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10 Best Escape Room Company in World



Escape rooms are quickly becoming one of the most popular activities to enjoy. A lot of people, while acknowledging the escape rooms miss out on praising the companies. We mostly remember the room itself, and we often miss out on the companies and people who work so hard to make it a good experience. 

However, if you are interested in knowing which escape room companies are the best in the world, you are in the right place. Below is a list of the 10 best escape room companies in the world for you. 

Strange Bird Immersive USA 

Strange Bird Immersive is one of the most highly rated and reviewed Escape room companies. While most escape room companies boast a multitude of escape rooms, Strange Bird Immersive has just one Escape room game to offer.  

ManThe man From Beyond’ is an escape room game unlike any other. It involves an innovative and captivating technique that uses an immersive theatre integrated with the thrill of an escape room. It is a true one-of-a-kind experience that is worth your money.  

The entire experience lasts almost 75 to 100 minutes and can be played by a maximum of 8 people (Minimum 4). The company is located in Houston Texas, USA, and is one of the best in the world. It is definitely worth checking out. 

The Exit Games USA 

One of the biggest factors in making an escape room good is the fact that escape rooms are one of the most immersive escape rooms in America. The Exit Games claims to be much more than just an escape room company since they believe and provide immersive storylines to their customers.  

Servants of sleight’ is the only escape room experience they offer. This magical escape room is based on magicians and their sleight of hand. You must showcase your true talent and escape this escape room.  

The entire magical experience lasts about 90 minutes. A minimum of 2 people can play while a maximum of 6 is allowed. The Exit Games also has an exquisite tattoo parlor that will allow you to get some great tattoos as well. The company is located in Florida, USA.  

Nexus Escape room – USA 

One of the most important aspects of an escape room is the team-building experience. Nexus escape room in Florida, the USA term it as ‘The Nexus Experience’, which essentially means that you will all be immersed in an incredible team-building experience.  

The Nexus Escape room has three distinct and different escape rooms to offer. ‘Cryptic Cay,’ ‘Escape Your Nightmares’ and Polly’s Problematic Predicament.’  All the rooms are quite popular and are quite immersive. The company, run and owned by a couple who are escape room enthusiasts, has made some great developments to these rooms. 

Depending on the type of experience you want, you can opt for any of the three great escape rooms on offer. Why not go for all three? They are truly one of the best in the country. 

Get Lost Escape room – Great Britain 

Get Lost Escape room is one of the best Escape rooms in the UK, highly rated as one of the best by escape room enthusiasts. Due to the pandemic, the Company had to close down its rooms. However, they have started providing Online Experiences. 

They currently have three experiences to provide; however, ‘Directors Cut’ & ‘The Hunt’ are physical experiences that remain closed due to the pandemic. ‘Operation Paranormal Research Anomaly Taskforce’ is an online Experience that they are currently offering. 

Despite the pandemic, ‘Get lost’ has managed to keep its customers satisfied with its online experience which can be found on its website.  The company and its rooms are located in Dover Kent, UK (near Dover Beach). 

 Final Escape Nurnberg Germany 

Final Escape is one of the best and highly rated escape room companies in the world. The goal and ambition of everyone at Finalfinal Escape are to transport you to a different world for a whole Hour.  Final Escape provides a professional and fun experience with its rooms.   

The Company has multiplies multiple branches and escape rooms to offer. Its branches are present in Berlin, Keel, Flensburg, Bremen, Lubeck, Wuppertal. Its Berlinberlin branch has six escape games, one outdoor adventure game, and a few audio escape games. 

The rooms are properly sanitized owing to the pandemic. Moreover, the rooms are quite technologically advanced. If you plan on visiting Germany, it is highly recommended you check them out. 

Escape room 125Malta 

Who knew that one of the best escape room companies in the world is present in Malta. It was one of the highest-rated escape room companies by customers in 2020.  

There are two escape room games to offer here. ‘Hannibal’ & ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ are some of the best escape rooms you will ever play. There are a couple of online games available as well.  

The escape room company is located in Santa Venera, Malta. For those fortunate enough to visit the place, you should definitely give it a try. For others, its online escape games will keep you entertained.   

Revo Escape room – Canada 

Revo Escape games is a great and trustworthy escape room company.  They are a small company in comparison to many, but they have managed to stay on top of most of their competition. 

Thanks to their three brilliant escape rooms, Revo has managed to provide a unique and fun experience to everyone. The three games on offer are ‘The Lab: Lockdown’, ‘bunker AI’s Martyrdom,’ and ‘Lost Temple.’  

The duration for each room is around 75 mins while 4-8 players can play at once. The company has its office in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada. The company also provides food and drinks as well as board games to enjoy your stay. 

Expedition Sydney – Escape rooms Australia 

Expedition Sydney is a top-rated escape room in Australia. It has two main branches in Gladesville and Redfern. Both the branches have a combined five escape room games to offer. All five are quite unique and fun. The Gladesville branch has three escape rooms, while the Redfern has two escape rooms. 

All the escape rooms are quite immersive and contain a good storyline to follow. ‘Kingdom Besieged’ is an upcoming escape room and thus is still under development. The rest of the four escape rooms are all 60 minutes long, with a maximum of 6 players allowed. Definitely, a place you should check out if you plan to visit Sydney. 

Dimension Escape room Spain 

This amazing place in Almeria, Spain, is coming together of creativity, passion, and immersion. The owners of the company have made sure to create a spectacular experience for everyone involved.  

The company has two escape room games, ‘Platform 88’ and ‘Maximo Max’s Lair’.  Both the rooms are 60-minute-long, with 2-6 players allowed to play at a time. Definitely worth your time if you plan to visit Almeria. 

Tadam Escape – France  

Tadam Escape room is one of the best in France and in the world.  It is a highly rated escape room. Tadam Escape offers 3 immersive escape room experiences. ‘La Noche de Los Muertos’, ‘Dr. Ox’s Tower’ and ‘The Yupanki Adventure.’ All games can be played by 3 to 6 players, while the games last 60 minutes each. So if you are in France, make sure to head down to Carquefou near Nantes in France.  


These 10 escape room companies are the best in the world. Escape rooms are quickly becoming a huge tourist attraction. Escape room tourism is still in a nascent stage but people all over the world are starting to appreciate and love escape rooms even more. 

Author Bio: 

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