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It looks like these people don’t have much common sense left



A wise person once said, “It’s better to stay quiet and have people think you’re a fool than to speak up and clear up any doubts.” We all sometimes don’t listen to that advice. But it’s not about us today. Hold on tight, because we’re about to laugh at the worst people on the internet who don’t use common sense. It looks like common sense isn’t so common after all!

This is not how the year works at all.

All modern countries have the same 365-day calendar. When we divide 12 by 12, we get the months January through December. Most people don’t find this to be a big surprise. Who doesn’t already know this? People might not know exactly why the calendar is set up that way (it’s because the earth goes around the sun), but that doesn’t mean it’s not common knowledge. Prepare: Today is a day for a special case. This clever person wants to know what would happen if the year ended on Friday the 13th, which is a scary day. She hasn’t thought about the fact that most months have about 30 days. When did the 13th become the last day of any month?

You can’t just change what vegan means in this way.

People try all kinds of meat-free diets these days, like vegetarian, pescatarian, and flexitarian. Many people find it hard to stop eating beef and chicken. For some, it’s cheese-topped pizza. Most of the time, becoming a full-on vegan is the last step on a long journey. But none of that is important to this free thinker. She says that she can live as a vegan even though she eats a lot of meat. What’s her secret? The truth is that she doesn’t. It looks like this girl has made a pretty simple mistake about what a word means. We don’t agree with what you think that word means.

Spain wants to get a little more attention.

We’ve all heard the phrase “romance languages.” But what does this group really include? This group now includes French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Its roots are in old Latin. And Spanish, of course! Even though people speak them all over the world, they all come from Europe. In this case, it looks like one social media sleuth didn’t get the message. They say that white people either can’t or shouldn’t speak that language. Do they think this is a South American language? It looks like that’s what’s going on here. If they took a simple history class, they would learn that the Spanish colonised the Americas, not the other way around. Go back to el colegio, please!.

There’s a Reason Why the Pentagon Hasn’t Hired This Smart Person

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, said, “The whole United States is in range of our nuclear weapons, and I always have a nuclear button on my desk.” This is what is happening, not a threat.” Yikes! But wait, if he is on the other side of this standard map, how can that be true? We know what to do. But it’s clear that this Twitter user hasn’t figured anything out. Here, she seriously questions the concept. The earth is not flat. This is big news. Check out a globe. We thought that finding was made a very long time ago. It’s time to rediscover that the California coast and North Korea are a lot closer than some think.

You shouldn’t cook the pan, either.

They say that cooking is an art, not a science. It could take many years of trying and failing to get your own signature recipes just right and ready to show off. But we have to say that this girl failed at everything she tried. We’re giving it the worst review ever, in fact. Her roommate posted the dish disaster on social media, and common sense was not an ingredient. It’s amazing that everyone made it out alive. No question, the pan is now trash. But at least, can this stove that melted be fixed? We don’t even know what temperature this had to be at to melt, so we don’t want to do the experiment.

Most likely, avocado mysteries are the best.

Everyone likes to be surprised. Surprise avocados are even nicer. But what happens if you find one on your lawn every day? For this guy, he decided that there was a plan going on. If that were true, we wouldn’t be complaining like all of his friends are. But maybe he just doesn’t like that fat, green fruit. Or veggie. No matter what it is, he doesn’t want so many. He had an avocado tree all along, it seems. It was just growing on his lawn in the background the whole time. He is not Sherlock Holmes. But at least he can sleep well tonight.

There are actually a lot of public libraries.

With e-books and Kindles becoming more and more popular, it might be hard to remember the last time you opened a real book. But that was all there was once upon a time! Libraries are places where these books are kept, and they have been important in America from the very beginning. In 1731, good old Ben Franklin started The Library Company of Philadelphia, which gave away books. What is it? To make sure that everyone had a good education. It was a new idea at the time! Here, a mom wants to know where she can get free books. If it were real, her kid would really like it. Imagine that there is a free book subscription right in your neighbourhood. What’s going on?

Actually, the government has been looking at you for a long time.

Concerns about privacy are all the rage these days. Everyone thinks that their devices can see or hear them. And, to be honest, they could be. We just don’t know! It’s something to think about, and we hope to find out more about it soon. But we do know one thing: the government doesn’t need any special software to know what your face looks like. Have you ever taken a look at your licence? This person wants to be safe, so he tells his friend about the risks of AI technology. But he doesn’t seem to remember that when he was 16, he took a picture at the DMV. Oops!

