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Meanwhile In’ Photos That Hilariously Summarize Different Countries



Although stereotypes can occasionally be harmful, they can also be really funny at times. There must be some stupid cliché about your city or country, no matter where you are from. These “meanwhile in” memes are a hilarious way to sum up different nations. View the images below; perhaps you can spot your own nation among them.

In China, meanwhile

Let’s start out by clarifying that this isn’t a parking lot so that you can stop thinking that. Additionally, it is not a scene from a Chinese film. With its two-week duration, this is one of the world’s longest traffic bottlenecks.

In the meantime, Singapore

The significance of staying indoors during the heat is emphasized by this humorous sign in Singapore.

When you are exposed to the sun for longer than three hours, you get skin tone like this. You should come to the US with this tan and run for president, one commentator even suggested.

In the meantime, Japan

Hey, we heard you give our relative some food, and we were just curious if…

There is no doubt in my mind that this person has already traveled this path with these deer.

Moreover, in Canada

This is one another illustration of why Canadians are the friendliest people on the planet. It feels like such a thoughtful action.

In the meanwhile, Canada

But it’s possible that he concealed a tracker inside the box or even a bear trap beneath it.

Moreover, in Bosnia

It may be argued that this driver of a car needs a new pigtail light.

Hey, is that adorable pig serving as the indicator? “Hey, the car is going left,” must be the reaction.

Moreover, in Australia

Given the frequency of wildfires and bushfires in Australia, this warning makes some sense.

Even still, it is strange because if the fire status is “HIGH,” you can never feel comforted elsewhere in the world. The fire danger rating for today is simply High, so these Australians must be thinking, “Oh, there is nothing to worry about.”

In the meantime, London

The fact that they haven’t attempted to remove the goose, which is not at all friendly, shows how kind they are. We have an idea: just put on some music, and it’ll nod off.

Here is the Goose warning scale in case you are unfamiliar with it. Goose is dozing off at level 1. Goose is passive at level 2. Level 3: Goose is a little irritated and puckish. Level 4: The goose is defending the other bird in the nest (approach at your own risk).

Nevertheless, in Texas

We assumed that an automobile was required to use the drive-through. Evidently, horses are employed in Texas as well.

Up until one of these girls spills hot coffee on their horse, we think it’s all in good fun.

Finland, meantime

This picture only serves to further demonstrate how highly valued personal space is among Finns, as we already know.

There are seats around the nation designed for one person to sit on with their backs turned away from one another, ensuring that personal space is never an issue.

In India, meantime

If you see a sign with a tiger head and crossbones, don’t even consider doing anything foolish.

It appears that a number of people approached the tiger, necessitating the creation of this placard. This message is pretty clever because many Hindus hold the notion of rebirth.

In the meantime, Japan

We have a trivial inquiry: how does one urinate gracefully? Okay, so this is a great funny sign, but consider the circumstances under which it was actually erected.

It must be put in a high school for boys’ public restroom because “mature” guys know how to urinate precisely and gracefully.

In the meantime, Japan

We were aware of how respectful and indirect Japanese people can be, but this directly contradicts our perception of them.

If you are overweight, they will be honest and upfront with you about it.

In the meantime, Australia

It is not a huge concern that this occurred in Australia because similar events frequently occur there.

We particularly like the way that this guy brought up crucial information like the crimson fangs. Even if there were a dead spider inside the box, we wouldn’t open it.

In the meanwhile, Japan

You can’t hold it against us for featuring the majority of “meanwhile in” memes from Japan; there, a lot of strange things occur over which we have no influence.

Even the mannequins are different in this country from other places in the world. However, they are stylish.

In the meantime, Florida

This image brought to mind the infamous Pennywise luring Georgie into the sewer sequence from the horror film “IT.”

We must admit that this croc doesn’t appear as frightening as Pennywise, and we are confident that it doesn’t have the same level of persuasiveness either.

In Minnesota, meanwhile

Thank God, folks can now think of something other than Fargo whenever they hear or read about Minnesota.

Furthermore, tennis has definitely become a much “cooler sport” now, right?

In the meantime, Canada

Have you ever felt humiliated after entering the restroom of the other gender by accident? If you live in Canada, you won’t.

This actually didn’t surprise us at all because we all know that Canadians have a reputation for being the kindest people on the earth. To learn more about kind Canadians, keep reading.

In the meantime, Florida

The complete phrase is at the bottom of the image, but if you are annoyed that you cannot see it, it is as follows: “As I have grown older, I’ve discovered that pleasing everyone is impossible but upsetting everyone is a piece of cake.”

