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Best 100+ Recreation Quotes And Sayings 



Recreation means satisfaction in relaxation in order to smash stress. Recreation is very important at regular intervals, for all of us since it helps us to take a break from our boring lives and refreshen ourselves. Different kinds of recreational actions can be taken up to relax oneself. Below you’ll find a number of motivating, encouraging, and happy recreation quotes.

recreational inspiring quotes
  • “Life is best enjoyed when time periods are evenly divided between labor, sleep, and recreation…all people should spend one-third of their time in recreation which is rebuilding, voluntary activity, never idleness.” — Brigham Young
recreation best quotes
  • “In the artist’s recreation of the world we are enabled to see the world.” — John W. Gardner
outdoor recreation quotes
  • Leave all afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning. — Thomas Jefferson
recreational activities quotes
  • If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf. — Bob Hope
recreation quotes
  • “The most successful people I know create superior results yet still maintain a balance among work, family, and recreation in their lives.” — Jack Canfield
quotes about recreation
  • People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness. — John Wanamaker
  • “I’ve started to kind of hate people, and it’s not because I have anything against them. It’s just, I enjoy it. It’s recreation.” — Louis C. K
  • The bow cannot always stand bent, nor can human frailty subsist without some lawful recreation. — Miguel de Cervantes
  • “The intellect must not be kept at consistent tension, but diverted by pastimes…. The mind must have relaxation and will rise stronger and keener after recreation.” — Seneca the Younger1
  • If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second. — Edward Bellamy
  • Enjoying outdoor recreation is not only good for physical health, but also for improving mental health, and I encourage everyone to explore some of the beautiful opportunities our state has to offer, particularly at those smaller, less explored state parks. — Ned Lamont
  • “He that will make good use of any part of his life must allow a large part of it to recreation.” — John Locke
  • God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling. — Izaak Walton
  • Music is the only passion I shamelessly indulge in. However, for recreation I enjoy watching movies. ‘Wizard of Oz’ was the first film I ever saw, followed by the ‘Bond’ movies. I also watch a lot of World cinema through DVDs mostly brought by one of my best friends who’s now based in Toronto. — A. R. Rahman
  • To the old saying that man built the house but woman made of it a ‘home’ might be added the modern supplement that woman accepted cooking as a chore but man has made of it a recreation. — Emily Post
  • “Recreation is not a secondary concern for a democracy. It is a primary concern, for the kind of recreation a people make for themselves determines the kind of people they become and the kind of society they build.” — Harry Allen Overstreet
  • Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it my be. — Edward Weston
  • My dad was always in sales. My mom had a heart for the ages. Worked in recreation, doing rehabilitation in nursing homes. Very nice, practical folks who were very proud of me but had no inclination toward the stage in any way. — Leslie Odom, Jr.
  • “Recreation is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scythe, to sharpen the edge of it, which otherwise would grow dull and blunt,–as good no scythe as no edge.” — Joseph Hall
  • When you’re willing to play poker for two days and lose millions of dollars, it’s no longer recreation. It’s taking over. — Molly Bloom

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Top Five Quotes About Recreation

Explore and share these top quotes about recreation to spread awareness about how it is important in life. These recreation quotes will surely help you to nurture yourself and give you a sense of self-esteem that can directly reduce depression and anxiety. 

