspicuous signs which elicit individuals to keep an eye out for their safety that they could become prey to an oppressive person?

Is there any precaution you need to take before falling in love with your beloved, charmed beau? Perhaps you needed to tread lightly for your beau since he would become nonsensically furious at benign things.

Maybe when you began dating, your better half caused you to feel regretful about spending time with your companions, and she just developed a really controlling attitude and possessiveness over the long haul.

 Or on the other hand, perhaps someone could have hurried you into moving in together and you were not ready for the new development of your life.

Perhaps they forced you into genuinely committing to a responsibility you weren’t exactly prepared for.

All these things lead to suffering and aggressiveness in the mood of you and your partner. All these choices are unhealthy and lead you to think that you decided unwisely.

A lot of people go through similar situations when their partner behaves narcotically. 

Or they behave in a weird manner that lets their partner trigger negative emotions.

Various people got to say a lot about it. According to one survey, a person exclaimed that he was so manipulated by the likes and dislikes of his partner that his individual choice and likeness faded away. 

His personality was lost somewhere and he did not know how to gather it around. personality is the most essential trait of a human being.

Many factors lead to the development of their identity. But when this personal identity is being affected by someone to whom you are attracted, it becomes so difficult to get out of the quagmire they had created for you. 

Another survivor said, he was too manipulated by his partner that he took such a big decision of moving in together in an instant with his partner.

“My partner made me do various things by emotionally blackmailing me.” This is the story of every other person who gets overflown by the emotions of their partner and after a while regrets it.

Another person commented on the same kind of situation when he was asked about feeling safe around his partner and he said, he is extra careful around his partner as his partner grows angry with him if he does something out of the blue or something that is offensive in his eyes. 

“ He just wants to rule over me and he wants me to submit to his statements.” one of the readers said, which made us astonished over what we would do.”

It is suggested to step out of such relationships as soon as possible. These relationships suck every ounce of energy from your body and leave you helpless and dejected.

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