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These Accidents Were So Expensive It’s Almost Painful To Look At Them



The original version of this article appeared on Kueez.

Accidents do occur; this is a universal truth. Some accidents are so small that no one ever hears about them, while others are so significant that they make the headlines. If your day is not going as planned, consider these tragic scenarios where someone’s day entirely goes astray. These errors cost someone a lot of money to fix whether they were caused by people, nature, or the hand of God.

Do You Attempt To Hide This At All?

It’s very uncommon for life to flip your world upside down, so this is quite an accomplishment! The number of things that would have to go wrong for something to occur. I’m a bad driver. The hill is steep. Double-check for bad luck.

Angelic Blossom_

It says a lot that these guys are confident and cheerful in the face of their upside-down jumble. “Yeah. We succeeded. It took place. We can just document it for our children because there is nothing we can do about it “.

Birdie, bye-bye

Is it an animal? Is that a bird? Both a bird and a plane are present! To take down a plane built to resist a nuclear strike, that bird must be quite strong. What is the story’s lesson? Avoid tampering with birds.


On a more serious point, you’d think the Navy would have anticipated this possibility. An engine catching a bird is a fairly typical occurrence.

A New Office for Elsa

This one is cool. A window was mistakenly left open throughout the night in a home office in Norway, transforming the once-gray space into a snowy winter wonderland and forcing the occupants to endure the bitter cold.

We predict that the unfortunate person or lady who needed a little fresh air in their tiny office would think twice before opening the window during the cold the next time.

What Rises Must Reverse

After an event, a horrible catastrophe occurred at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. An employee neglected to do safety inspections, which resulted in the wall of monitors collapsing.

The wall was worth an astounding $300 000, and the cleanup and repairs came to an even more astounding $700 000. Wall of monitors, may you rest in peace and we appreciate your service and pleasure.

Keep away from the red button.

You might wonder how this could occur. pressing controls that should not be pressed. We all wanted to press every button in the elevator when we were kids; apparently, some people never outgrow that stage.

Fun fact: The price of an F-16 plane is a reasonable 64 million dollars. That’s accurate, the jet in the picture was burned to a crisp and was valued at $64 Million. Never again to be applied.

Pristine Car Cemetery

This one hurts to watch even if you’re not like autos. Millions of dollars were lost in a fire that could have been stopped by simply installing a sprinkler system.

Yikes. All the cars were destroyed by the fire that took them all with her. We trust that whoever owned the cars has insurance to pay for this damage.

When the Wind Is Furious With You

This is not an art installation, despite its artistic appeal. In Iowa, USA, winds frequently gust beyond 80 mph, denting and twisting these silos into their present configuration.

Maybe they should construct their silos underground the next time? Where it is protected from prevailing winds, which can utterly tear them apart and cause destruction. Consider experiencing this more than once in a lifetime.

Those F*cking Kids

It’s common for kids to destroy things, and this is no different. This show has hardly been open for an hour when a child came by and unintentionally smashed this exquisite sculpture.

Asking the child to rebuild the sculpture with their parents sounds like the only just punishment. Make a Lego statue in the shape of a lemon when life hands you lemons.

A Strait Into Dullness

This bridge was constructed by an entire workforce in the incorrect location. Not just one man failed in this; several people did. Everyone was unable to recognize their error. How did they fail to notice it?

“Who would want to construct a bridge across the river? It is not logical “everyone on the crew said. It’s incredible that nobody ever considered making a mistake during that entire period.

Ballgame: Boulder Version

When a rock broke loose from its resting place, tumbled down the hill, and wreaked havoc on this poor house it landed on, Tyrol, Austria, turned into a real-life pinball machine.

People go from all over the world to Tyrol, where the tourist industry is thriving, to play Pinball: Boulder Edition. Among local teens, a 14-year-old received the highest score.

An entire shipload of issues

The MV Golden Ray experienced this wild trip in Georgia when the ship capsized as a result of an unequal cargo load. When the MV Golden Ray capsized while carrying 4200 vehicles, no one survived.

Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Three “Oh Damn”s were required. After being deemed a total loss, the ship has only been partially deconstructed; work will continue on the remaining portion of the ship in the upcoming months.

Why Sign Reading Is Important

The driver of this street sweeper decided to economize, and as a result, the wooden panels of the bridge were damaged. Allow us to point to the sign that says “Bridge not made for motor vehicles” on the right if you don’t speak Dutch.

Positively, the street sweeper is capable of performing its duties. This little town’s streets must be immaculate because it takes a lot of power to create this kind of devastation!

America’s actual snakes

You may put all the blame for this failure on the U.S. government, which does not have a suitable social healthcare plan. The poor person who received treatment for a rattlesnake bite must pay a significant sum, as can be seen on the hospital documents.

Not only is this painful, but it also irritates me! Just two weeks after the patient left the hospital, the hospital fees were due. How does one generate 150K in just two weeks?

Once more, those dreadful kids

Another incidence involves children. During another game of pursuit, a different child accidentally knocked over a glass sculpture of the Disney castle that was worth 50,000 pounds. Talk about rubbing Mickey the wrong way.

We assume that the child’s parents did not find this to be the happiest location on earth. The game “chase” should probably be banned for obvious reasons. Accidents do happen, but they can also be avoided.


Like A Ship in the Dark

This historic catastrophe occurred in the previous century when the SS Princess May ran aground on the seabed’s surface after running aground in shallow waters. The ship was fully left out of the water, as you can see.