  • If I had more recreation time I would be able to step back and reflect on how life has changed. But it has been like a constant… boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! — Shia LaBeouf
  • It’s not a master plan to do every remake and every recreation of icons. It’s just what I’ve been hired to do. — Steve Carell
  • When I was young, I did varied after-school activities – I did art, drama, science, math. I’m not the sporty kind of person, but I did get a certificate on outdoor recreation. — Catriona Gray
  • One of my earliest childhood memories is my father taking me in the evening to Samena Swim & Recreation Club in Bellevue. — Carrie Brownstein
  • Minor sports in the community is fun and recreation for everyone, not just the elite. I think back to my days in minor hockey and those are my fondest memories, having fun. — Bobby Orr
  • A forest – the word dates back to the Norman occupancy, when it meant an area set aside for England’s violent new masters to hunt boar and deer – is necessarily larger than a wood. It belonged to the king and was a fit place for his recreation. — John Burnside
  • Dams have harmed our wildlife and made rivers less useful for recreation. — Stephen Ambrose
  • Turn resolutely to work, to recreation, or in any case to physical exercise till you are so tired you can’t help going to sleep, and when you wake up you won’t want to worry. — B. C. Forbes
  • “The best recreation is to do good.” — William Penn
  • I worked for the recreation and parks department for a year. — Lee Majors
  • Maybe you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but like every American, you carry a deed to 635 million acres of public lands. That’s right. Even if you don’t own a house or the latest computer on the market, you own Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and many other natural treasures. — John Garamendi
  • “Art is both creation and recreation.” — Lin Yutang
  • I love doing comedy. One of my favorite things in the world is to do ‘Parks and Recreation’; a big fun character. — Ben Schwartz
  • Translation is an act of recreation. — Ken Liu
  • “And preserving our open spaces or having them there for recreational purposes is one of the things that contributes to the high level of quality of life that we offer in Pennsylvania, and that also translates into economic benefits.” — Ed Rendell
  • We depend on our rivers and dams for energy, transportation, irrigation and recreation and I will continue this year to fight for what’s best for the Pacific Northwest. — Cathy McMorris Rodgers
  • “Sweet recreation barred, what doth ensue but moody and dull melancholy, kinsman to grim and comfortless despair.” — William Shakespeare
  • If I could go upstairs and write every day, I would be happy. I don’t need recreation. — Henry Petroski
  • I believe God created sports for a good reason. It’s recreation. It’s something that we enjoy. It teaches us a lot as well… I believe God is a sports fan. — Luke Scott
  • We’re going to have more kids playing, and we’re going to have a better chance of finding those players Minor sports in a community is for fun and recreation. For everyone. — Bobby Orr

Best Recreation Quotes

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  • What has been happening the last four years in City Hall is that they have been closing recreation centers, closing libraries. We have not looked after our children in City Hall. — Carl Stokes
  • I started out with comedy in college, but had my major in Recreation Administration – which meant I wasn’t going to get a real job – so I started doing a little standup. — Carlos Alazraqui
  • The only recreation there allowed, however, is that of the mind, and of this there is but little. — Maria Monk
  • The one thing that is bad for society is low diversity. If you become a monoculture, you are at great risk of perishing. Therefore, the recreation of Neanderthals would be mainly a question of societal risk avoidance. — George M. Church
  • One of my favorites is ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Great show; awesome writing; beautiful, diverse cast. They also have a very diverse writer’s room, which I love. — Lena Waithe
  • A society – any society – is defined as a set of mutual benefits and duties embodied most visibly in public institutions: public schools, public libraries, public transportation, public hospitals, public parks, public museums, public recreation, public universities, and so on. — Robert Reich
  • We all recognize that Colorado and our nation have a long and storied tradition of gun ownership for hunting, outdoor recreation and self-defense. However, I am not convinced that combat weapons are necessarily part of that heritage. — Mark Udall
  • Drugs shouldn’t be used for recreation although they can be, but ultimately the point of psychedelics is to put you in touch with the powers of the universe. — Ray Manzarek
  • Hollywood is a cross between a health farm, a recreation center and an insane asylum. It’s a company town, and I happen to like the company! — Michael Caine
  • Walking is the natural recreation for a man who desires not absolutely to suppress his intellect but to turn it out to play for a season. All great men of letters have therefore been enthusiastic walkers. — Leslie Stephen
  • “Music’s only purpose should be for the glory of God and the recreation
    of the human spirit.” — Johann Sebastian Bach
  • The outdoors, the beautiful environment, both in fresh and salt water. And the thing that concerns me is the amount of kids that stand on street corners, or go into pinball parlours, and call it recreation. — Rex Hunt
  • “It’s not a master plan to do every remake and every recreation of icons. It’s just what I’ve been hired to do.” — Steve Carell
  • Every night, I say goodnight to the kids like Rajesh Khanna, muah muah, two kisses, say goodnight to my wife, and every night, I’d go to the recreation room and watch cricket with two old men. — Cyrus Broacha
  • “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work, it doesn’t matter. But work is third.” — Amy Poehler
  • But when you talk about the education and you talk about the lack of recreation for kids to do, I mean, it’s second to none in New Orleans when you talk about the lack of opportunities for young people. And it’s not just black kids, it’s white kids. It’s Asian kids. I had Vietnamese kids in my class that had lack of opportunities. — Tyrann Mathieu
  • Like with ‘Parks and Recreation,’ it’s so much fun because the people writing it are funny and they’re open and you just go in there and have a good time. It’s pretty much the easiest job I’ve ever had. — Aziz Ansari
  • “Fix your mind on truth, hold firm to virtue, rely on loving kindness, and find your recreation in the Arts.” — Confucius
  • Nevada contains an extraordinary diversity of outdoor landscapes and recreation experiences. Red Rock Canyon, Black Rock Desert, Lake Tahoe and the Great Basin are each a part of our history, our character and our way of life. — Jacky Rosen
  • I know that many of you do wear such a cross of Christ, not in any ostentatious way, not in a way that might harm you at your work or recreation, but a simple indication that you value the role of Jesus Christ in the history of the world, that you are trying to live by Christ’s standards in your own daily life. — Keith O’Brien

