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Funniest examples of People who deeply regret doing Online Shopping!



Let’s face it; we’ve all made some pretty bad choices when it comes to getting things from online stores. Sure, online shopping is fast and easy, and you don’t even have to move a muscle in order to get the things you want, but there’s always a catch. Customer never really knows what they will get until their orders arrive at their doorsteps. And let me tell you that either you are going to love it or it will be the biggest regret of your life, nothing in between.

It’s practically impossible to open your favorite social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, and not get greeted by online brands first. Many of us have fallen prey to such fascinating marketing of online brands and clicked on the “add to cart” option, only to get disappointed when the item actually arrives.

People shared their worst experiences with online shopping and we cannot stop laughing! Today, we present to you a collection of the funniest examples of people who deeply regret doing online shopping. Some of them are so bad that you will be very cautious in the future too. So, sit back, and laugh hard!

Perfect for Swimming:

These blue skinny jeans come with their very own flippers for free. But this picture is the perfect example of not everything you get free should be used. After spending hours on her phone trying to find the perfect skinny jeans with a slightly flared bottom, this woman thought she was in luck. I’ll be honest when I say that I have never seen such a bizarre pair of jeans in my entire life and I wish to never see these again.

Cinderella, is that you?

I think we all know that cheaper definitely does not mean better when it comes to online brands and this picture is the perfect proof. Fancy gowns are expensive and have always been. So if you think that you are getting a bargain from an online brand, then reconsider your decision because it can go south pretty soon. This woman thought she had found herself “The Dress” but oh boy was she wrong.

Wait, that’s not her size

This one is a case of wrong sizing and you can easily see all the things wrong with this dress. Wearing tight clothes is a woman’s own choice and there are some dresses out there that use a lot of spandex that can stretch it to double their size. Isn’t that super impressive? Let me just tell you that don’t get fooled by that and order your own size. Unless you want to end up like this poor woman with a piece of cloth that barely fits a toddler.

Not all friends can take good Instagram photos:

There are only a couple of friends who understand the type of photos you want to be posting on your Instagram profile. This woman wanted to take a beautiful and Instagram-worthy snap during her vacation, but her friends decided to be creative instead. I mean, I don’t hate the photograph but it is definitely not the most flattering angle.

What made her think that one size fits all when it comes to satin?

One of the biggest problems of buying outfits from such fast fashion outlets online is that their sizing and material are all over the place. When it comes to satin, one size never fits all. Maybe this woman wanted a nice slinky black dress for her big date night but she definitely forgot to check her measurements. Size isn’t the only thing wrong with this dress.

Unfortunately, Happy Elmo is not so happy anymore

Elmo is the most popular character from the kid’s show “Sesame Street”. He appears to be always happy and when someone tickles him on the show, he giggles which usually makes kids laugh even more. However, it seems as if Happy Elmo has been going through some tough times by the looks of this cake. This person ordered a happy Elmo but unfortunately received a depressed Elmo who doesn’t look like he is doing okay. Whoever made this cake needs to remember that this was a birthday cake and not a funeral dessert.

We love wearing Faux Fur, and for a good reason

Over the past decades, fur has been considered a controversial material to be used for making coats. And this is the reason why many high-end designers shy away from using fur for their collections. However, as there is still a market for it, this woman decided to order a fur coat from an online brand. But, she forgot to read the full description and what looks to be real fur, actually turned out to be faux fur. In our opinion, the coat she received doesn’t look too bad anyway. What do you guys think?

The not-so-great Hulk that nobody wanted

Bruce banner would be disappointed to see his incredible and powerful character hulk being turned into a disaster like this. Just like many other kids we see around us, this 3-year-old wanted a Hulk cake for his birthday but he didn’t know that he was in for a treat like this. Clearly, the bakery shop that his mom chose online didn’t have enough experience making customized specialty cakes. This poor boy got a blobby-looking hulk for his birthday and we really hope that it tastes better than it looks.

Dear barbers, please tell us if you can’t do fade

We all know that good haircuts are pretty hard to come by and this picture is proof of that. This guy went to a local barber shop and told him that he wanted a regular fade by showing him this picture. The barber clearly had no clue what he was doing because the result of the haircut are pretty traumatizing. I mean, even a 2-year-old can do a better fade than him.

You get what you paid for:

Not everyone can afford to pay full price for designer dresses and expensive outfits. This is where booming online business and fashion outlets come into the arena. Some of them replicate the original designs and are worth buying, while others, not so much. If you search carefully, you may be able to find amazing dupes, but most of them won’t be as good as the real deal. This woman definitely regretted buying this dress online and she has all the right reasons to.

Body jewelry gone wrong:

Body jewelry is very trendy and these days, but the good ones are really hard to find in the market. So, people just order them online by trusting a piece of the image. After seeing a social media ad about double nose piercing jewelry, she didn’t waste a second ordering them. But after they arrived, she tried them on, only to look like a bull led by its owner.

Never forget to read the fine prints before ordering online dresses:

The thing with these online stores is that they always put some fine prints in their “description” section that says that the item we will receive may slightly vary from the image. This statement gives them the edge and protects them when they send out products that look way off. Not only the dress size is way bigger than shown in the original photograph, but the feathers also aren’t present as well.

Saying yes to the wrong dress:

The world has become a global village that runs on online shopping nowadays. From shoes to jewelry, to accessories, to dresses, you can get it all in just one click. When this woman saw this glitzy and glamorous dress online, she couldn’t wait to buy it. However, after receiving the dress, she noticed that something seemed way off. Can you tell the difference between the two images?

 Tattoos that we never want on our bodies forever:

We all know that getting a tattoo is a great commitment because they stay on your body for the rest of your life. So one piece of advice, always choose the best tattoo artist. Most tattoo artists are quite talented and experienced, but the person who did this tattoo is never one of those things.

Aren’t beanies for dogs the cutest thing ever?

Online stores always try their best to keep up with trends and manufacture things that look funky and cool for this generation. If you ever go on the streets of Seattle or Portland, you will see many people wearing hipster beanies. This dog mom decided to order a beanie for her Chihuahua so they could match. We must say that this online store wasn’t on point with the dog sizing research.

Which one of these examples did you find the most hilarious? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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