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20 Wired Things that Celebrities Did at the Beginning of Pandemic That are Really Wild to Look Back Now 



It seems like a completely different world, but the weirdest part of the early pandemic was really shit that the celebs did in these days. It was really very frustrating at the moment but after two years, everyone found themselves laughing at how chaotic and out of touch were the celebrities in that days.   

  1. Remember the video clip in which Vanessa Hudgens made it about the inevitability of many people who are dying from COVID?

Twitter @ Davechansky 

The girl also asked about respecting the Virus. 

Vanessa Hudgens

She also said, ‘’Even if anyone gets it, like yeah, people are gonna die rapidly’’. 

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens also said ‘’But Inevitable’’.

Vanessa Hudgens
  1. Sia also posted a drawing that literally means I don’t have an idea what is she going for here. 

Twitter @ Sia

Like, I have been still thinking about this drawing for a while. 

Twitter @ Sia

Don’t get it, Still, Nope!

Twitter @ Sia

It is really appreciative and I’ll always appreciate it because she turned it into this:

  1. There was a great salute by Batte Midler for the housekeepers and just like the national brands all around the world. Because it appeared that she had never cleaned or cooked before this. 

Twitter @ Bette Midler 

Thank you for hashtag Maytag and hashtag Kenmore!

Comedy Central 

  1. How is it possible to forget Gal Gadot and a bunch of famous people singing ‘’Imagine’’?????

@ Gol_Gadot /

It is very unbelievable to me how she got so many people to agree and to do it.

@ Gal_Gadot / 

_ _ To Natalie Portman_ _

@ Gal_Gadot /

_ _ _ To Mark Ruffalo _ _ _

@ Gal_Gadot/ 

Even they got Zoe Krawitz 

@ Gal_Gadot / 

I will be eternally grateful for all the memes it inspired. Like, look back to the ‘’Imagine’’ video and ‘’Got Us Through Shit’’. 

Twitter: @ Kinokobunny 

  1. According to Madonna Conora Virus is the great equalizer. She said COVID ‘’Great Equaliozer’’ while taking a bath in a bathtub sprinkled with rose petals.

@ Madonna / Instagram: @madonna    

  1. Even everybody forgets it, she also sang a song on the tune of ‘’Vogue’’ for her bathroom about eating fish when there is mo more pasta to eat and enjoy.

Twitter: @ madonna 

It’s really not sure why this clip is not on Spotify.

Twitter: @ madonna 

  1. A lot of Parasite vibes were given out from the scary and gorgeous house, from where Jennifer Lopez used to post and share a lot of videos and pictures. 

I was both insanely jealous and low-key-creeped out at the same time. 

@ jlo: Instagram: @ jenniferlopez 

She was still dating A-Rod, which was very wired. 

@ jlo:

  1. There is another memorable and iconic memory of J.Lo during a pandemic situation is this selfie that she posted with a man seeming screaming for help in the background.

@ jlo:  

  1. Priyanka Chopra is also clapping to her big lawn. 

@ Priyankachopra 

  1. Katy Perry shared a video clip of Italian people who are singing her song ’’Roar’’ from their balconies. 

Twitter: @ PopCrave 

  1. A Billionaire David Geffen wished all of us well from this private yacht. 

David Geffen Twitter: @ nycsouthpaw

  1. Kin said from her home across the table from her mother ‘’Social distancing is definitely the way to go’’.

Twitter: @KimKardashian 

  1. Jennifer Aniston also shared a picture of her Dog having very deep ‘’ Quarantine Thoughts’’.

@ jenniferanston / Instagram: @ jenniferanioston

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