This is not what we’d call a safe place to hide.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a doorman who lets us into our homes. Most of us, though, just have regular old keys. It’s a big deal to lose a set, so many people give a spare to a friend. Some people who are more daring might hide them under a doormat or in an electrical box near their apartment. But most burglars have figured that one out. It seems pretty clear! In this case, mom made their work easier. She put her extra key under a mat with many holes in it. Even though she doesn’t have the best sense, we still love her.

We also don’t think you should eat shampoo.

Some things seem to make sense at first, but they don’t when you look at them more closely. This is why we have a way to do science called the scientific method. A theory, a test, and a conclusion. The world looks flat. Is It? One sail around the world proved that one wrong for sure. A lot of people try to get their ideas out there on the Internet. Do they always come to pass? Not in the least. We’ve found one of those times on Twitter. What is it? The worst thing about vaccines is that you can’t eat them. What’s the idea? Observe what happens when you put broccoli in a syringe. Or better yet, don’t!

Most of the time, being a mother is pretty self-explanatory.

Daytime talk shows get most of their money from paternity testing shocks. You gave birth to them. Or you might not be the father! In either case, the mystery man seems to get a lot of attention. One person on Twitter wants to know why moms don’t seem to take these tests. She would have known what to do if she had just used a little common sense. But everyone doesn’t have this talent, right? Most of us have known for a long time where babies come from. But maybe it’s time to tell our friend here what’s going on. We’re sure it will be a big surprise!

This cutting board wasn’t made of wood, at least.

Cold foods tend to work well with plastic. It’s also fine with some heat, but not too much. This isn’t about that. It’s way too much! This terrible thing happened when a woman left her plastic cutting board on the open stovetop. She might not have known that the burner was on. So far, that’s what we think. But when it’s hot, hot, hot, good intentions don’t always matter. This is horrible. But at least she could see the funny side of it. And the house did not catch on fire. If it had been made of wood, it could have started a fire.

It’s not that hard to figure out how a modern clock works.

We’ve heard that real love can really take people over. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what you ate or even if you ate. Or maybe you don’t know what day it is because your beautiful romance blends everything together. Everything is easy to understand. But it looks like someone is pushing things too far here. She says she thinks about him every day. Since when does a day have 31 hours? It would be so cool if this kind of time was real. But there are only 24 hours in a day right now. Our heartfelt advice is to stop daydreaming and pay more attention to the time.

Bath bombs aren’t supposed this bad.

Showers are always a good way to cool off. A bubble bath is a tried-and-true way to treat yourself. But the world of bath bombs is likely where clean things are at the cutting edge. Depending on where you shop, they can be pretty fancy. But the main idea is that if you throw a big, scented ball into the tub, it will dissolve. It fizzles because it contains citric acid, which helps get rid of dead skin. We don’t blame those people who like that tingle. But something terrible has gone wrong. What kind of company makes bath bombs with yellow dye in mind? It will, of course, end up in a big tub of fake pee. Hardly luxurious, don’t you agree?

Some people might say that New York is in the United States.

This post is exciting: Goodbye, United States. Hello, New York. The girl can’t wait to leave the country and go to New York City. The only thing that seems to be wrong is that the city seems to be in the United States. Yes, the eleventh state to join the union is still in the middle of the country. This is a fact that can’t be changed. But this Twitter traveller has obviously forgotten everything she learned in geography class a long time ago. These aren’t things that only nerds should know. No one seems to know where things are. Since Google is so easy to use, maybe we should go back to the basics.

This person has no idea about big cats.

This conversation about cats got pretty confusing, and fast. Someone asks if the well-known cartoon character The Pink Panther is a lion. The answer is kind of like a ball of yarn—it plays with the question. Person 2 asks Person 1 to say the phrase out loud and think about what it means. The word “panther” is then stressed. There is still a lot of confusion, and no one is really getting anywhere. This doesn’t look like a familiar animal, pink or not. Someone should go back to school and learn more about biology. Also, a quick trip to the local zoo might help. Or maybe, just some basic common sense.

These are just words for people who are much smarter.

A few ambitious kids in high school wanted to be the Valedictorian. You had to have the highest GPA in the class to get this last rank, so most of us gave up long before senior year. The person who came in second also got a title: the salutatorian. All of that did happen a long time ago, though. Did this person forget all about these words or did they never know them? You dropped out of school, so go back! Clearly, this is not a picture of twins named Salutatorian and Valedictorian. They are just brothers who are very smart and have the best grades in their class.

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