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A brave 6 years old brother gets attacked by a ferocious dog trying to save his sister



Who said that superheroes are only fictional characters and don’t exist in real life? Well, this is what most people have been thinking until now but 6-years-old Bridger Walker has proved them all wrong. In an attempt to save his little sister from a ferocious dog, he ended up getting more than 90 stitches on his face. 

But who is this young boy and where is he from?

Bridger walker, a 6-year-old boy from Cheyenne was with his little sister when this incident took place. This unfortunate incident took place on the 9th of July when they went over to their neighbor’s house to play with some friends.

There were several dogs present on their ground at that time. One of Bridger’s close friends casually pointed out the dog and told him that it was a mean dog. As a response to this action, the vicious dog brutally attacked them.

When the German Shepard dog came running to attack Bridger’s little sister, he jumped in between to save her. He defended his 4-year-old sister with such courage that we had only seen in films before.

After the 1-year-old German Shepard bit Bridger’s face and head, he still didn’t stop and began screaming for his sister, telling her to run away quickly. When the dog let go of Bridger, he held his sister’s hand and ran away.

Fortunately, the owner of the dog took notice of this shocking event and procured their dog. He took the siblings to their house and put pressure on his wounded face to control blood loss and called 911 in an emergency.

When Bridger was taken to the hospital, he had to get 90 stitches immediately to close up the wound. This entire process took around 90 minutes to finish and after that, he was allowed to leave the clinic with his parents.

This brave deed of this young little fella has won millions of hearts around the globe and he has received tremendous love from the people.

Bridger Walker’s treatment: 

Bridger Walker’s treatment

After getting over 90 stitches on his face and head due to the vicious dog bite, Bridger was sent home with his parents. This little hero is currently undergoing treatment for the huge scars on his face.

His act of heroism made a team of doctors reach out to him, offering to treat the little boy with care for free after coming across his story.

Bridger is undergoing some laser treatment to help heal his heroic scars with the help of Dr. Cory Maughan, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, and Dr. Sandra Lee.

The prestigious doctor Dhaval Bhanusali talked about Bridger’s act of bravery by saying that every once in a while they meet such patients who do a lot more for us than we can do for them.

He further reported that the 6-year-old boy inspired him and in a time when the world is fighting and so much negativity prevails, he has provided the world hope. Dr. said that this little hero has “represented all that is good”.

In October, Bridger Walker continued his treatment with Dr, Maughan in Utah, which is nearer to the family’s house. The 6-year-old warrior is now being treated with the Alma erbium and Candela Vbean lasers for the best results.

His father shared on his social media account that they have started New Year’s with a new dog and named him “Loki” at Bridger’s request.

We all think how he must be terrified of dogs now, but this little champ is the perfect example of facing your fears. His father told the world that his son started “a little nervous” and he has no doubt the two boys will be best buds very soon.

 His Aunt shared his heroic act on her social media:

brother gets attacked by a ferocious dog trying to save his sister

Bridger Walker is most certainly the epitome of bravery and selflessness. His heroic act went viral due to her aunt, Nikki Walker, shared his story on her social media account with the rest of the world.

He took to her Instagram account to tell everyone how this little guy saved his 4-year-old sister and defended her with honor.

She called him a “hero” and told him that he didn’t let that vicious dog get close to his sister. He risked his own life to protect her loving younger sister.

His aunt also tagged some Avenger superheroes to let them know his nephew’s story and to let them know about their “new team member”. While sharing the story with the world, Bridger Walker’s aunt wrote how it is a “long shot” but she is trying to reach out to the 6-year-old’s favorite heroes.

Bridger’s aunt told that when he went back home from the hospital after getting over 90 stitches, he said to his parents that the reason why he saved his sister is that “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me”.

This 6-year-old young boy never allowed his wounds or scars to bring out his spirit or morale.

According to his aunt, Bridger or his family are made with the dog’s owners. On the contrary, this unfortunate incident has brought both families closer.

Praised by many celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Anne Hathaway, and more:

Praised by many celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Anne Hathaway

Bridger Walker, who is an avid Avengers and superheroes fan, got praised by thousands of people including some of the most famous celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Anne Hathway, and many more.

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Hulk and Bruce Banner in Marvel’s Avenger shared a lovely message to the young hero by writing on his social media that he got to learn about his story and he wanted to reach out to the young fan.

He further wrote how he truly “respect and admire” his courage and heart. Here is the complete message:

The Princess Diaries star, Anne Hathaway also poured out some words of love and appreciation for this 6-year-old by sharing his story on her Instagram page.

The actress wrote that even though she is not an Avengers fan, she can still spot a “superhero” when she sees one. She concluded by wishing him an easeful recovery.

The Spiderman star, Tom Holland didn’t shy away from showing love to this warrior and invited him to visit the set of his upcoming movie “Spiderman: No way Home”.

Bridger Walker’s father wrote on his social media handle that “Remember when Tom Holland promised Bridger to come to the filming of the new Spider-man? He delivered!”

Robert uploaded a new video from the set of Spiderman: No way home, where young Bridger can be seen performing a fun stunt with Tom Holland himself. He can also be seen dressed up in a full Spiderman costume and enjoying the exciting experience to the fullest.

Not only celebrities but many strangers from all across the world shared their love and support 

for the young boy. His selfless attitude made hundreds of people send heartfelt letters his way, along with amazing gifts as a token of appreciation. In response to all this, Bridger Walker’s father told the magazine that they were certainly not expecting this whole incident to go viral.

He added that Bridger couldn’t be more delighted when he saw Chris Evan’s video message and he also sent him the shield. Robert further told that his son was probably the most star struck when he talked to Tom Holland on a live call, saying that it definitely “left an impression.

His father shared that Bridger’s emotional recovery from the unfortunate incident was a worldwide effort because the love his son received was “so special” to them.

Many people also responded to this young boy’s bravery by saying that protecting your little sister is the duty of every brother and he has done that with grace. Some also said that his sister is very lucky to have a brother like him for life.

Here is how people applauded the courageous act of this extraordinary boy:

Last year, Bridger Walker jumped in front of a ferocious dog to defend his 4-year-old sister and captured the hearts of millions around the world. Recently, PEOPLE asked his parents about the young boy and they said that he still stands by his words.

Robert Walker, his father, told the magazine that when he and his wife asked Bridger if he wanted the scars to go away, he responded that he doesn’t want them to “go all the way away”. His father added that Bridger views his scars as a representative of his brave act.

According to the sweet 6-year-old, he is a brother and this is something that brothers do to protect their little sisters.

Doctors reported that Bridger Walker was one of the “bravest patients” they had treated and he had inspired everyone around him. Fortunately, Bridger is now recovering and getting better every passing day.

This 6-year-old extraordinary boy is full of love and his bravery will remain a tale to share with others for a long time.

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