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Best 16 Laugh Out Loud Yearbook Quotes From High School Seniors



Yearbooks of high schools are the best way to look back on your best time in school. Years from now you will recall all the sweet, funny, and best memories you made in those four years. One of the amazing ways to be remembered these memories in your yearbook is by having a funny quote. These high school seniors came up with the most laughable quotes that’ll have you laugh out loud for days. Take a look at these quotes, have a laugh, and get some inspiration if you also want to make a yearbook quote.

No One Noticed Her Haircut

This girl is going places! Definitely, she has a great sense of humor ad knows how to make a joke at her own expense.

We bet her haircutting is definitely beautiful even though if she got a bad haircut, no one would ever know!

High School Will Be Fun, They Said

This one is hilarious, just wait until you get to college Randey. The bike will turn into a motorcycle and the fire on the ground become lava.

Then, once you graduate from college, it is, even more, worse than a fiery hell. It is surely painful and slow-burning.

“We Are Not Related”

The last name Nguyen is a very famous last name in the whole world. In Australia, this last name is the seventh most common family name!

It is so cute that these girls are all coordinating their yearbook quotes just so no one can look back and think that they are quadruplets.

He Must Be Really Happy To Graduate

It is very laughable when people can make a joke about the concept that they have about their ethnicity.

This picture shows that when you are happy, your eyes get all scrunched up. It is more funny because he has small eyes, he can barely see!!

Never Use The Unforgivable Curses

The name of this student does sound like an old Hogwarts student who may be in Slytherin’s house. Damenian was trying to make some Horcruxes and they realized that he was the second coming of Voldemort.

Also, this reminds us of the Key and Peele skit which takes attendance and says everyone’s name wrong. The teacher has possibly messed up this name before.

Her Positivity Is Refreshing

There are some things that can actually offend you when you start laughing at yourself.

In this era, everyone is fixated on their looks and how they are seen on social media platforms. This girl is a positive role model for everyone.

Sibling Rivalry

Any older sibling would probably say the same thing even if they are only older by a few minutes.  Those times when they an only child and had all love, care, and attention of their parents.

If you’re an older sibling, did you enjoy the time better before your siblings were born?

Don’t Let Him Fool You

Have you ever get a spam emails that saying a prince or princess from a foreign country wants you to help them by sending them money? We hope, you knew it was fake and did not send the money to them.

This joke is sso creative that no one else could pull off it. The person who is next to him should have written, “I won’t fall for that fraud a Segun time.”

If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself, No One Can

Can he wiggle his ear like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals? Do not try to whisper when he is around you because he hears everything.

The ears of this guy might be big but his eyebrows are perfect.

“It’s Hard Being A Single Mother, Especially When You Have No Children And Are A Teenage Male.”

This is the most random quote but it’s completely funny. How did he come up with this amazing and hilarious quote that’ll gown down in yearbook history?

This is hilarious when his children in future see this quote and wonder what their father was thinking.

A “Can Do”Attitude

Wow, this boy should be a motivational speaker because he made being called trash a compliment. No one likes to be called trash, but this is something positive.

Furthermore, it is like he saying that “Yeah you are trash but that does not meand you fully suck.”

He Prefers Tea

It would be good if this was the moment when he choose to came out. He says nothing and literally hopes that everyone reads his quote.

It’s impressive that you are so true to yourself and confess that you do not like coffee.

What A Poet

Well, there is not a  lot of things to say about this one other than the reality that he is a amazing poet.

You an not actually argue with his logic because the description is all true.

Joe McDonald Didn’t Have A Farm, Ee I Ee I O

With a moo-moo there and a moo-moo here, there a moo, here a oo, even everywhere a moo-moo. Might be possible his grandpa was the one with the farm.

The song does say Old McDonald had the farm and this boy is not virtually old enough to have a farm which is fully functioning.

He Should Have Listened To His Mom

When you do something stupid just to annoy your mother but now it’s in your yearbook forever. And there is no other way to get rid of it. 

His mother obviously did not understand that he wanted to show off his muscular legs in his muscle tank and jorts. This image could also be captioned as “Merica.”

His Parents Did That On Purpose

He is so nice taht they named him twice. It is a great name because no one can realize your first name without knowing your last name and again.

This hilarious quote is not only funny but also the fact that his first name and last name is the same makes it more funny.

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