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The Greatest Snacks from the 90s that we all miss now



Do you ever visit a grocery store to pick up your favorite snacks only to find out that they are no longer producing them? For some folks, it’s their favorite childhood candies, biscuits, and catchy jingles. This leaves us confused and disappointed because we can no longer relive the moments of our childhood by eating them. Unfortunately, there are many snacks from the 90s that no longer exist, no matter how much we want to have them.

Today, we are here to transport you to your childhood with the list of the Greatest Snacks from the 90s that no longer exist in the market. Doesn’t matter if you ate them or only saw them in TV commercials, these snacks will make you equally nostalgic. So, sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Shark Bite Gummies will always be the superior snack

Do you guys remember the shark bite gummies that we used to get every time we visited the grocery stores when we were young? Let me tell you that these gummies were at the peak of popularity in the 90s. The best ones were the special edition cream-flavored shark gummies and also the teeth-shaped ones.

Where can we get Dunk-A-Roos now?

Cookies? Yum! Frosting, Check! Dunk-A-Roos was one of the most famous snacks back in the day. If you ever took this snack to school for the lunch break, then you probably got many offers to trade. It’s because every kid wanted them back then as they were so darn yummy. Unfortunately, in 2012, Dunk-A-Roos mysteriously disappeared from the grocery store shelves and nobody has seen them ever since.

But the good news is, that Dunk-A-Roos are making a superior comeback this summer and will also be available for purchase online.

Giggles: Fudge and Vanilla Crème in each cookie

In the 80s, Giggles were a popular snack because they were crème-filled cookies that tastes so good. You can say that taste-wise, they were similar to today’s Oreos. Kids used to goof around and tell stories about how they would eat their faces ( I mean cookie faces). However, in the mid-90s, despite the steady sales of the product, Nabisco decided to discontinue the snack. Imagine if Giggles made a comeback with Emoji faces on them. I think they would go pretty well, don’t you think?

Don’t like Oatmeal? TRY OATMEAL SWIRLERS!

Let’s be honest, none of us liked to eat oatmeals when we were young. However, these oatmeal swirlers made oatmeals a lot more exciting to eat. They were basically packets of powdered jelly that kids could use to flavor their oatmeal and even add funny faces to make the meal more appealing. They had enough powdered jelly inside for kids to play tic tac toe or even make a self-portrait. Mothers in the USA were definitely big fans of this item too.

Chocolate Ravioli that contains no pasta whatsoever

Do you remember Little Caesars Pizzeria/ If yes, then you probably also remember these chocolate Ravioli that were filled with milk chocolate in the center? These chocolate shells were one of the most popular snacks back in the 80s and 90s. This yummy snack was sadly removed from Little Caesar’s menu years ago, but due to the popular demand for the product, who knows, maybe they will make a comeback.

3D Doritos that we all miss

You might not know this fun fact but Doritos were accidentally made for the first time in a restaurant at Disneyland Mexico in 1960. Ever since then, that accident was turned into a worldwide loved snack. 3D Doritos hit the market in the 90s but they couldn’t stay for long due to their airy taste. This puffed-up version of Doritos had a very similar taste to the original ones, but they disappeared in 2004.

Sour Altoids that still make our mouths water when we think about them:

Green apple is hands down the best flavor when it comes to Sour Altoids. These yummy candies became immensely popular when they were introduced in 2004 and everyone started loving eating them. However, its sale couldn’t keep up with the costs and it was discontinued in 2010. The Sour Altoid signature tins can still be found in some private specialty stores but they will cost you a ridiculous price.

We better pick up our phones and start calling the 1-800 number they gave us if we want Sour Altoids to make a comeback.

Ice Cream Pops that looked like Cartoon Characters

I have to be honest and say that even though these Ice Cream Pops were inspired by Cartoon Characters, they never really looked like them. We all remember the beautiful sound of the ice cream man driving down our neighborhoods and rushing to our moms to give us money. Even though they look deformed and scary, they sure tasted amazing. The best part is that the eyes of the characters were made out of gum and jelly, which gave them bonus points.

Oreo O’s Cereal: a perfect way to start your day

In 1997, Oreo O’s Cereal was introduced in the market and kids were huge fans. They were transformed into a classic breakfast for children and their mornings were never the same again. It gave them a sugar rush and was considered unhealthy by their parents. Post discontinued Oreo O’s Cereal and recently, Wal-Mart started selling this product again but this time, with a different name.

Skittles Bubble Gum

Though Skittles bubble gum is supposed to be “gum”, it didn’t last very long in the mouth. The Skittles candies have been around in the market since the 70s but the bubble gum version was introduced in 2004. They had pretty much the same flavor as the regular skittles but you just needed to constantly remind yourself to not swallow them. This flavorful gum was discontinued by the company in 2006.

The Original Crispy M&Ms always hit different:

 You may be thinking that the Crispy M&Ms are still up for purchase in the market, but you will be surprised to know that they are not the original formula. The Original Crispy M&Ms were introduced in the market in 1999, and you can say that they were slightly bigger than the M&Ms we see today.

The original formula was very popular, but sadly, it was discontinued in 2005. In 2015, the company reintroduced the original formula but changed the recipe slightly.

SqueezIt Juice

Back in the 1980s, the Sqeezit Juices were introduced and they instantly received major popularity amongst the kids. Unlike other regular juice boxes, the SqueezIt bottles were quite funky. They had attractive and funny characters imprinted on their bottles that everyone adored. They were available in a variety of flavors, from apple to grape to strawberry, and more. However, they were discontinued in 2001.

Trix Yogurt that wasn’t really healthy

From the late 90s to the early 200s, this yummy Trix Yogurt was a lunchbox staple. Honestly speaking, I would never understand why any parent would let their kids have these rainbow yogurts, but they were extremely popular at the time. Unfortunately, this product disappeared from the market in 2007, but it did inspire many YouTubers to make colorful slime videos.

French Toast Crunch for Breakfast:

Why get up early in the morning to make fresh French Toast for your kids when you can just have this French Toast Crunch? This breakfast snack was introduced back in 1996 and instantly became very popular. They didn’t taste much like actual French toasts but they were crunchy and satisfying to eat. However, the sales went down in 2006 and they were eventually discontinued.

Fans weren’t happy with the decision and wanted these French Toast crunch to step back in the market. This classic breakfast cereal made a comeback later that year.

The Classic Nintendo Cereal, not available on eBay:

Did you use to collect the Nintendo Power Cards from these classic Nintendo Cereal boxes? This yummy breakfast snack was introduced in 1988 and it had 2 bags of different shapes and colors. One was the ‘Super Mario Bros” and the other one was “The Legend of Zelda”. Kids loved having it for breakfast with the hope of collecting more Nintendo Power Cards. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued a year later because parents were unimpressed with its strange flavor.

What other best snacks from the 90s do you miss and want to see make a comeback? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below! 

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