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These People Tested the Internet’s Patience With Their Stupidity



For the most part, 2021 was difficult for all of us. And while some individuals were out there bringing a little more light into the world, others… were not. And because of social media, it was impossible to avoid all of the idiots who really tried our tolerance. View some of the more dubious posts from recent memory by continuing to scroll. We select humour when we have the option to mourn about anything.

The New York City Subway Really Failed on This One

Death, taxes, and individuals making foolish decisions are a few things in life that are unavoidable. We can understand the NYC subway’s desire to make the environment seem safer, but was bench removal the only option available to them? Any New Yorker will tell you that taking the subway can be quite the experience, and that it’s now now more challenging because to the ingenious minds who designed the NYC subway system.

People should probably simply bring their own seats on the subway now, we suppose. The crew of the NYC subway will adore that, we’re sure. It appears that they accidentally shot themselves in the foot with this.

Numerous Different Hidden Messages

Wow, we can’t believe we never realised that the combination of the letters Delta and Omicron spells media control. Just kidding, we can totally buy it. This person over there is pushing the boundaries of conspiracy theory. Do we need to worry? We don’t believe that “hidden messages” will help you win this debate, buddy. Good attempt, though. You will receive points for your originality. However, “erotic almond” ultimately won our hearts.

Erotic The almond person We don’t know who you are, but we want to say thanks for making us laugh despite our suffering. We have a strong return. I certainly hope the Media Control man does.

Jesse must understand that sometimes, less really is more.

Here, Jesse has a sound strategy. Because it’s for that reason—rather than, say, self-defense—that you would need a gun: to commandeer a jet and transport your ill kid to Italy for medical attention. We find it hard to accept that this is the argument he came up with out of all the possibilities. Jesse might make a stronger case for owning a gun than a youngster. Less is more, particularly when conveying a message. Jesse may have been seeing too many movies, as action

We advise choosing more tranquil films than those that are more action-packed. like a romantic comedy from the 1990s or perhaps a beautiful Pixar flick. For this guy, anything but Mission Impossible.

The Person Who Thinks He Can Outwit Science

This person attempted to write their college thesis on the negative effects of vaccinations. However, they decided it would be better to turn to the internet for assistance when they were unable to locate a single academic source in the school library that backed up that argument. This is just an idea, but you might want to reevaluate your entire argument if you can’t locate any research to support it. Just a thought. No offence to this student, but if you’ve already done extensive research, We don’t think you’ll get what you want from random Facebook users. We must admit that we are interested to learn what topic they ultimately chose for their college thesis. Hopefully not about a subject that necessitates assistance from Facebook strangers.

Evidently, falling in love means giving up on your goals.

What this girl’s boyfriend did to obtain five fully funded scholarships would be fascinating to learn. Perhaps he lied and received no scholarships? Come not after us; it’s only a theory. But if it’s true, it seems wasteful to pass up that kind of chance in order to live close to your partner. Before her partner declines any more scholarships, we believe this girlfriend needs to switch in her rose-tinted spectacles for some extremely clear, high-prescription glasses.

We sincerely advise everyone to follow their hearts, but don’t forget to take their brains with them. If this guy truly did turn down five scholarships for his girlfriend, though, we really do encourage them to do so!

He ought to think about making a career change to motivational speaking. We feel like a kid outsmarted us, and CNN was outsmarted by the Twitter user who called the whole thing out. The way the world operates at times is amusing, isn’t it?

The Big Brother is Observing

Without the individual who just notified us that the government is receiving data from facial recognition technology, what would we do? Oh, yes, we must pause to recognise the irony of using social media to inform us about how the government spies on us while social media also serves as Big Brother. Should we tell them the news, or not? As they say, bliss is in ignorance. What do they think of security cameras, electronic registers, and reports, though? Has this guy truly been living under a rock?

Or even better, has this individual heard of driver’s licences, as Tash THEE Bae pointed out? We bet that this person has already been registered because the initial government facial recognition system dates back a long time.

The person who want for us to cease thinking

This guy believes that having unfettered access to healthcare and other basics indicates that Satan is ready to destroy America. Listen, Satan is now our best friend if he wants to give us free items and decide it’s on the house. Free items will definitely not be refused by us! And we don’t want to be right if that’s incorrect. Sue us. We don’t really want to be friends with Satan, okay? But the post made by this person has us completely baffled. Do we stand alone?

Evidently, this guy attributes people’s “free thought” to all these negative things. Do they want us to all stop exercising our free will and become mindless followers? Someone pls explain to us.

When History Contradicts Your Claim That Your Body Is a Temple

Regardless of your position on vaccinations, I think we can all agree that this individual just got slapped in the face. Although it’s not a good idea to condemn others based on their past behaviour, this person has a point when they state “You abused meth. You should be able to get the shot and live.” It is obvious that their friend’s body has survived much worse conditions than the COVID vaccine.

Although, we have to admit, calling someone out like that on Facebook is rather cruel. Maybe the next time you call someone out like this, a private message would be preferable.

We’d Like to Meet His Father

For this man, please call for assistance. We genuinely feel sorry for John because he perceives a parent kissing his youngster on the cheek as a “inappropriate” exchange. What else does he consider suspicious if this image makes him uncomfortable? A hug?! If this isn’t a “natural” father-son connection, we have to question what he does perceive to be one. Fortunately, Jeff is here to tweet a response to warn parents about rearing children like John.

By putting people in their place, Jeff is exemplifying the value of public service. But really, we’re curious about John’s upbringing.

Oh, how ironic

This photo appears to have been captured at an anti-immigration demonstration. In case you’re curious, it took place in the United States of America. Given that it is obvious that this group is not waving the American flag, we can’t say that we blame you for wondering. This bunch of protesters is waving flags for a nation that, as our Twitter friend here noted, doesn’t even exist. In 1865, that flag was defeated.

So, please, use the proper flag the next time someone is calling for people to leave the United States of America. If not, it’s simply unclear. Additionally, we won’t always have friendly Twitter users to provide clarification.

Not all planets are flat, right?

We feel genuine second-hand embarrassment after reading this. It just makes me so uncomfortable. We are concerned if these are the bright young minds of the future. On a brighter note, this guy does pose an intriguing query if you can overlook the monstrosity that is the syntax of that status: Do proponents of flat Earth theory also regard the other planets to be flat? What lengths do these flat conspiracies go to?

From this image, I guess we won’t be able to tell the answer to that question because it appears that the “flat earth society” members are too busy criticizing his grammar to actually respond to him.

At Least the Important Questions Are Being Asked

“Trust your Cells, not Science,” is today’s quote. Sadly, our cells don’t generate information or solutions. They are occupied with other tasks, such as ensuring our survival. If this guy studied some biology, he would be aware of that. Okay, it was most likely a typo. This person probably intended to write, “Trust yourself, not science,” instead. In any case, he made himself a target for scorching. And it’s obvious that we’re not the only ones.

We’re happy that this internet moment occurred, error or not. The entire Twitter conversation had us laughing behind our screens, especially when this guy questions how humans discovered we had cells in the first place. Warning: this sentence contains a spoiler.

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