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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in Australia



It is not an easy task to find the cheapest life insurance in Australia because of the availability of multiple companies. According to a survey, there are 28 life insurance companies in Australia that have multiple packages regarding insurance plans.

Only a few of them are considered the best because of the comprehensive package regarding the best health insurance quotes. Therefore, we have researched a lot and enlisted the top 10 insurance companies in Australia. In our research, we have evaluated multiple sections to find the best companies for our valuable users.

Let’s have a look at the factors that we have aided to make the list. Then, we will show the list of top life insurance companies in Australia.

Factors That We Have Evaluated:

Market share

On a priority basis, we checked the market share of every life insurance company in Australia. For this task, our researchers had a look at the investment dimensions of the company. Every insurance company invests the money in a specified field to get a handsome profit and share it with their customers.

The market share is directly connected with the profit a company can generate. In simple words, the higher share a company has, the higher profit it will get in return. It is the main indicator to find the best life insurance in Australia. That is why we have checked this dimension and evaluated all the sections properly while enlisting the best life insurance companies in Australia.

Packages offered

Another factor that makes it easier for us to find the best life insurance in Australia is the availability of packages. Most people think that there are only a few packages offered by an insurance company. It is not right because you will find several packages for life insurance, the best health insurance quotes, and other sections.

Customer Reviews

We can’t label a company with a specific tag without getting reviews from the customers. It is compulsory to get an eye on how much customers are satisfied with the services of the company. So, we have checked this section critically to design the list of the following best life insurance companies in Australia.


Last but not least, we have also compared the price list of multiple insurance companies operating in Australia. For the customers, the best company is the one that offers the best insurance policies with a lower price range. It is not an act of wisdom to choose an insurance company having a higher price range with a limited return.

We have gone through all the above factors while making the following list of companies along with some minor analyses too. Now, we are going to explore the list of those companies just for your ease while selecting the best.

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In Australia

  1. TAL Life limited
  2. AIA Australia Limited
  3. Zurich
  4. MLC limited
  5. Resolution group
  6. BT Financial group
  7. Others
  8. ClearView Life
  9. Metlife insurance limited
  10. Westpac life insurance services limited

These companies are considered the best when you are looking for the best health insurance quotes. Also, you will find it pretty simple to come and consult with them to get a specific policy. You just need to know the requirements of any specific insurance company to apply.

When you are looking for the best insurance cover in Australia, you won’t ignore the above list. The reason is you will get a higher ROI in a short period. Also, you will be able to get flexible requirements from every company to make the insurance policy package comfortable for you.

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