New Recreation Quotes & Sayings

  • The sportsman knows that a sport is a recreation, a game, an amusement and a pastime, but his eyes are fixed on a higher goal, on the most important thing in his life, which is his education or his vocation. — Avery Brundage
  • Our fish, our recreation, our irrigation and all our uses of the Missouri River are threatened if the drought continues and the Corps of Engineers decisions aren’t changed. — Mike Rounds
  • Period recreation is very difficult unless you make a black-and-white movie. — Alan Parker
  • And what is needed to prevent them from joining gangs was ample recreation for boys as well as girls, jobs and internships for training and money, and assistance to allow their families to live in decent homes. — Bobby Scott
  • For a variety of reasons, I believe, the time is right to resolve many of the long standing and thorny land use, recreation, and wilderness designation issues in Central Idaho. — Mike Simpson
  • The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho. — Mike Simpson
  • Finally, the ecological health of the Mississippi River and its economic importance to the many people that make their living or seek their recreation is based on a healthy river system. — Ron Kind
  • I feel that the thing that probably aided me the most in that scene with the dog was the utilization and using an actual recreation, affective memory, if you want to call it, of pain. — Ray Walston
  • I’ve also been working with the Challengers Club in the inner city of Los Angeles for 15 years now, I guess, and it’s essentially an inner-city recreation club for boys and girls. — Richard Dean Anderson
  • Enrolling your child in a recreational sport sponsored by your neighborhood recreation community centers is a great way to keep kids active. — Lee Haney
  • I went to professional men’s soccer games, the old North American soccer league at that time, and I used to be a ticket holder with my family and family friends. We would go every weekend and I thought it was great, but I just thought of it as recreation, as family fun. — Brandi Chastain
  • I make appearance at local park and recreation agencies when the program starts, when they have the qualifying meets at the local levels. Then I try to go to the regional competitions, and of course I’m there in Hershey, Pa., in August for the North American final. — Rafer Johnson
  • I’m excited and encouraged to see people getting involved with their public lands and forests. We really need the public’s help to repair these heavily used recreation sites. — Robert Towne
  • It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. It became a lifestyle rather than a recreation. When you start lying and stealing, you cannot con yourself you’re in control any more. — Irvine Welsh
  • Both conservatives and liberals watch ‘Parks and Recreation,’ and they each think the show is for them, which is really cool. ‘SNL’ was totally different. It was exciting because everyone was paying attention. Political humor works when people know what you’re talking about. — Amy Poehler
  • I’m enjoying the opportunity that ‘Parks And Recreation’ affords me to exploit my own soapbox agenda, which is to try to encourage people to make things with their hands. — Nick Offerman
  • Ron Swanson is more than the MVP of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ squad, more than just the funniest character on TV – he’s the perfect depiction of aggrieved American manhood at the twilight of the empire. — Rob Sheffield
  • Public swimming pools, recreation centers, summer reading programs, youth jobs programs – they are all shutting their doors. And they are all facilities and programs relied on most heavily by low-income children. — Darell Hammond
  • It is true that the Puritans banned all recreation on Sundays and all games of chance, gambling, bear baiting, horse racing, and bowling in or around taverns at all times. They did so, not because they were opposed to fun, but because they judged these activities to be inherently harmful or immoral. — Leland Ryken
  • My job is what millions of people do for recreation. How can you not like that? — Paula Creamer

