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8 Amazing TV Shows and Movies that were nearly ruined for us because of Poor Casting!



The Television Industry has been producing some phenomenal shows and films for almost 20 years. Some of the greatest shows of all time were successful due to the result of excellent casting done. But do you know what the absolute worst thing is? When you are enjoying a TV show or movie so much, but there is that one actor who totally ruins the entire show for you!

  1. Catherine Tate in “The Office” 

We have noticed that some viewers dreaded watching all 8 seasons of the hit TV show “The Office” just because Catherine Tate was cast as Nellie. Well, we can’t really blame the actress as her character was supposed to be unlikable and annoying. But do you guys think if they had cast someone else, it would have brought some humor or charm to Nellie’s character? 

  1. Kevin McHale in “Glee” 

Many fans complained about seeing Kevin McHale as Artie in the hit TV series “Glee”. In our opinion, the casting directors could have easily given this role to an equally talented actor with this disability instead of him. 

  1. Tracy Morgan in “30 Rock”

If you are someone like me, Tracy Morgan may have also ruined the fantastic TV show, 30 Rock, for you. As the seasons of this show progressed, we fell more in love with it. But do you guys wonder if someone else could have delivered Tracy Morgan’s lines much better? 

  1. Pamela Anderson in the X-Flies: 

When “X-flies” was originally approved to get aired on Television, no one would have ever predicted that it would last for 11 seasons. It acquired a huge cult fan base in a short period and to boost the show’s appeal, the casting director’s wanted to give the role of Agent Scully to Pamela Anderson. However, they dogged this bullet because they realized she wasn’t fit for the role, and we are glad they did. 

  1. Kristen Stewart as Snow White: 

We know that a lot of you might agree with us on this one. The role of “Snow White” demands a wide range of facial emotions and expressions. However, the twilight actress had the same facial expression throughout the film. The critics didn’t shy away from expressing their views about her actions when the film hit the theatres. 

  1. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher: 

If you look at the book description of policeman Jack Reacher, then you’ll find out that he was 6’3, weighed 220-250 Ibs, and his chest measures 50 inches. However, our favorite actor Tom Cruise is only 5’7, which was far from the description of the original character. 

Even though we enjoyed watching the film, the fans, readers, and critics were extremely disappointed about their casting choices. The child also admitted in an interview saying that “ultimately, the readers are right”.  

  1. Keanu Reeves as Constantine: 

Many fans felt that the actor was clearly different from the character. In the original Francis Lawrence comic, the main character of John Constantine is portrayed as a young British man with an ironic sense of humor that is basically done with his life problems. Even though Keanu Reeves himself is very talented, he definitely lacked the charm and appeal Constantine’s character demanded. 

Which one of these actors completely ruined the entire TV show for you? We want to know everything in the comment section down below!

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