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Silica Gel and Packaging Materials – 5 Uses and Types



Silica gel is very useful because it is a desiccant, which means it has the ability to absorb and retain moisture. Silica gel packets are an effective and inexpensive way for companies to protect their products from excess moisture or spoilage. This is a very efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to keep their products fresh and dry for consumers during the storage and shipping process.

You may have seen silica gel packets countless times in your life. They are often found in shoe boxes, shipped clothing, pill packaging, beef jerky packs, and much more. Often they end up in the trash because consumers do not realize their true value. Before you throw out the next package, take a look at these incredible uses of silica gel beads around your home.

7 Common Uses of Silica Gel 

Here are some most important uses of Silica Gel in Singapore.

Protect Your Electronic

Electronics should, in general, keep a safe distance from any possible source of water to prevent irreparable damage. However, this is not always avoidable, many of us have inadvertently submerged our phones in water at one point. Also, many people do not think about this effect. Humidity and humidity in the air can affect their electronic devices. The effects of water/moisture in electronic devices can be devastating but fortunately, with a little help from silica gel beads, we can take an extra step to protect our gadgets.

Protect Your Important Documents

When it comes to important documents and valuables such as birth certificates, tax information, old photographs, scrapbooks, and even collection items it is important to keep them in good condition. Depending on where these items are stored, they can be exposed to moisture and moisture loss and can sometimes be irritating. Silica gel can help keep your important documents safe and in good condition.

Holiday Decorations & Christmas Ornaments

Decorations and ornaments are stored for extraction and use only once a year, such as birthday decorations, Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations, etc. Using silica packets in stored decorations and jewelry packets would be a great idea to preserve them in antiquity.

Make Razors Last

If your razor seems to be deteriorating rapidly, excess moisture is the most likely culprit. Because even if you dry the blade, it is almost impossible to get all the moisture out. But you can keep your razor dry by setting it on a silica gel pack whenever you are not using it. The packet will absorb excess moisture and thicken to keep your razor longer.

Protect Dry Foods & Pet Foods

Although silica gel itself is not edible, it can be safely used with food products to combat moisture and prevent items from becoming stale or sticking together.

Different Types of Packaging Materials

The sole purpose of packaging is to emphasize the purpose of moving goods and materials from one place to another. Another purpose is to protect food from various hazards such as germs, heat, moisture loss or moisture loss, etc. so that the contents of the package can be preserved during the distribution process. There are different types of packaging materials that Adtec provides you with the best quality.

Paper & Board

Paper is widely used because it is cheap, retains its shape, and is definitely decorated. Commercially available paper is made primarily from cellulose fiber from pulped wood, but it can also be made from other sources such as cotton, straw, sesame, and hemp. All are recyclable. Material weight but 250 grams per square meter (gsm) is mentioned as paper, and about 250 gsm material is mentioned as paper.

The paper can also be shredded to increase strength or to provide barrier properties. The materials used are often glossy or matte or embossed. Other materials are often layered on paper such as foil or plastic.

Heat Sealable

The relative disadvantages of plastics are usually specific to the polymer and therefore the right choice of polymer can practically reduce the weakness. There are no factors to consider. Plastics are a barrier to gas and moisture. Plastics melt at temperatures ranging from 650 ° C to 2,300 ° C.

The low density is used for flexible tubes, film, and a few bottles. This is a very freezing point and as a film is a relatively poor oxygen and moisture barrier. High freezing point but not suitable for the oven. Reasonably wide chemical resistance, which can be increased by fluorination. There is not enough gas barrier for carbonated beverages.

Corrugated Cardboard

This is what we know as ‘cardboard’ and is commonly used for delivery/export cartons and boxes of goods used for storing goods, but it is also used in retail packaging, boxed packaged food products. , And even used for takeaway pizza cartons!

Cardboard is, in fact, a multi-layered paper. The corrugated portion refers to the fluted medium which provides strength, insulation, and protection and is a kind of ‘sandwich’ between the inner and outer heavyweight paper.


Although most people do not encounter steel packaging in their daily lives, it is commonly used to transport large quantities of goods within industrial manufacturing. This may include steel drums or other large shipping containers that can be reused frequently.

Steel containers are incredibly durable because they are designed to withstand harsh handling, weather conditions, and heavy loads. It is one of the most recycled goods in the world, and 70% of the steel used in shipping is recycled.


Wooden Packaging Materials can be made of hard or softwood and can successfully support, protect and transport a variety of goods. This packaging material may include pallets, boxes, cans, drums, or other containers. In addition, wood packaging can be used extensively and can be reused for many years, and if damaged, it can be repaired. Towards the end of its useful life, wood packaging is fully compostable, making it one of the eco-friendly packaging solutions available.

Wooden packaging can be found in food, beverage, grocery, automotive, construction, and other industries. The biggest disadvantage of wood is that it can harbor insects and can be more easily damaged by insects than plastic, glass, or metal packaging.

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