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How to Get an International Trade Certificate for your Canadian Natural Health Product



Have you ever tried to bring a natural health product (NHP) into Canada and found that there was no formal process for registering your NHP? In this article, we’ll show how to get an International Trade Certificate for your Canadian NHP so that it can be legally imported into Canada.

What Is An International Trade Certificate?

An International Trade Certificate is a document that certifies a Canadian Natural Health Product has been made according to the requirements of the International Health Regulations. It’s issued by an accredited body in your country of origin and helps to protect consumers from unsafe products while also ensuring that they have access to safe Canadian natural health products. 

An international trade certificate is a document that certifies, supports, and verifies the authenticity of a product. These certificates have been created to meet global trade regulations and ensure there are no issues with your product. 

They can be obtained if you want to sell that product in other countries or regions of North America, Europe, Latin America, or Asia.

How To Register and Apply for an International Trade Certificate

The process for getting an international trade certificate is the same whether you are in Canada or outside of Canada. You will need to register with Health Canada, which you can do by visiting their website, to start the process. Once registered, you’ll be able to apply for a certificate. 

For those of you living in Canada who want to sell your natural health products internationally, there is a process for doing so and it can be complicated and time-consuming. The first step is to apply for an International Trade Certificate (ITC). 

Here’s How: 

The Canadian Natural Health Product Regulations allow for a company interested in selling natural health products to register with the Canadian Food and Drugs Act. To apply for an International Trade Certificate, your company must acquire an International Certificate of Registration from Health Canada. 

Once you have your International Certificate of Registration, the next step is to submit your application to Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate.

The Benefits of the International Trade Certificate

Some of the benefits of the international trade certificates are that you can sell your natural health product internationally. This allows you to grow your business quickly and potentially increase your revenue. An additional benefit of having an international trade certificate is that it shows your customers that you are serious about making your product available to them. 

The benefits of an International Trade Certificate are many. For one, it provides recognition to your product as being natural. It also brings clarity to consumers on the quality of the product they are purchasing. Also, it helps you reach international customers through distribution partners.

How to Pass Canadian Regulatory Compliance

To ensure your Canadian natural health product is compliant with Canadian regulations, you will need an International Trade Certificate (ITC), which specifies that your product complies with all of the safety and quality standards set by the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.

Samples of ITCs

International Trade Certificates make sure Canadian Natural Health Products are safe, pure, and compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices. Here are some samples of them: The International Trade Certificate (ITC) is an important document that provides evidence of compliance with international standards for natural health products (NHPs). 

It’s a way to show that your natural health product complies with the quality, safety and efficacy standards set by Health Canada. There are several different types of ITCs – for example, an ITC for personal use or for commercial use.


As an emerging Canadian natural health product company, it is important to have the necessary documentation in order to get your product on the market. This includes everything from design certificates to Health Canada registration.

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