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30+ Status and Love Messages for WhatsApp



Messages of love and cute little words remain one of the best ways to gain attention and then the heart of someone we love or we like. In addition, it is the best method to keep a feeling of intense love if you are already in a relationship, that is to say, to remind your partner how much we are still madly in love and how much we still hold and forever to that person. In fact, I find it a bit wonderful how a few love messages sent over text can change a person’s mood or make them even more in love despite all the problems you have been through together despite all the bad times that you had to go through. 

Love Messages

Indeed, these love texts help to resolve and overcome the problems of couples that we sometimes find ourselves in the obligation to confront. And do not worry about that point because these bad things pass and it is even between the most perfect couples. So you have to know how to handle all this and how to do as much as possible to maintain and protect this love.

Quite simply because being with the person, you love makes you happy. So far from precious gifts, far from luxurious vacations and trips, sometimes a simple text of love for her or a few words to say for him or her will be more than enough to change sadness into happiness and sorrow into love.

If you are looking for a phrase that is of love to update your status here we share some very romantic and beautiful love messages:

whatsapp love statuses

  • Although you are far away, I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and in every beat of my heart.

  • My little world is perfect if every day I can be the reason for your smiles.

  • And the thing is that every day I need you, even if I don’t tell you, I need you.

  • I feel like looking into your eyes with a smile for an instant, time stops.

  • the others do not matter since when our eyes meet I know that there is only the two of us.

  • One day, one hour, one minute will always be perfect if you are in them.

  • I want to tell you every time I see you is, “I love you” but I just say “hi.”

  • It hurts but for some reason I like being like this because I know the same thing happens to you.

  • I am always thinking of you, like a fool imagining a dream only that you are very real.

  • You are in my mind, in my heart, in every day, and in my life, I love you for that.

  • With you I feel that I can be free from everything and just holding my hand makes me feel like I can fly.

  • I’m just a fool looking for a dream looking for you, trying to make you look at me like nobody else.

  • I want to tell you that I would leave everything, I would change everything if I had a chance to be with you.

  • With you I want to share my moments, my thoughts, my smiles, my dreams and my life.

  • We look at each other but we don’t speak to each other, we love each other but we don’t say it and we both know we need each other.

Whatsapp love status

Phrases, Status and Love Messages for WhatsApp

love messages for whatsapp

  • You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and you are the last thing I remember when I sleep.

  • What you don’t know is that I miss you like a strange flower in the rain in drought.

  • You are the reason why life seems beautiful to me.

  • I have lived many things but none of them fell in love like you.

  • When I’m with you I don’t need anything else, next to you I feel like I have everything.

  • Only you know me more than anyone.

  • You are like a star, you shine and give color to my nights.

  • Every beat of my heart sounds better if you are with me.

  • My eyes reveal what I feel for you and the accelerated beat of my heart confirms it.

  • I hated the word “I love you” until I met you.

  • You are not worth it, you are worth my whole life.

  • I always think of you and I don’t know why this is the case, I only know that I like the memory of your smile.

  • If you’re afraid I’ll be there, if you’re cold I’ll be there, I’ll be there just ask me.

  • I don’t know if you were a coincidence or a coincidence, I just know that I want you to stay in my life.

  • I don’t believe in fate but you are definitely what my life was missing.

  • You are that moment in which I am happy, for a moment for a second I feel happy if it is with you.

  • I am not very romantic but for you I know that I would become a poet in love.

  • I know that life is not only love and laugh but when I am with you that is my life.

  • My heart was made of ice and no one entered it until you arrived.

  • You are the reason why I see and feel the world in a different way.

whatsapp status of love

Status of Love for WhatsApp 

Status of Love for WhatsApp

  • The most beautiful thing in life is not something but someone.

  • The distance prevents kissing but not stop loving us.

  • The only fault you have is not waking up next to me.

  • Love is not something that is sought or found, it is something that is earned and must be valued.

  • You are like my favorite song in English. I can’t understand you but I like you.

  • Love is a madness that only crazy lovers know.

  • I don’t love you for a lifetime but for a lifetime.

  • God is so wise that for every madman I create a madwoman.

  • You are the missing part that my heart was missing.

  • I hate the distance between the two but I love when you kiss me because you missed me.

  • I know you love me even if you want to deny it.

  • I keep waiting for the day when you stop looking at me and start kissing me.

  • You are the beauty of my life and that is why I love you.

  • It’s strange how I carry you in my heart even though it’s far away.

  • It’s hard to explain how emotional I feel when you say “I love you.”

  • The distance will never make me forget you.

  • Having you here is like a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.

  • There are only two words that if you say them you change everything and those words are: I love you.

  • You changed me, removed my fears and added hope and smiles.

  • My world was gray and without any meaning but little without my knowing it, you filled it with color and life.

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