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15 Parenting Tricks and Hacks That Will Make Life Easier



Parenting, as awesome as it can be, is also a challenging experience that can leave you frustrated at times even when you are the most caring and hardworking person. It needs undivided attention, sleepless nights, and many other things. Of course, we can understand all these efforts that’s why we have come up with some great ways that parents can use and enjoy while relieving the stress that comes with parenting. These simple and effective hacks are fun to practice.

Underwater Lights

If your kid is always hesitant to get in the tub when it is bath time, then this hack is for you. You have to just put glow sticks inside the tub and see his excitement for the bath.

This hack is more fun and surely one to remember.

A Sticker For His Shoes

How many times have you seen your kid wearing the right shoe on the left foot and vice versa? Surely at least one time. You possibly also did it as a kid too. We have a simple way to prevent your kid from making the same mistake.

Cut a cute sticker into two parts and stick it in his shoes. It will definitely help him to know which foot to put into which shoes. This is also the best way to save your precious time.

Lost But Found Tattoos

This hack is funny but also a genius idea to avoid the risks of missing a kid. All you have to do is stamp temporary tattoos on your children which contain your number when a visit a public place.

The temporary tattoo should be in a prominent place like the forehead or wrist. That way, someone can get your number and can reach you if they get lost.

A Pack Of Frozen Marshmallows

Use these frozen marshmallows as icepacks rather than the regular ice pack.

It is less coll and softer and will not be harsher for your kid’s skin. And also it tastes better too.

Baby Eye Protector

Babies are very weak s compared to adults. Their reflex is not strong enough to prevent specific things. That’s why this baby shower cap is best for them.

With this cap, you can prevent water from getting into the baby’s eyes during his bath time.

A Canopy of Sheet

It’s possible for your kid that he can play outdoors without getting sunburned.

For this purpose, all you have to fit a sheet over his cot and he is completely shaded while enjoying the warmth.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The hack of hiding in plain sight is so old; It works currently when the main aim is to prevent those snooping around from finding the goods.

Kids don’t like vegetables and definitely like sweet things. When you are going to hide sie candies inside a vegetable bag, you can be sure it is a safe place. You only have to fear that it might be too safe as you could forget that you hid the sweet candies when you really need them.

Park Well

In the spirit of joy, you can also create a garage for your child to park his Hot Wheels cars away.

All you have required is PVC pipes and convincing the child to use the parking garage. It is the best way to avoid stepping on toy cars when you walk around the house.

Chart the Dosage

It is not very difficult to keep track of medicine doses, especially when you’re not the one taking the medicine.

You can facilitate yourself by drawing a chart on the bottle itself and with this chart, you won’t have to wonder if you missed a dosage.

Keep The Doors Unlocked

Your kid wants his privacy but you do not think he is elder enough for it still, you do not have to remove the door.

You can easily prevent doors from locking without your consent by using this rubber band hack.

A Case For Your Lollipop

Did you remember the plastic egg from the vending machine toy? It can be converted into a case, so you can keep the unfinished lollipop in it.

This best hack is so economical as your kid can always go back to finish his lollipop rather than throwing it away or messing up the floor with it.

Gloved Hand

Kids love the conform of physical touch. But sometimes you are not there to give them your physical touch. Don’t worry because this amazing hack gives a way out.

All you have to do is fill the glove with some beans and then sew the mouth of the glove. Then place it on the baby’s back like a hand and now you can go anywhere.

Protect With Pool Noodle

You can stop harmful injuries from happening to your kid with pool noodles.

Every piece of metal and sharp corner can be kept away from this product.

Protect the Fingers

If you ever hit the door against your own finger, then you really know the actual pain. You can save your kid from this feeling by attaching pool noodles to the door.

This kind of foamy product cushions is the best way to save your kid’s finger.

Recycle the Crib

Your kid’s crib can be more than a bed space.

You can convert this bed into a chalkboard desk once they grow out of it. While growing up, they can also use it for other fun stuff.

It is softer and less cold and thus will not be too harsh for your kid’s skin. It tastes better too.

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