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I am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend, Sweet Apology Quotes for Her



Have you recently hurt your girlfriend? Do you want to say sorry? Sometimes when a girl is upset, or a boy did hurt her badly, then they avoid meeting that person or avoid giving them a chance to say sorry face to face. At that moment, the boy feels helpless, and they are left with no option but to convey their apology or sorry to their girlfriend. In such conditions, sorry MSG for GF can be a lifesaver for you! Sending a sorry or apology in the form of a message to your girlfriend might give an impression as if it looks unemotional or you are not saying it by heart. But sometimes words speak louder!

Soory Messages for Girlfriend


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Download Sweet Apology Quotes For Your Girlfriends

You can download some adorable and sweet apology quotes for her, which can make her realize that you are saying it by heart. You can search for different styles of emotional and affectionate messages, which will show your girlfriend how much you feel sorry about your act.

Sorry Messages for GF


You can also check out some best I am sorry messages for girlfriends, which are printed in the form of cartoons or sad wallpapers. Girls are a soft-hearted and extremely emotional people. If they are in love with you, then definitely they would never want you to look sad and upset for a long time.

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Colorful Wallpapers of Lovely I Am Sorry Messages for Girlfriends

If your girlfriend is angry with you for quite a long time, then don’t forget to collect sweet apology quotes for her right now! These adorable and lovely sorry MSG for GF will melt her. So without wasting any time start searching for some delightful, I am sorry messages for a girlfriend. Let your girlfriend know how special she is to you!

Sorry Quotes For Her

I Am Sorry Quotes for her


emotional sorry quotes for girlfriend

  • I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you in my arms.

    an apology message to my girlfriend

  • Your tears are too precious to be wasted. Let me make it up to you.

  • I miss that tender spot on your shoulder. Please forgive me.

  • I’m sorry for being such a pain.

  • Please forgive me for all of my annoying habits.

  • I promise to be a better person.

  • I would never mean to cause you so much pain. I promise to be a better communicator.

  • My life is incomplete without you. Please forgive me.

  • Write a short message on a card and put it somewhere your partner will see it in the morning.

  • Send your partner text messages, emails, and voicemails all day so he/she knows how sorry you really are.

  • If you think that you need to make your apology extra special, say ‘sorry’ with a gift.

  • Put an ‘I am sorry’ wallpaper on your partner’s computer, cell phone, laptop, and any other device he or she uses daily.

  • Something for the guys to cheer about—tender your hot apology in bed.

  • Send him or her flowers or chocolates. It’s a trick that has never gone out of vogue, and it still works.

  • Ask all your friends to call you’re significant other and tell him or her how sorry you feel.

  • Take your partner to a lookout point and apologize as you hold his or her hands.

Sorry Messages For Her

Sorry Messages For Her


  • I am waiting for you to forgive me, I know I have done wrong and I want to make it up to you. I am really sorry. Please forgive me.

  • I will wait for you to eternity if that’s what it takes to earn your forgiveness.

  • Our relation was supposed to be immune to the earthly diseases called fighting, arguing and lies. Now I have to take the countermeasure called sorry to save this beautiful relationship.

    Apology For Gf

    To make your relationship strong and forever you have to need an apology in huge amounts because it kills all the clashes and misunderstandings. Boys always try to run from the consequences of their choice or decision. One thing that should be remembered is that choice is in our control but the consequences are not we have to face them. Apology for gf is the solution to overcome the reasons for odd situations. To convey an apology to gf our collection of the best sorry messages for a girlfriend will help you.

  • Your bitterness is something I cannot stand. Please forgive me for my mistakes and let us continue our sweet relationship again.

  • You are my strength, yet you are angry with me. I feel very weak and exposed. Please accept my deepest apologies and let us unite again. We are not meant to be apart.

  • They say that everything happens for the best. This small fight of ours made me realize your worth to me. I don’t ever want to fight you again. I love you so much and I am very very sorry. Please forgive me.

  • I now realize that I have always overshadowed your happiness with mine. I thought I understood you but I did not, until now. I am very sorry for my love, give me another chance.

  • I have the utmost trust in God and I know that you will forgive me soon. Till then I am waiting.

