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Renew Your Vehicle Registration Outside of the DMV



We all know how annoying it can be to go through a DMV office. All those traffic, long lines, and so on! Sure enough – no one wants to deal with that headache. Keep this in mind if you want to avoid the hassle of going outside for your vehicle registration. In this blog article, we’ll discuss some options for getting your auto registration renewed within just a few steps!

What Do You Get From Renewing Your Car Registration Outside of The DMV?

It is typically less expensive to renew your vehicle registration outside of the DMV. Instead of paying $50 at the DMV, you may only pay $35 (or even lower) with the help of this website. There are also many reminders you don’t get with renewing at the DMV- so if you’d prefer to conduct this step in another manner, consider doing so outside the DMV.

How To Get Your License Plate Online

Many states now offer the option to register vehicles online. This is a convenient service, though few people take advantage of it. There does not appear to be any information on how the state mails stickers for replacement license plates.

Remote Ways To Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Marrying technology and bureaucracy, remote vehicle-renewal services such as DMV Renew make the process of renewing your car registration easier on you. DMV Renew allows users to re-register vehicles up to 12 months outside of the DMV facility and ensure the proper paperwork is undamaged and ready for submission upon arrival. One of the many beneficial perks of a remote renewal is that it’s fast and convenient. That means you can get your registration validated faster. 

Another perk? You don’t have to go through the hassle of driving out to any DMV with renewed documentation, which you’ll need in hand before June 30th or when your title expires. Lastly, this has been proven more risk-free than standard methods because no trips are taken from miles away from home when you’re trying to change your address remotely.

How To Renew From A Distance

Many people would like to avoid the hassle and uncertainty of applying for a vehicle registration that often ends up getting lost. There is a service called DMV Express Registration that allows you to pay the registration renewal fee online and receive an immediate receipt. The company also helps with vehicle insurance and titling, and it offers some other services like tracking your vehicles on its website.

Cons of Remote Registration Renewal

Some states allow you to renew your vehicle registration from out of state, but others do not. For these states, the only way to sign up for a remote auto registration renewal is by going into a DMV field office. The time this process often takes varies. In some cases, it takes 3-4 minutes and in other cases, the same person has been there for hours. 

This length of time can be inconvenient and cause frustration because it doesn’t reflect how fast the state could have happened if they did a remote electronic renewal.


It’s possible to renew your vehicle registration outside of the DMV for Idaho, Vermont, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Utah residents. Contact your local DMV for more information about applicable fees and requirements in your area.

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