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People Who Proved That Posing With Sculptures Is Not Boring At All



Like many of us, you likely have some poses that you repeat quite often when capturing a photo next to a sculpture. So, if you like to get some inspiration and stand out in a crowd of photos, we provoke you to have a fine look at these super amazing pictures of people who didn’t go with conventional poses and took posing with sculptures to the next level.

His Facial Expression is Pure Gold

“I will punch you I you do not give me back my bow and arrow.” We are sure that you do not want to mess with the Cupid.

This is an attractive picture just not only because of baby cupid but also due to the expression of this man. His facial expression is excellent for this situation.

Empathy Level: 1000

“Here, I will help you.” This adorable photo emphasizes us the importance of small deeds.

This picture clearly shows that the heart of this cute child is filled with care and kindness.

Nobody is Watching

“You can count on me, but make sure that you don’t reveal my identity,” the statue had some problems. 

Yes, nobody saw it excluding the photographer. Oh, and the boy in the back.

Joining Others

“Hey! Let go of him!” We hope that they are holding on very tight.

Also, if enough people are doing this pose, we wish this statue does not break.

Hygiene is Important

Hygiene is one of the important things that can either turn off or turn on a woman. This is exactly what the statue thought, also. Who knows maybe it was going on a date.

Even though the original razor was lost via the tides of time, someone was very kind that he lend him a new one.

All The Single Ladies

“If you really like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

We think Beyonce got the idea for her “Single Ladies” dance by inspiring this pose.

Another Reason to Fear Clowns?

This is the reason why so many people are afraid of clowns. The fact that this clown just backslapped superman and we know a really great fight is going to happen real soon.

Might be possible this clown is Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Who knows. 

“Let’s Dance”

The child behind this adorable small girl said, “Hey, stop dancing and fall in line.”

But children do whatever they like and here it looks like she is having a good time.

“You Shall Not Pass”

We all know that it would have been great if Sir Ian McKellen said, “You’ll not pass”, but this tiny snowman is doing a quite good job as well.

We really appreciate and like the creativity of the person who came up with this amazing idea.

“Seriously, Dude!”

“What is this wizardry?” Ben Franklin is extremely amazed by this great technology.

He is about to take an incredible selfie, once he found out how to use this weird contraption.

Run Like Hell

Why do you have to take benefit of a guy who is distracted by his lady?

The bag seems very heavy to carry, so he won’t be getting anywhere easily.

Powerful Mommy

Statue of tug-o-war, who will win in this game? We bet on the statue.

This strong mother is not letting go of her kid anytime soon.

Aww…Can Someone Pass the Tissues, Please?

Photos like these are the real reason we love the internet. As you can find the good and bad both stuff on the internet. You just have to know where to look.

It is an appealing photo that depicts a hopeless romantic in the making.

“Back Off, He’s Mine!”

We’ll give full marks to this girl for turning a beautiful image into something totally different.

Surely, she is not shy to grab what belongs to her, even if she has to do it forcefully.

“Ahh, What Have I Done!”

If you met with a bear in the wild, we wish you do not end up like this, although it is fake.

Might be possible the bear wants to help this person. Share your thought on this photo.

Timing is Everything

We wish that it did not take so many shots to get this awesome joy image. The timing of this picture depicts their commitment level.

This statue is in the japan’s city Niigata and it honors the “Taro Yamada” character from a famous manga comic “Dokaben.”

Keep on Trying

“Darling, I’m so sorry, the traffic was awful. I know I was so late getting here.”

This man should keep on trying, although the woman has a heart of “stone.”

It is Scary!

Okay, let’s be honest about this photo. This is not only fun but it actually freaked us out. 

This is so funny like the egghead getting revenge on humans for having legs, arms, and bodies to walk around with.

Spidey in Big Trouble

Gold Face is a new villain in the Marvel Universe.

He is bad and big. And here he is going to beat Spiderman, but spiderman won’t let that happen on his watch.

“Lady, I Have No Idea Where The Bathrooms Are”

“Do I seem like a directory?” This girl asked the wrong statue for directions.

The statue is not in the mood to be answering everyone’s senseless quotations.

Dragging Done Right

You’re going home, wearing a formal suit, and going to that interview. We are not arguing anymore on it.

When your father “subtly” orders you that they want you to get a job and move out.

Pigeon From Another World

Firstly, this looked like a picture captured from the set of an upcoming movie, “Attack of the Pigeons.”

Why is this guy being attacked by the pigeon?  Because he was complaining about pigeons always pooping on statues and cars. We think this man won’t be complaining any longer.

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