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Then And Now: These Families Perfectly Recreated Old Photos With Hilarious Results



Whenever you look back at any old family picture, it indeed brings a lot of memories. That feeling of nostalgia washes over you and transports you back in time to when those images were captured. As time passes and we grow older, it is easier to watch how much things have changed and how much we looked like our loved ones. To watch how much things have changed over time, people are recreating their pictures of daily wearing identical clothes or showing the similarities between them and relatives at the same age. Do you have your old family images saved somewhere? Then you probably want to consider doing a shoot just like the ones you are about to see here.

The Perfect Gift For Their Mom’s 60th Birthday

Their mom on her 60th birthday wanted to recreate some of their old images. Luckily, she kept some of the best old outfits she wore when her children were young. Although they no longer fit in their baby outfits, they found nearly similar clothes.

You know your kids love you when they are willing to put on shorts overall and pose like cute babies. In some ways, their mother barely aged in these years as they grew into adults. Share your thought about who nailed their pose the best?

Getting The Brothers Together 90 Years Later

The first image was taken at a farm near their home in 1929. After 90 years, the three surviving brothers got together on the same bench to recreate their historical image. They probably not have had the same clothes but they had the same playful energy.

These brothers have excellent genes because they have lived so long and still they are looking pretty good. In spite of the fact that they lived far away from each other, it was necessary to get together for a reunion. This family has their precious memories to enjoy years after.

How It Started Vs How It’s Going

This sibling duo recreated their memory image together after he was adopted. The only disparity between the two photos is that they have much more hair ad teeth. These siblings must have loved their haircut because they have still the same haircut after so years.

This sibling duo did not fully commit to their outfits but they made sure to find a crib top sit-in for the picture. Their parents are might be grateful that they no longer cry and scream, and they can take care of themselves now.

Same Place, Same Croc, 15 Years Apart

Robert Irwin is the son of the most popular crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. Even though his father passed away, Robert decided to follow him and continue his late father’s mission of animal conservation. He shared this historical side by side picture of him and his father last year.

Both the father and the song ed Murray the crocodile 15 years apart. The alligator might have aged but Robert looks the same as his father. His father would be so proud of his work to continue his legacy.

A Tender Moment Turned Hilarious 34 Years Later

As a baby, he would lie on his dad’s chest and sleep. Now that he is all grown up, few things have changed like his size and facial hair. He is still bald like when he was a baby.

He might be a bit heavier than the original image because his father looks like he is in a little pain. After the years, they grew matching beards and got the same sleeve tattoos.

Couple After They Met At Woodstock And Celebrating 50 Years Together

In 1969, this couple met at Woodstock and after 48 hours they knew they would spend their whole life together, after 50 years, their love is stronger than ever, and they share their recreated image. It took them fifty years to find the photo from when they first met.

They tools their fairy tale story with their friends and family. They tell how they met when her car broke down on the way to the festival and the man would be her husband picked her up on his way to Woodstock.

A Carbon Copy Of His Father

This man recreated an image of his father 38 years after it was captured, and he took his recreation to the next level. He got everything excluding his shirt. He made sure the setup was exact and they also have the same smile.

It is hard to believe that kids gave both their parent’s DNA because some kids look like a carbon copy of one parent. The genes of this man’s father must be much stronger than his mother’s if that is even possible.

Same Bike, Same Couple, 52 Years Apart

This picture is captured in 1965 two years after they met. At that time she was 18 and he was 19. The couple was riding through the park on their bike and they asked a bystander to capture a photo of them. After 50 years, they still have the same bike and their love is still stronger than before.

This couple had a photographer come and capture the same picture in the same park for their wedding anniversary. They tried their best to find similar clothes, and we think they nailed it. It is cool to watch how they have changed with their time together.

Their Style Has Toned Down Since They Met 40 Years Ago

Even though they have updated their style as time passes but their relationship has remained the same since the 80s. The couple used to punk rock, and as time passes they lost their crazy hair but inside they still love the lifestyle.

They will surely remember how their relationship started and how they knew it was meant to be even after so many years. Deeply, they’re still a little rock, and punk, other than their style and hair changes over the years.

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