A ship rescuer named Capt. W.H. Logan, who was renowned for saving ships from all kinds of danger, and 3.2 million dollars were required to save the ship and restore the damage done to the hull. His 32nd ship to be saved was the SS Princess May.


A Gateway To Hell

A pipeline ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico, igniting the water, resulting in this hot mess. Although we are aware that humans have made great strides from the beginning of time, the future may involve setting the water on fire.

It appears as though a doorway leading directly into hell has just opened and is waiting for us to enter. Stunning, but no thanks. We would rather keep swimming around like fish than igniting like devils.

A Windshield Insect

The helicopter pilot and his 8-year-old son, who were able to escape the crash almost unharmed, experienced this as a reality in Kowloon City, even though it might have appeared like a scene from a video game.

We wager that utilizing the windshield wipers alone wasn’t enough to get rid of this bothersome bug. Fortunately, there were no passengers aboard because the bus was in park mode, but the damage will never be forgotten.

Cars are the Thing

A wrecked car by the side of the road always makes me sad. Given the time, money, and effort invested in this car, it is distressing when it is a relic like this one.

If we look for the silver lining in this predicament, this collision offers a chance for the owner to repair their car and fix her up. These individuals love to fix their cars, am I right?

The Place of Final Rest

Okay, so this enormous oil platform’s last resting place is probably not there, but it does appear as though the platform intentionally traveled to the cemetery on the beach.

When a severe storm drove the crew of the tugboats pushing on the oil platform to cut the ropes for their safety, the platform visited the cemetery.

I’m Bringing a Sidecar.

The difficulty of parking these days is undeniable, but this goes a little too far. This automobile, in an unfortunate turn of events, has settled into a canal.

There will undoubtedly be tales about this miraculous vehicle. One day, as the sideways automobile drives on another wall and into the distance, leaving behind a sideways track, if you keep your eyes peeled for miracles, you could see them.

Station to Prepare Paint

We may not be auto specialists, but we’re rather certain that this isn’t how you paint a car. Someone will get fired as a result of this mess because, hey, you don’t have to disassemble a car to paint it.

Did someone intentionally drive the automobile into the paint preparation dock for whatever reason? Since it isn’t. Oh no, this car is in bits, just like a kid’s toy.

Getting Close to the Edge

Jets do fall off carriers, but this one is intentional. As a lesson in what to do in case it occurs in real life, the crowd in the top left corner of the photograph watches the purposeful drop.

We think there would have been a lot more people scurrying around the carrier trying to stop the jet from plummeting into the water if this had happened.

Pull out your glasses!

If there is a disaster, we will gladly assist. In a bizarre accident, a wine business in Spain lost 50,000 liters of wine. You can be sure that if we were close by, we would help them clean up this mess by grabbing our glasses.

We all enjoy taking a nap! Have a drink of wine while unwinding on the beach or from a balcony with city views Then, sip wine continuously for the remainder of the evening.


The bull is irate! This intimidating bull had had enough during a Pamplona event, so he charged directly at a family automobile that was passing by and nearly knocked it over.

When they return home, the family in the car will be able to tell all of their friends about how they managed to survive the day they came face to face with a raging bull.

The Fire Department Has A Change

Nothing could have prepared these courageous men for…water, lots and lots of water. They have battled flames and saved cats from trees. dragging them downstream along the river to an unidentified location.

On a more serious side, we respect and value every fireman. These guys’ awful luck got us giggling, so a big old thank you to our heroes. May you never again have to cross the river.

Several Sitting Ducks

Wow! One person’s suffering resulted in the special treatment for twelve brand-new Chevrolets. The unfortunate motorist managed to mount the curve and get enough height to drive all over the hoods of these automobiles.

Either the insurance provider paid for the damage, or someone drove home with twelve brand-new wrecks. “Hey honey, Do you realize how frequently you mention acquiring a new vehicle? You should take a seat for this.”

Jenga is on!

A massive crater was created right in the middle of the building site when the wet concrete floor caved in on itself. How can they even begin to clean this up?

The only option after such damage is to demolish everything and begin construction once more. Because they serve as the foundation for everything, foundations are extremely important. 

What a Little Engine Could Do

Cleaning up messes like these is difficult enough; cleaning up this train wreck from a century ago is practicing wizardry. Also, how exactly? How did this engine end up in that location?

Without a doubt, it appears unbelievable, but how did this occur? What transformed this engine into a killer that could scale brick walls? So many issues remain unresolved.

Boat Tour

Okay, this failure originates in Ohio. The boat was abandoned, all by itself, in the middle of a major highway, providing passing motorists a glimpse into another person’s misfortune. Strap the boat more firmly the next time.

Have any of you noticed, off-topic, that we have a boat, a car, and a plane in one picture? We felt bringing that up would be cool. Are there any chances?

No Longer Mobile

Snow can fall heavily in some locations. The weight of the snow on the roof of the petrol stations proved to be too great to bear, and the whole structure gave way.

It’s official: what was once a Mobil gas station is no longer so mobile. Now, drivers can visit the nearby second Mobil gas station. They are everywhere, just like Starbucks!

Stings To Consider

Honestly? Although unfortunate, this accident can be fixed. In the right hands, this Corvette Stringray can be put back together. After its terrifying experience with a driver who decided to turn around spontaneously and strike the automobile instead.

It can be fixed. You don’t give up on cars like this, just as they don’t give up on you. They are a member of the family, and the owner has had this particular one since when his kids were young.

How Do I Find Parking?

Parking in your living room is a hassle, but car theft is a real one. Not optimal. This poor driver believed he could park inconspicuously but quickly realized his error as he entered the structure.

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