Florida is, we have to agree, a tremendously enjoyable state. Where else could you possibly find humor like this?

In the meantime, Korea

“Son, why in the world would you bring a leashed bunny to the subway? Are you alright?

We’ll confess, it didn’t really surprise us considering the variety of animals people bring to Walmart.

In the meantime, Alaska

With the exception of children, we believe that Alaskans must be accustomed to this (of course).

It’s lovely to watch the moose just going about his business, though. Who knows, maybe he will run into some old friends.

In Kearney, Nebraska, meantime

When there is a natural refrigerator outside, why do you need a manufactured one?

This strikes me as a fun concept for house gatherings. Is it just us, or is the doorknob a little too far away?

Additionally, in Texas

This gentleman recently relocated to Texas, and already he seems to be blending in seamlessly.

Texas has a lot of pickup trucks, so this strange sensation will be with him for a while.

In Montreal, meanwhile

Raptors have a long history of gun culture. There were no limitations on guns, and they were permitted to operate some sections.

But when raptor numbers increased over time, it was necessary to take this action. They are now limited to carrying flowers solely.

Australia, meantime

This sign essentially warns drivers not to travel on the road at all for fear of being attacked by wildlife.

They reasoned that since people were still leaving the house despite these warning signs, people would only take them seriously if Santa Claus was mentioned as well.

In the meanwhile, Russia

We are all aware of the conflict between the United States and Russia. Russia certainly seems to be a major lover of Hollywood.

We have to confess that it seems really authentic. Even one reviewer questioned whether the Trump Hotel could be seen in the background. That’s freezing, oh my!

Meanwhile in Canada,.

The most of us are aware that the majority of Canada’s climate is comprised of a frigid winter and a cool/moderate and humid summer. However, how do you know you’re in Canada?

This image demonstrates how to determine whether you are in Canada or not. By the way, he shouldn’t be wearing those garments because the cold has made his “nippies” rather visible.

In France, meanwhile

It appears that the individual who submitted this image claimed that llamas delayed the eighth stage of the Tour de France, but that was untrue.

Although it seems like they don’t give a damn about the world or anyone else, it is still very badass. Their spirits are wild.

In Springfield, Ohio, meantime

This vehicle must be driven by Homer Simpson. We truly respect the driver because he is at least alerting everyone.

Simply avoid visiting Springfield if you’ve ever been a fan of The Simpsons.

For your own protection, do it.

In the meanwhile, Canada

We simply have one inquiry for you, Canada: Why would you do this? Why do you wish to be laughed at by others?

There must be a lot of well-known persons in Canada, and you can name these streets in their honor. We are currently utterly perplexed.

In Sweden, meanwhile

You know, you have to use contemporary solutions to solve problems. Here’s how to go about it.

We have no doubt that the infant in this stroller is seen cruising around town to the tune of “They See Me Rollin’, They Hatin.”

Additionally, in Poland

We have to admit that since this was “none of his business,” the photographer shouldn’t have shot the image.

It’s possible that these nuns have developed a speed addiction as a result of their habit. They should be aware that while speed delights, it also kills.

While in Texas, 

Cowboy hats will exist wherever Texas does. But happily, few people wear cowboy hats to their jobs in construction.

However, this cowboy safety hat doesn’t seem at all secure. We simply have the impression that it will readily catch falling things, transferring all of the force to the wearer.

In the meantime, Japan

“A Samurai, I am. Everywhere I go, I travel on a steel horse.” In this costume, this guy looks awesome.

And yes, we want to make it clear that Keanu Reeves is not playing this samurai after he finished filming 47 Ronin.

In Sweden, meantime

Oh, praise God that Sweden has finally admitted to having a sense of humor.

The engineer of this train is unquestionably a graduate of “University McUniversity face.”

In the meantime, in the USA

Well, if it’s not MS, well. I DO NOT FEAR FIREWORKS. We must admit that, to date, we have not encountered a cat who is unafraid of pyrotechnics.

This cat is different from others. She actually leapt onto the window to gain a better view since she was so enamored with the scene.

In the meanwhile, Japan

Even though seeing someone like this approaching from behind can be somewhat frightening, the image is nonetheless interesting.

By the way, this image makes us think of the magical coming-of-age Japanese animation film Spirited Away from 2001.

In Filand, meantime

This image, then, demonstrates how much individuals in Finland value their own space. It appears as though everyone has resolved to keep their distance from one another as long as the train is delayed.

The question of whether Finns adopt this strategy wherever they go or merely when they are in congested areas remains unanswered.

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