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It’s Need to Stop the Way How People Including Family, Friends and Random Ones Treat the Woman Who’ve Gained Weight



When we asked the woman to share the experience of how people treat them after getting weight. There are some of their responses and experiences:

  1. ‘’A few years ago, it was me who undergo a double organ transplant. It’s six months later I was suffered from rejection and that’s why I got a massive dose of steroids for saving it. I went from 50Kg to 110Kg within a month. I can’t have the ability to walk and run without any fatigue and intense pain. From my all relative, I got looks of pity. Even they realized that I don’t look like myself. Even from strangers, I got looks of guests especially when they force me to walk and I try desperately not to collapse screaming in pain’’.

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  1. ‘’I was always looking super thin. It’s because of my Mom who doesn’t give me anything to eat the whole day. That’s why I always feel hungry and felt like shit all the time. But all the people look me said that I look good in this thin body structure. Then anyhow, I gained weight and I personally felt good after that. But people start to realize that I’ve gained weight and need to lose it. But they never ever listened to me that I feel good and perfect the way I was. According to my own opinion, I was not fat I just got healthy and I liked that. And I was thin because I was starved’’.

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  1. ‘’ I completely wrecked my metabolism because of using a medicine against a bipolar disorder that was diagnosed at the beginning of COVID. The effect of lack of movement due to the pandemic situation all around me was also on my body. The effect was the gain of weight. Now Whenever I have any medical issue, the Doctor recommends having a restrictive diet and starting a high-intensity workout. There is something wrong if I am nervous but no one checks it because they think that it is just because of obesity’’. 

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5. I was at my thinnest when I first met my ex. With time I start feeling happy and comfortable around him. That’s why I start to get my weight back on. Then pandemic attacked and I got 10 Kg weight more as compared to my weight when we first met. Then he badly dumped me no log after. I still don’t know if my weight had anything to do with it. But it sure looks that I was a catch when I was thin and tiny, and it’s very easy to throw away when I was not’’. 

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6. ‘’ Throughout my life there are many continuous fluctuations in my body weight. It was very cool when I had a size of 14. People used to tread well regarding every aspect. But currently, when I have a size 24, people at the airport rolled their faces from me while I was walking and they also ignored me, and even they don’t have any conversation with me. It’s as the fat and having more weight are not allowed to fly and have no right to live a happy life like others. They treat fat people badly because our existence is perhaps an inconvenience to everyone else’’. 

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