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It was never Felt more Ancient When I Just Learned the Trick How People are Getting Jobs Through TikTok



On any of the days open up the TikTok app and you’ll find content about everything and anything literally. So, career advice is no exception. They are turning towards TikTok for finding tips and jobs and for posting their own video resume, as more and more Gen Z’ers are going to join the workforce. 

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Hashtags including Hire me, TikTok Resume, and Work-Life have been viewed many times on the most popular and trending social media platform TikTok for professional networking and business. Even a number of people are successful in finding their jobs through TikTok. Thanks a lot to TikTok!

For a detailed search about how different companies and job seekers are going to explore the most trending social website (TikTok). While searching, it was reached the TikTok users who have used the app for finding jobs. There was also a chat with Stephanie Lovell, who is the head of marketing at the start-up hiring app and knows about how she reaches the jobseekers with the help of using this social media platform. 

For applying for jobs, it is required to submit a link to the LinkedIn Profile of the users or applicant in addition to his TikTok resume. At this time, there is a brand hub website TikTok Where it is available for the users to browse the available jobs. 

Brianna Seaberg is one of the stars who has the most viewed video resume on the social media platform TikTok. According to her, the platform has become the most important and big part of her recent job searches. 

In an Email, Brianna revealed that she includes her portfolio when she applies for new jobs. ‘’The video recruits an additional part of who I am and really brightens my experience and what that has brought to the table while making a very useful video in her job search and application processes’’. 


Levell has said that she has found success reaching potential recruits on the social media platform TikTok, on the company side of things. Some of her team members actually found their jobs on the platform. 

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Brands really need to have a presence on the platform if they are ho[ping to reach Gen Z. But Lovell revealed that joining forces with influencers is another key way to reach potential candidates.

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Are you still figuring out your Personal Brand even? Lovell is suggesting looking to peers in your space for getting inspiration. You have to ‘’Lean into your network, have to ask questions, and let’s see what people think about it’’.

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