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These are the Saddest TV Deaths Movies of all time that still hurt!



We all know that they are just some characters in a movie or a TV show, but when they pass away, it still hurts. Seeing our favorite characters die tugs at the heartstrings. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a movie, if you are totally invested; their death is going to make you weep for sure. Today, we invite you to join our pity party while we present to you some of the saddest movies and TV deaths of all time.

For this list, we are going to take some time to look back at the most devastating and heartbreaking characters’ deaths. Some of us were never really expecting the deaths of these characters and that’s what makes the entire process even more traumatizing. So, here we go!


Ned Shark’s death in the famous series Game of Thrones was probably the most heartbreaking one. It did set the tone as compared to other Modern TV series deaths. By the time his character blossomed, this TV series had also proved to its audience that this was definitely not your typical fantasy series. If you haven’t read the Game of Thrones novel, then the death of Ned Shark probably came as a big surprise just like everyone watching the series for the first time. His death was also the representation of how heroes don’t always survive till the end.


If you are someone that cries when characters in movies die, then you probably shed a tear or two during this scene too. The death of Bubba Blue in the movie Forest Gump was extremely heart-wrenching to watch for the first time. The scene becomes even sadder when you realize how Forest and he were the only ones fighting in the Jungle. Forest goes back to his life and opens up his company just like he imagined with Bubba.


Rita Morgan, who was Dexter’s wife in the movie, never really found happiness. Her death was tragic to watch because it made the audience realize that just when she was on the cusp of happiness, she got killed off. She lived a pretty tragic life, first as a wife of an abuser husband and secondly as the wife of a husband who always pretended he lives a normal life, but it was the contrary.


Let’s be honest, by the time The Walking Dead TV show killed off Carl, the fans already had a habit of accepting the deaths of their favorite characters. However, everyone who was watching the show for the first time had no idea that they would kill off the main character’s own son like that. The fans of the show hoped that Carl would survive to give a lesson that a brighter future does exist, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be like that.


The Sopranos was also kind of famous for constantly killing off characters. However, no one ever saw Christopher’s death coming the way it did. The tragic death of this character made the audience finally sympathize with him, considering that he was always seen as a nuisance up to that point. He was murdered by his own uncle Tony who ended up strangling Christopher in frustration. He got fed up with constantly having to bail own his nephew from Jail, so he kills Christopher himself.


LOST treated his audience with some surprising twists of events many times during the show, but not everyone was happy with the way things turned out to be. The death of John Locke came out of nowhere and it definitely came as a shock to all of the fans. With what seemed like a simple meetup with Ben and his plea to return to the Island, Ben ends up hanging Locke. However, he returns later but you’ll have to see what happens yourself.


The death of Jack Dawson in Titanic is probably one of the most tragic deaths of all time for sure. The way Jack sacrificed his own life for Rose was just heart-wrenching to witness. After watching the two of them grow closer and fall in love, the audience had a really hard time watching Jack dying of hyperthermia and simply slipping beneath the waves leaving Rose all alone. It doesn’t matter how there were hundreds of people dying right and left there that night; this one death of Jack made everyone shed a tear.


The Green Mile movie is one of our personal favorites on this list. The storyline revolves around the characters of an inmate John Coffey and his bodyguard Paul Edgecomb. John Coffey later gets jailed and sentenced to death for a crime he never even committed. In the story, they later revealed that Coffey was only trying to heal some children that he was accused of murdering. Actor Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke did an exceptional job in this film.


If you are a big fan of Rom-coms, you have probably already seen this classic film, A Walk to Remember. Just like The Notebook, this film was also written by the famous Romance novelist, Nicholas Sparks. However, this story was written about Spark’s own younger sister who died in 2000. The heroine, Jamie Sullivan falls in love but also gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. When she realizes she might only have one more summer with her boyfriend, Landon, the two decide to get married. The audience got to see their love and no eye was left dry when she died.


We all love a Robin Hood figure and this movie is the perfect example of how talented he is. He robbed Baltimore’s wicked in the film and kept the moral code in a place that had a high crime rate and was stumbled in poverty. Even though it made the audience sympathize with Little, it also made them realize the struggles of living in a state as he did. The chances of his survival were very low but fans were hoping a miracle would happen.

However, no one expected his death to be from a gunshot in the back of his head by a random kid. The movie depicted the fragility of life and the dangers of living in a town like Little’s.


The death of Beth March in Little Women film is one of the most iconic deaths recorded in the history of cinema. Beth was one of the sisters in the film. She develops a Scarlet fever when she was little and never fully recovers from this disease throughout her life. The story of this film revolves around the ups and downs of every sister’s life and shows how they always have each other to rely upon in times of need. The audience was forced to watch the heart-wrenching death of the sweetest and most innocent sister. Her death signifies that she is now in a better place and she was just too pure for this world.

Which one of these Movies and TV Deaths was the most devastating to watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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