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Throwback Pictures of Celebrities during Their Proms, Funny and awkward



A prom is a noteworthy occasion in high school. You are allowed to purchase a fancy outfit, have your hair and cosmetics done, and take a limousine. You take so many photos that you’ll have them for years to come. It is difficult to realize that many of your favorite famous people attended prom before they were well-known. These stunning throwback images feature superstars like Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce who attended their high school proms. Find out which of your favorite celebrities attended prom before walking the red carpet by reading on.

Swift Taylor:

Taylor Swift attended her high school prom not too long ago. She resembles herself almost exactly as she did five years ago. If she wrote any early songs about her prom partner, we wonder. His hand symbol and flat-brimmed hat convey a lot about him.

Lady Gaga :

At her high school prom, Lady Gaga, then known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, was too tanned and wearing a turquoise dress. Prior to her meteoric rise to fame and development into the pop sensation she is today, she was an ordinary adolescent in 2004.


No one needs to introduce Queen Bey. Beyonce was fortunate enough to be taken to prom while she was a high school student before Jay Z proposed. She was breathtaking in her prom pictures. She had no idea how well-known she would get following this prom shot, for sure.

Fallon, Jimmy:

On late-night television, Jimmy Fallon has been making us smile for years. He has no problem making a joke about himself and seeming silly. He showed his prom picture, and everyone laughed a lot. Prior to being famous, he somewhat resembled a vampire, and his date’s outfit wins the prize for appearing the most ’80s.

Barack Obama :

The 44th President of the United States did indeed lead a normal life before becoming well-known. Obama once attended prom while sporting an afro and a cream-colored blazer. Whoever his date was—and we don’t know—we bet they had no idea he would go on to become the first African American president.

Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba seemed to have aged quite slowly since high school. She has always been stunning. Despite the outfit selections, her prom photos appear to have just been taken. Her prom date seemed very content that he could accompany Jessica to the dance. Who wouldn’t want to accompany her to prom?

Reese Witherspoon:

Actress Reese Witherspoon is very accomplished and well-liked. She is surrounded by friends in the prom shot of her teenage self, and she resembles herself today pretty much exactly. She has a simple, sophisticated clothing that fits her current fashion.


Rihanna looks virtually precisely the same at 32 as she did in high school. At her high school prom, the multi-platinum recording singer and entrepreneur looked stunning. She appears to be attending a red carpet event in a royal blue dress. Actually, it resembles a red dress she wore at the Grammy Awards in 2011 quite a little.

Blake Lively :

At her high school prom, the lovely Blake Lively was treated like a princess before being swept up by Ryan Reynolds. She was equally as attractive in high school as she is now. She most likely won prom queen and was forced to switch from a tiara to a crown.

Courtney Cox :

Do you recall the Friends episode where the prom home movie of Monica and Rachel was shown? Her hairdo in the flashback video resembles her prom-day hairstyle. Courtney Cox chose a low-key prom outfit, but her beauty is unfaltering.

Britney Spears :

When Britney Spears’ popular song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was first published in 1998, she was still a high school student. She was already a rising star when she went to her high school prom. She had performed on Mickey Mouse Club House when she was younger, but her music debut was the catalyst for her career to take off. Having a pop star attend the high school prom must have been exciting.

Ru Paul Charles :

She never skips a beat, what a wonderful queen! Even before he started performing as a drag queen, Ru Paul was an unusual figure. You can tell he was already a big guy in high school. His unconventional hairdo and daring outfit are evocative of the cheeky demeanor of his drag persona.

Angelina Jolie:

With age, Angelina Jolie only gets better. When she attended the prom, she appeared stunning. Her modest clothing is enhanced by her statement jewellery. Her prom attire is evidence that she has always established fashion trends.

Jennifer Aniston :

Although Jennifer Aniston appeared in the prom flashback scene in Friends alongside Rachel, her actual prom attire is very different from what she wore on television. We are delighted her ’80s hair didn’t become popular, despite the fact that she was a style icon in the ’90s and that her haircut was really popular.

Matthew McConaughey :

Matthew McConaughey has a dreamy disposition. He appears so young and well-groomed in high school, but also likes the teenage dream. She is fortunate to be able to say she attended the dance with him because he and his date looked gorgeous together at prom. He has developed into a wonderful parent and actor.

Robin Wright :

The Princess Bride, Forest Gump, and House of Cards all featured Robin Wright. She has won a Golden Globe and gotten numerous Emmy nominations. She was naturally beautiful before she became an actress. Her prom photo is stunning and carefree.

Jeremy Renner :

For his part as Hawkeye in the Avengers movies, Jeremy Renner is well-known. He is mysterious and dashing, but what did he accomplish before appearing on the big screen? He had a mullet and was sporting a white tuxedo to his high school prom before he became a well-known actor. He even matched his date’s outfit with a pink bowtie.

George Clooney :

It is simple to assert that George Clooney has been a romantic interest ever since he began his acting career. His prom date appeared to be quite happy to be going to the dance with him. He has matured into a gorgeous silver fox and maintains his youthful good looks.

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