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40+ Photos Hilariously Edited By A Photoshop Troll Who Takes Everything Very Literally



People always like to improve their pictures by editing but not everyone knows how to use these editing tools. That’s where James Fridman comes in because he is the one who never disappoints. People send him their images with particular editing requests, and Fridman always gives them exactly what people ask for. James is a savage that’ll take people’s instructions properly and that is why people think, “I should be more careful when requesting Fridman to photoshop my image.” it will also remind you to be careful when you see these amazing edits. Keep scrolling to see how these people’s photos were improved with exactly what people requested.

When Your Friend Is The Rock

Now, this young lady can say that her friend is the Rock and she can reply, “The Rock? You mean the Dwayne Johson, is it right?

Fridman did a great job because it takes less than 2 seconds to notice that the rock in the background is her friend.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The humorous artist did what exactly asked for, and no one is complaining. This woman wanted to be removed the pole which is in front of her, and we see no problem with it. Anyhow she got what she wanted.

We can’t stop laughing at his fathers joke-like interpretation of the request. One can wish the wedding didn’t come crashing down like in the photoshopped picture.

When You Want To Keep Things Conservative For Your Mom

This man wanted James to make the picture modest for his mother, and we can’t stop giggling at what he created. Who knows, probably the mother saw the photo and had a problem with her son wearing his underwear outside.

How did James even photoshop it because the arm on the left side is attached to the stone? This man always surprises us with his wizardry.

That Was The Last Time He Wore White Pants

When she requested James to make her as tall as her boyfriend, we are sure that she did not expect such a laughable response. This creative work is not only very funny but also depicts James’ incredible editing skills.

Rather than making her tall, James decided to bring her boyfriend down to her level in the most creative way.

Is This Zoomed In Enough?

This one is so funny as James did fix it in a way that the close-up picture of Diane could be used as a jump scare in horror movies.

She doesn’t say that she wanted the background to be included. We have a feeling that it could become the next-level editing meme.

He Went From Matthew Child To Matthew Daddy Real Quick

James nailed not only the pictures that were requested but also the dad jokes. It is hilarious but what was he expecting when he asked to look more “daddy?”

You can not see it perceivably, but if you look at the improved photo long enough you can almost hear him screaming about the electric bill.

That’s A No-Brainer

From now on we all know that requests for James must be particular, or else he’ll create a literal version of what you ask for like this.

Rather, she should have written, “Can you remove the boy that is standing in the background” He would have made something funny in whatever way, but it would have been great than removing her head.

“I Could Have Done That Myself”

This guy thinks that he would get a new picture with a full head of hair, but that is not how James rolls. He likes that people love themselves, so he just cropped the photo. The man might be thinking, “I could have done that myself.”

Just hair does not make someone handsome or dashing. It must have been difficult to go bald so early in life, but he should embrace what he has.

James Is Not A Butcher, Lady!

This girl straight up asked James to make her boyfriend’s feet short. But James did what he does best.

This is such a weird request. Nevertheless, this is the first time when we have heard a girl complain that her boyfriend’s feet were big.

It’s Like Where’s Waldo

This man did not get any solo shorts, and he thought he looked stylish, so he wanted to remove the other people from the photo. Unfortunately, he now looks like an outsider in the background.

James likely thought it was funny that someone asked to “disappear” the people. You can never be too careful when asking James to fix any image.

May The Force Be With You

This looks cute and we hope the couple is still together after this laughable photo editing. Nevertheless, we just want to ask one important question: Did she tell him, “I’m your girlfriend” instead of “I’m your father?”

All this picture require is baby Yoda but we do not see anything wrong with the original picture.

That Got Dark Quickly

Well, that is one sure way to bring the cow closer or make them run away. We are sure that the cow on the left is thinking, “I wonder where Rachel went.”

We are sure that she was not expecting it to take a dark turn so fastly.

You Ask And You Shall Receive

We respect the twisted mind of James because who would not like everyone to see their chandelier in the family Christmas picture.

We thought this photoshopped picture is spot on. Above all, it serves the dual purpose of showing what matters the most: a beautiful chandelier.

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