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This girl was hard by reality after being mocked by a job interviewer via text



I think we can all agree on how frustrating it is to get rejected by a potential employee. The worst part about giving an interview is waiting for the answer, second-guessing everything you said in front of them, and constantly checking your email after it to see if you got the job or not.

Sometimes they act decent and professional about the whole situation. You receive a formal email from the employer two or three days later the interview to let you know that you didn’t get it. Well, this way it is much easier to swallow but the worst is when they don’t even respond at all.

Even though we agree that it is better to get a heads-up sooner about whether you got the job or not, maybe getting a text message filled with “unprofessional” ridiculing emojis from the interviewers minutes after you leave isn’t the most pleasant experience.

The exact same happened to the young 18-year-old Megan Dixon from Leicester, UK. The girl decided to go after a job as a waitress at the famous Steakhouse called “Miller and Carter”. We all know how stressful it can be to get a job during your teenage years.

All you want is to party and have a fun time with your friends but you decide to apply for a part-time job to earn some extra cash from college.

Megan Dixon didn’t consider herself any different from what the steakhouse required and was 

hopeful that she would get the job to earn some money like adults who work in their extra time. Unfortunately, the young girl was hit hard by reality when she received an “unprofessional” and embarrassing text from her interviewer just seconds after she left the place after the interview.

Megan told that she thought the message was very rude and wasn’t what she was expecting at all.

Here’s the message she received from the interviewer:

From this exchange, it is evident that the employer was trying to make fun of Megan’s repetition of the word “like” and mocked her by calling her “basic”.

Megan told that she never thought that she would ever receive such an instant but debased text message from them just minutes after she walked out of the interviewing room.

Megan Dixon received the text message from Miller and Carter Steakhouse’s Assistant Branch Manager “Shantel Wesson”

Megan Dixon received the text message from Miller and Carter Steakhouse

Only a few seconds later after Megan’s interview for the waitress job, she received a text message from the Miller and Carter Steakhouse’s Assistant Branch Manager named Shantel Wesson. She texted her “it’s a no x”.

As a response, Megan asked her the reason for the rejection like any rational person would. The assistant manager was quick to tell her that her answers were basic” and she also made fun of the fact that Megan used the word “like’ frequently.

But she didn’t stop there. What made this conversation even more unprofessional was that she added “laughing and crying” emojis to mock the candidate further. The embarrassing emoticon at the end of the message was what seemed to be the most hurtful part of the reply.

In our opinion, Shantel Wesson doesn’t even seem capable of using proper grammar herself as she used ‘we’re” instead of “were”. I mean, if you are going to be a grammar Nazi, you might as well be a professional one, right?

However, the story doesn’t end here.

Naturally, the ambitious 18-year-old couldn’t bear this humiliating rejection by the steakhouse and shared her story on the internet. It didn’t take the story too long to get viral and acquired quite some attention. As a result of all this, she acquired an interview with “The Mirror” magazine.

Megan told the magazine that the entire interview was really unprofessional from the very start. She said that it didn’t even feel like a proper interview so she didn’t feel that it went bad. “Her phone was going off throughout the interview” she added while explaining that Shantel wasn’t even prepared.

The A-Level Student was looking for a part-time job to make some money for college and she applied for this job to become a waitress. After getting so brutally rejected by the steakhouse, she told the reporters that after the interview was over, she asked the employer when she would get to know the results.

In response to this, the interviewer told Megan that she had her email and it doesn’t normally take more than a few days to get back to the candidates.

I was shocked,” said Megan Dixon. She further told the magazine that she could have at least gotten some proper feedback rather than a laughing emoji that was very “unprofessional”. “It was a really bitchy thing to do” told the 18-year-old.

After that, Megan further complained saying that the interviewer didn’t even look at her resume and didn’t offer to shake hands with her as well. 

The Steakhouse’s response to Megan’s story:

When the steakhouse saw all the attention that Megan Dixon’s story had been receivin g, they decided to respond. You can clearly see that the restaurant replied in a much better way than they first treated their candidate.

They apologized to Megan by saying that their intention was never to be disrespectful. They further added that those text messages were “sent in error” and were meant for the manager and not Megan.

After such a harsh hit by reality, the 18-year-old girl surely learned many things from this experience. I hope she is strong enough to move on from all this in a positive manner. One more thing that she may have learned from this experience is that she should not be using the word “like” too much in an interview from now.

With the hope that the steakhouse has inflicted some basic manners and etiquettes to their employees and management, we conclude this article. Indeed such kind of humiliating and improper behavior was not expected from many “Premium” brands.

Do you think the Miller and Carter’s Steakhouse response to this incident rings of truth or it is just their way of mere damage control?

What is your take on this whole incident? Have you ever been rejected by an interviewer in such a cold way? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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