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Happy Quarantine Birthday Quotes Wishes & Messages



Are you looking for some special and lovely happy quarantine birthday quotes? If yes, then here we have some outstanding and best wishes or quotes for you to send to your friend during the quarantine.

Happy Quarantine Birthday

Well, some of your friends who had their birthday on these quarantine days will be quite upset because they had to celebrate this year’s birthday away from their friends.

It means no gatherings, no party, and no gifts. How boring! If your best friend is going through such a situation, then this is the right time to make them feel special by sharing some lovely quarantine birthday quotes or wishes.

As your friend will be alone during the quarantine, so make sure you make them feel as if you are around them all the time. You should start wishing them at midnight as the day of their birthday starts. Do a video call with them throughout the whole day. During quarantine, you cannot meet or arrange some gatherings, but there is no obligation to send gifts to the birthday person. Yes, you can do this as well!

Along with the birthday wishes, you should send some lovely chocolate boxes presented to your friend. Trust me; this will bring a smile to their face for sure. Or you can also deliver a birthday cake to make them feel extra special and unique.

To sum up, no doubt there are so many ways with which you can make a birthday special for your close ones, but when it comes to quarantine birthday, it is slightly hard for some people. It is hard to feel how you have to stay away from your close ones and friends on your big day celebration.

Start collecting lovely happy quarantine birthday quotes or wishes right now!

Quarantine Birthday Quotes

If I don’t give you anything this year, don’t be offended, I’m saving for next. Happy Birthday!

Turning years has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don’t see the letters up close, but you see idiots from a distance.

The most beautiful phrases that I like to write are those that I write to wish you a beautiful day and to send you my best wishes. Happy Birthday!

Yesterday I went to sleep wanting to wake up soon on such a special day, when you turn one year old again. Happy and precious day, thanks for existing.

Quarantine Quotes For Friends

If a magician gave me three wishes to choose today, I would choose health, money and love, but all three would be for you, because I love you and because thanks to you I am who I am. Congratulations.

All your dreams are on the way, like all your goals, they are organized and distributed to make this new year the best in your life.

Get ready to enjoy a beautiful happy birthday even when you are in quarantine.

Quarantine Birthday Wishes

Sending you a virus-free birthday hug on your special day.

Nothing can rain on your parade. Happy Birthday, friend!

Since I can’t see you on your birthday this year, I’m sending you this virtual gift!

Happy Birthday! This was the most sanitized card I could find.

Happy Birthday! May you never lack health so that you may enjoy all that is good, and the strength to overcome all difficulties. In quarantine times, we must be strong to face every situation.

Happy Birthday! May this day be special and live it big despite not being able to leave home. May your life be long and full of happiness. I wish you the best because you deserve it.

Quarantine Birthday Wishes For Friend

Happy Birthday! Wish I could be with you.

Celebratory Quarantinis all around! What better time than a self-isolation lock-down birthday.

C’mon, don’t lie. You know you have done it at least once – sung happy birthday twice in a row while washing hands!

This birthday card is packed full of virus-free hugs and kisses, just so you know how loved you are!

Happy Birthday from a social distance!

Happy Quarantine Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday! Sending you a big warm hug from 6 feet away!

We might be apart today, but you’re always in my heart! You are one of my most cherished friends and I’m wishing you the best today.

We might be apart today, but you’re always in my heart! You are one of my most cherished friends and I’m wishing you the best today.

Funny Quarantine Birthday Messages

I’m an only child what can I say? Not sharing my cake would make me very happy! 😛

I wish you your birthday to keep me as present as I have had in my heart every second, every moment, even in this difficult situation. Happy Birthday.

Every moment with you well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every morning an adventure. I’d like to be with you every tenth of a second.

Sending you a virus-free birthday hug on your special day Happy Birthday! I miss you and love you.

Today you celebrate one more year in your life and I am very happy for you. I wish you happiness and that all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday! Don’t let quarantine stop you.

Covid Birthday Wishes

I wish you happiness, health and that all your dreams come true. May your life be long so that for many years your inner light illuminates those who are close to you. Remember to stay at home. Best birthday wishes to you despite the covid-19.

I am sure that of all the messages you are receiving, this one will make you immensely happy, because your best friend writes it, someone important and special to you. I wish you a beautiful day full of joys and happiness.

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covid birthday quotes

happy quarantine birthday

Happy Quarantine Birthday

Quarantine Birthday Messages

Quarantine Birthday Images

quarantine birthday quotes

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Covid Birthday Wishes

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