Some More Recreation Quotes

  • Shellac was asked to do a recreation of our first album, but we’ve always been a band that improvised our sets. That’s critical to the way that we function on stage. Whatever the mood takes us on stage can vary from night to night with what you feel like playing. — Steve Albini
  • I rely on my iPad for on-the-go entertainment. I stock it with TV shows, like ‘Parks and Recreation’ and the British version of ‘The Office.’ I’m reading a Charles Manson biography on it too, since I’m weirdly into true crime. — Phoebe Tonkin
  • My roles in comedies from ‘Austin Powers’ to ‘Tommy Boy’ to ‘Wayne’s World,’ were sort of comedic ‘straight man’ parts. My character on ‘Parks & Recreation’ is the comic relief in a comedy. To play a character that appears strictly for laughs is sort of new for me and really fun. — Rob Lowe
  • Can we all admit that ‘Parks and Recreation’ is horrible? Is this something we would all know, but don’t say? Maybe everything should not be improv’d. — Andy Kindler
  • My mother had been a solitary chef. It was her recreation and her escape. — Janet Fitch
  • I was very active in the Parks and Recreation department. I recall a lot of the things we had to do, from the trips for the department to organizing a Little League, those sorts of things. — Mike Scully
  • It was a big surprise when I started to get attention in Sweden, going from biochemistry studies to touring and living from music only. There were a couple of years while I went to university when I was OK with thinking of music as just a nice recreation. — Jose Gonzalez
  • The reality, for me at least, is that the finest recreation of a paper game, played on computer, pales in comparison with the actual, face-to-face experience. — Warren Spector
  • We’ve built, drilled, and shipped indiscriminately across our oceans, with little consideration for the natural environment that is critical to the health of many of our other ocean uses, like food and recreation. — Philippe Cousteau, Jr.
  • I have one rule when adapting any text: nothing gets added; all the words are the original author’s own. But in the ordering and recreation of the story, I can do as I please, and to me, the heart and the point of ‘Dracula’ is appetite. — Kathe Koja
  • When we first started in Huntington Recreation with John Capobianco, we put four kids in the Golden Gloves finals. We didn’t even have a ring. We trained at Stimson Junior High School. They give us the gym three nights a week. We used to box in the gym – no ring, just on the gym floor. — Gerry Cooney
  • Before I started on ‘Borgen’, people introduced me to some great American box-sets to convince me that TV could be good. I now watch them all the time. Amy Poehler is very funny in ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘In Treatment,’ with Gabriel Byrne, is also really good. — Sidse Babett Knudsen
  • At home in Manchester, I have a recreation room just like I had in London, with all kinds of jerseys on the wall. In the middle, there’s a table to play tennis. — Robin Van Persie
  • Some of the best comedies now are led by women who are very involved: ‘Parks and Recreation.’ ‘Veep’s’ incredible. I love ‘Girls.’ — Jessica Williams
  • Aziz Ansari was on ‘Parks and Recreation’ for, I don’t know, what, seven years? And he was a really popular stand-up comedian. He even says that his Netflix show wouldn’t have gotten made unless he created it himself. No one was probably willing to put someone like Aziz as the lead in a show until he actually created it himself. — Steve Zissis
  • With regards to the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act, I believe it lacks a balanced approach. It designates 79,000 acres as new wilderness while only opening up 6,000 acres for recreation. — Matt Rosendale
  • For me, as a believer, I found myself in between two worlds because I live in this world, this fallen world, and I want to glorify God here, and I want to point to Jesus here, I want to work here and live with my wife here, but I also look forward to the recreation of this world when the Lord Jesus comes back and makes all things new. — Trip Lee
  • Football is like recreation for me. I’d sooner be playing five-a-side than going out to eat or shopping. — Lukas Podolski
  • Fighting for kids has been my lifelong mission. Right out of high school, I went to work at a camp that served disadvantaged adolescents. When I became a recreation therapist, I worked with children battling severe mental illness. — Laura Kelly
  • I watch a variety of shows. I love ‘Veep,’ ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and fun shows like ‘Empire.’ — Lindsey Morgan
  • If somebody feels that a certain recreation fits into their film or a particular song fits into the film, I think that is the reason those songs are picked. — Tulsi Kumar
  • A recreation is not the same as a remix. A recreation has a new element added to it. There are new lyrics added to it. A new composition is introduced within the existing one and I feel that’s tougher to do. — Tulsi Kumar

You can’t eat recreation. — Agnes Moorehead

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