  • I deeply regret having that argument with you. I have never known that you are very possessive with me but on the other hand, I realize I feel the same for you and I could not have been able to bear that too. I am really sorry. You are strong and I want you to give me another chance.

  • Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.

  • My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day I hurt you. Please plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.

  • I thought our RELATIONSHIP was immune to all of life’s diseases until a virus called LIES made it sick. I am going to use a regular dose of medication which includes APOLOGIES, HUGS, and KISSES to make it feel better. I am sorry.

  • Angry is ugly, forgiveness is sexiness. Forgive me, please?

  • With a bruised heart and a deflated ego, with a sad soul and a head hung low. I apologize to you unconditionally, baby I am really very sorry. I love you.

Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Sorry Messages for Girlfriend


  • I apologize for bringing tears in your eyes but I have not done it intentionally. Please forgive me.

  • I understand how heartbreaking it is for being misunderstood. I apologize for all the misunderstandings. Please forgive me. I love you.

  • I promise to keep you happy forever. I apologize for all my wrongdoings. I love you.

  • I apologize for getting angry unnecessarily, I promise I will do everything to control it. I won’t hurt you anymore.

  • I apologize for being late for realizing my mistake. Please forgive me. I love you.

  • For all the times you have not slept well and you cried because of me, I apologize for all those sleepless nights. Please forgive me. I love you.

  • An apology is the least I can do but it’s a start. Let me tell you that I fully understand how silly and inappropriate I acted, I love you more than everything. I’m so sorry.

  • Look at the stars tonight, they’ll whisper: “I am sorry for what I’ve done”. I love you.

  • An apology is nothing, compared to what I’ve done, but still, I know that you have a forgiving heart. I apologize for what I have done. There’s no excuse for what I did.

  • You know that it has been hard for me to come clean and to apologize, but I was wrong and I apologize for the hurt and sadness that I have caused you.

  • Our love is strong and boundless, let’s not let the petty grievances harm this beautiful world of understanding and tenderness we have created together. I love you and I ask for your forgiveness.

  • I know that words do not diminish the pain I caused you, but, nevertheless, I am so sorry… I love you.

  • I am afraid to lose you, for me, you are my ideal woman. I’m sorry for my stupid jealousy that has damaged our relationship, I am going to work hard on dealing with my jealousy as it is my issue.

  • You are the whole world to me. I’m so sorry for what I have done. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me when you are ready.

  • I am so sorry for all the stupid things I have said and done. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met, and the best girlfriend any guy could want. You are truly beautiful on the inside and out.

Apology Quotes for Her

Apology Quotes for Her


  • It’s hurting me so much to know I have ruined it with you. I’ve ruined your heart. If only there was a reset button I could press because I love you so much.

  • I wish you were here so you could see the tears I cried from the hurt that I know I’ve caused! My heart is heavy with hurt, those tears are now my hurt. I feel the shame because I now only realize the hurt I caused you! You may never forgive me.

  • It may be too late. You may already be gone. Or should I say that I am the one who may be gone, from your heart.

  • Thinking about all of this and how much I hurt the best girlfriend in the world just makes me cry. I do realize though it isn’t close to the hurt you must have felt from the pain I caused in your heart.

  • I promised to hold and cherish your heart as any boyfriend should. But I did the opposite.

  • I wish one day to again have this heart I have damaged so badly. Have it open up and forgive this foolish guy who took so long to see the pain and hurt he caused. But, it may not.

  • It’s your heart’s choice. One that will not happen overnight. It may not even happen in the time before some greater soul than mine finds it and cherishes it as it deserves.

  • I cling on to the hope that the heart that I’ve cherished and hurt, truly knows how sorry I am for the pain I caused.

  • All I can say I’m sorry to you, my love, my girlfriend and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. All I can ask is humbly for forgiveness.

  • Please forgive me. I only know now how it must have hurt and I understand the pain. I never really did before. Now that I know what that pain feels like I will never ever subject it to anyone else.

  • When you left me, my world stopped turning. I am deeply sorry for making you want to leave. I just want you back home again with me and will do what it takes to have you back.

  • After we fought and I had time to cool down and think things over, I realized just how much you really mean to me. Please forgive me.

  • There really is no good excuse for how I made you feel. Do you think you could ever forgive me? I love you and I hate knowing that I hurt you.

