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How To Plan The Ideal Rainy Wedding Day



We all have high expectations for how our own wedding days should go; after all, we are only human. After witnessing so many depictions of the wonderful “I do” moment on TV and in movies, many of us have been daydreaming about the big day since we were young. What transpires then if the anticipations are not fulfilled? 

You don’t need to be alarmed, since we are here to reassure you. Your wedding day won’t be ruined by the rain; in fact, it might even become even more romantic and make for an interesting addition to the tale you’ll tell for years to come. The fact that you are getting married to the love of your life is what matters most, and everything else will work itself out. The following advice will help you handle rain on your special day.

1. Always Prepare

Preparation is essential for all aspects of the wedding day. Keep in mind the location of your wedding; if it takes place in a nation where rain is likely at that time of year, you should be ready in case it truly does. We can all agree that while we can organize a lovely picnic, we can’t control the weather. Therefore, it’s important to have the necessities on hand, such as wellington boots and umbrellas. You can be creative while using umbrellas on your wedding day. Brollies, including frilly, multicolored, and even ones with the names of the married pair imprinted on them. These can make wonderful keepsakes for the wedding guests to remember the event by.

2. Have a Plan B

There should be a backup plan if the wedding ceremony was supposed to take place outside. This could be a nearby gazebo or other little protected place of any kind that fairy lights can make seem lovely. 

Alternately, the ceremony could be held indoors in the space designated for the reception. In either case, the most crucial factor is that the magic takes place in a protected environment. In the end, it doesn’t really matter where it takes place as long as everyone attends dressed to celebrate love.

3. Talk With The Photographers 

Many times, according to photographers, they actually prefer a cloudy day to take wedding photos because no one has to squint throughout the entire session as a result of the sun being in their eyes. So don’t worry about taking pictures! 

Rain isn’t necessarily the worst scenario that might occur. Make sure you speak with the photographers in advance to find out what their plans are for all types of weather, and then once the day arrives, just enjoy it. Photographs can be taken both inside and outside; experts know what they’re doing. Additionally, who wouldn’t adore a wedding photo with the bride and groom sharing a kiss in the pouring rain? It certainly seems romantic.

4. Clothing Situation

It’s generally better to have a dry outfit to change into for the party afterwards if caution is ignored and the couple chooses to have their portrait shot in the rain. Occasionally showing up at the reception in soggy attire can be a pain, so it’s imperative to have at least a clean pair of socks on hand. The visitors will all arrive with wet coats and jackets and need a place to hang them up to dry before departing again, so making sure there is a suitable cloakroom facility is quite helpful. All of these issues can be resolved with the venue, and with a little bit of planning beforehand, should proceed without a hitch.

5. Comfort Food

Making sure that everyone in attendance will be refueled and revitalized whether it’s sunny or rainy is the final thing to think about. People who may be feeling down due to the rain outside will find it easier to cope if there are lots of warm beverages and foods available. Your wedding day deserves for there to be smiles all around since a happy belly leads to a huge smile.

Here are some great tips on how to handle rain on your wedding day. The enchantment that comes with the union of two people will undoubtedly continue even in the presence of a little rain, and we’re ready to wager that rain may even end up being the surprise guest of honor.

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