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Bella Hadid Revealed About a Nose Job She Got At 14, And Sparked a Conversation About Beauty Standards and called ‘’All American Girl’’ after her mother Yolanda 



Bella Hadid has removed her ancestral features upon which she felt regret. She also revealed that she has rhinoplasty surgery at the age of 14 years. 

The supermodel lady is now 25 years old, in an interview with Vogue US on Tuesday she has reflected on her insecurities. For the first time, she publicly spoke about getting a nose job. 

Referring to her Dad Mohamed Hadid’s Palestinian descent, she said,’’ I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors ‘’. The interview revealed that she was 14 years old when she got surgery and that was her decision for which she badly repent. 

Bella revealed her insecurities that stemmed from feeling very ugly and she considers her the ‘’ugliest sister’’ as compared to Gigi Hadid. She was her elder sister by a year. She is also a world-famous runway model. 

She also said ‘’I was a brunette’’. ‘’I was the uglier sister’’, she said. According to her, she was not cool as Gigi was. Bella said’’ it’s really a fact that people actually said about me. She also revealed that unfortunately, you do just believe it when you get told things so many times’’. 

Bella’s comments were widespread by her fans who noted that she felt pressured to conform to ‘’ Eurocentric Beauty Standards’’ and from all her concerned fans, as soon as the interview was published.

One Twitter user wrote ‘’She wished for having her ancestral nose which makes her sad. They’re out here for conditioned from the dawn of colonization. Thinking that eurocentric options and features are pinnacles of beauty. Later on, this makes them conscious of this’’. 

‘’A lot of people will have gone cosmic surgery because of desired attractive looks and for that people will like us and admire us due to beauty. But we don’t realize that we are erasing our ancestral features and identities and our cultures too’’ they have also added. 

Another user noted an important point that Bella’s nose was resembling her grandfather after having surgery according to a picture of her childhood. It was shared by the model of him as a child in Palestine. 

Like her, all conversations evolved online a lot of people went on to question the influence of Bella and Gigi’s mother Yolanda Hadid. 

Yolanda is a reality star and former hse was renewed supermodel of Dutch descent. She was discovered by Eileen Ford as a teenager for Ford Models. From 1994 to 2000, she was married to Bella and Gig’s Dad, Mohamed.

Touching the competitive business of the industry she said, when someone is going to look for a burnette with blue eyes. In this situation and condition, Gigi’s is not getting job. But if they are goin g to look for ‘’All American Girl’’ Bella is not going to hire in this condition and situation. 

She added that as ‘’over the years she became a good actress and put on a very smiley face. She always felt that she had to prove something’’. 

‘’At the age of 14, Yolanda allowed plastic surgery but wouldn’t allowed them to eat more tham 3 almonds a day???’’ another one wrote this.

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