  • I deeply regret hurting your feelings and making you second guess our relationship. Please believe me when I say that I am truly sorry for making you feel this way.

I Am Sorry Quotes

I Am Sorry Quotes for her


  • I am sorry that I let my jealousy get the better of me. Please forgive me.

  • I am so sorry for letting you down. I will do whatever it takes to make you want to stay with me.

  • When I say to you that I am sorry, I am also saying that I love you.

  • I am sorry that I broke my promise to you. I will do better if you will take me back.

  • Please forgive me for the careless mistakes that I have made in our relationship.

  • I am sorry for letting my emotions get the better of me. I love you and I want to treat you right.

  • I am sorry that I thought you were flirting with someone else. I allowed myself to overreact first without giving you a chance to defend yourself.

  • I am sorry for losing my temper. I love you and you did not deserve any of that.

  • I am sorry I was so rude to you. You deserve only the most tender love and affection.

  • I am sorry for what I said to you out of anger. I was not in my right mind and I hope that you can forgive what I said.

  • Please, give me a second chance, my dear. I want to prove to you how much I love you. I was a fool, but I promise that it will never happen again. I can’t live without you.

  • I’m very sorry, honey. I miss you so much. Please, forgive me. I will wait for your call. I need to hear your voice.

  • I agree with you that I was wrong. Just please, be with me, my love. I’m really sorry.

  • I’m sorry, my darling. These days without you are the worst in my life. I want to have you again. Love you!

  • I can’t imagine my life without you, my lovely girl. I need you and I love you. I will wait for your forgiveness.

I’m Sorry I Hurt You Quotes

I’m Sorry I Hurt You Quotes


  • I can’t believe how I drove us apart when all I ever wanted was for us to be together… now and forever. I am sorry.

  • Hurting you is the last thing I’d do, I didn’t mean to my love. I am so sorry. I need you back in my life. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

  • My shortcomings are in the red, and I goofed too. I’m sorry my dear. How about dinner for two?

  • Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.

  • I want to be your pillow again for all the nights to come. I want to take care of you all night and all day. I miss you, baby. I want to hug you again. I want to feel you again. I cannot bear it anymore. Please forgive me, baby. I deeply regret our fight. Give me another chance.

  • I promise I will destroy every reason that brings tears to your eyes. Please forgive me this time. I am sorry.

  • I confess that I am over-possessive about you because I don’t want to lose you. Please try to understand my insecurities. I am sorry.

  • I can never think of hurting you intentionally, whatever I did I have done mistakenly. Please forgive me, I love you.

  • I will not be able to survive without you in this cruel world. Please don’t leave me. I am sorry for everything.

  • You know that I cannot find anyone with such beautiful eyes as you. Please stay with me. I am sorry, Beautiful.

  • I lost the value of your smile and after this fight; I realize how much you mean to me. You are my one and only love and I want you to forgive me, please. I apologize for everything.

  • You mean the world to me; please give me one more chance to prove my love to you. I am sorry. I love you.

  • I know that I am the one who always starts an argument. I know I have made many mistakes and I realize that now, please forgive and give me another chance. I am really sorry.

  • I want to use this note to say sorry and promise it will never ever happen again. I really value you and your love so much.

  • I should have never said those silly words to you, my darling. I have not only disappointed you but I have also disappointed myself. I am sorry.

I’m Sorry Quotes For Her

I’m Sorry Quotes For Her


  • My heart has bled profusely from the very moment I hurt your feelings. I am so sorry, my love. Please forgive me for being so stupid and uncaring. I promise to change and treat you like a queen all the days of my life.

  • All I think about from dawn to dusk is the beautiful love we used to share and the joy that once surrounded us. You can go ahead and punish me severely for breaking your heart, but kindly accept my apology and open the door of your heart for me to enter once again. I am sorry!

  • My love, I can’t seem to put into words how lost I feel without you. I am terribly sorry and ashamed for what I did to you. Please embrace my heartfelt apology and come back to me.

  • You rank number one on the list of my greatest blessings in life, and that is why I am so mad at myself for hurting you. I am very, very sorry, my angel.

  • Babe, I am extremely sorry for my foolish behavior the other day. I was only scared of losing such a wonderful person like you to another guy and that’s what caused my overreaction. I am sorry and promise to do better next time.

  • I am sorry I did not think before uttering those stupid words to you. You should know I didn’t mean it. I need you seriously in my life. I am sorry about everything, honey!

  • I know my reaction to your friend last night was very embarrassing. But babe, you should know that every guy would be jealous to see their love in the arms of another man. I apologize for the damage caused and promise to be a good boy next time.

  • Dear girlfriend, I am extremely sorry that I have made you wait yesterday. It was a mistake on my part and I would make it up to you with a special gift and a loving candlelight dinner especially for us.

  • For a sweet girlfriend, I am sorry that I hurt you yesterday. I hope you will forgive me and grant my apology with all your love and be together again to celebrate our anniversary.

  • To a cute girlfriend, loving sorry wishes sent through text. I am ashamed that I said those harsh words which were not supposed to be and I hope you will forgive me and give me a chance to rectify it.

  • This text carries sorry wishes for my caring girlfriend. Your love has been my guiding support all these years and it was wrong on my part to have hurt you like that.

  • Through this text, I seek forgiveness for the wrongdoing of my girlfriend. I hope you will forgive me soon with your loving heart and be together with me again to create magical moments.

  • My woman, do you actually think that I will let you be without having your love back? It is impossible! I am on my knees, asking for your good favor. Forgive my mistakes.

  • I have asked for more than necessary from you, beloved. I am sorry. Forgive me for being quite unappreciative of your efforts to keep our relationship.

  • You have me for anything and everything, sweetheart. To make you happy, I will do all you ask for. I really regret hurting you.

Forgiveness Love Quote

Forgiveness Love Quote


  • You are the most loving person I have ever come across. Your tender affection heals my heart. Forgive me, please. Don’t take away your love from me.

  • It wasn’t right to call you names while we were arguing. My heart is shattered; instead of bringing you joy, I brought you pains.

  • Sincerely, my intentions were not to hurt you through our discussion. I blipped, and I am very sorry I did that. Forgive me, cutie.

  • We are meant to be together, darling. Kindly understand that this is a very trying period for us. I am sorry for the role I played in the face-off we are having. Forgive me, baby.

  • I looked down on you, sugar. I made you feel less of who you are. I’m sorry. Forgive me.

  • The days have been quite busy for me, but that’s no reason for staying away from you. I apologize for my actions. I will definitely make it up for you, darling.

  • No matter whatever that has happened, I’m still in love with you. I am sorry for the hot argument we had. Forgive me.

  • Sorry is the only word you will see in my texts, Facebook updates, tweets, and pins… until you forgive me.

  • I am not perfect but I’m still me. The same guy who holds you in his arms because you’re all that matters to him. I’m sorry.

  • I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. In a relationship, it’s normal to encounter some misunderstandings but in my part, it’s me who wants to ask for an apology. I’m sorry and I will not hurt you again. I love you!

  • I know you’re angry but I want you to think about all the beautiful memories that have made us believe that we’re meant to be. I am sorry.

  • I am sorry for all the mistakes and hurts that I’ve caused you. I love you dear from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I promise I will never be untrue to you.

  • I am sorry for making you lose your temper. But to be honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.

  • I’m sure of one thing; this will never happen again. I could never have thought about hurting you, but sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.

  • I wish this grievous sin could be forgiven not just by God, but by you. I cheated on you, but now I feel a great compunction within me. I’m deeply sorry, my baby.

Forgive Me Quotes

Forgive Me Quotes


  • I feel worthless than dirt. Please, forgive me. Your forgiveness will make me clean again.

  • My heart has been as dry as a desert ever since you left me in anger. I’m sorry for causing you so much pain, love.

  • I promise to be of my best behavior. I plead that you give me another chance, cause my life depends on it. I’m more than sorry.

  • Never you think that I took you for granted. I would never show you an iota of disrespect again for as long as I live. I’m so sorry.

  • I feel as shallow as a lake. I’m sorry, my love. I am to be blamed for this.

  • I’m sorry for bringing this shame upon us. You’ll be the most gracious of all angels if you could forgive me.

  • I do not pant for breath nor for water, but for your earnest forgiveness. I’m so sorry, love.

  • My heart is so damned. Everything around me is punished for my sake, for I wronged the heavenly angels when I wronged you. Can I get your forgiveness, please?

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