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Abdul Qadeer Khan Quotes



A. Q. Khan, a Pakistani nuclear physicist and condensed matter physicist (metallurgical engineer). Khan founded the uranium enrichment program for Pakistan’s atomic bomb project in 1976. He was also an early contributor to Pakistan’s satellite communications program, participating in launching of the first Pakistani satellite, the Badr-I satellite on February 16, 1990.

Not only did Qadeer play a pivotal role in Pakistan’s attainment of nuclear technology, but his influence was key to its rise as a super power because he helped lay the groundwork for this growing nation’s identity. Below is the collection of amazing Abdul Qadeer quotes that will surely help you tp get motivation.

Abdul Qadeer Khan Quotes

famous dr abdul qadeer quotes
  • “I have to ask Allah’s forgiveness and not get angry, because they come to me out of love, and it’s not fitting that I should turn to them in hatred.”  — Abdul Qadeer Khan
quotes by dr abdul qadeer khan
  • “Nation should be rest assured Pakistan is a safe atomic power. No one can cast an evil eye on it.”— Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “There is a dire need to create awareness regarding proper and safe use of laboratory equipment among lab workers and assistants, since it not only affects the worker but the people attached to them.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
motivational abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “We have to prepare our students so that they become able to face any challenge rising in any environment and anywhere in the world.”— Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan wife
  • “I am proud of my work for my country.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
amazing dr abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “We have a safe and good command-and-control system. Nobody can take away any nuclear weapon from Pakistan.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “Lots of army officers… a large number still believe that I have done my best for this country. They respect me.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
quotes by dr abdul qadeer
  • “Everybody kicks those who do not have a country of their own. Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • No money on earth can buy the love and affection that has been given to me by a grateful nation.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
best dr abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “Without my services, Pakistan would never have been the first Muslim nuclear nation. We were able to achieve the capability under very tough circumstances, but we did it.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer khan quotes in english
  • “We were able and we had a plan to launch nuclear test in 1984, but then President General Zia had opposed the move.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “People go out of their way to show the love and respect for me. It is very gratifying.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
short biography of dr.abdul qadeer khan
  • “We all avow to struggle for making this country a welfare state where everyone is allowed to spend life on the basis of social justice and where everyone can live in peace and honor.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “I am not a madman or a nut.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan

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Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Quotes

abdul qadeer khan wife
  • “It is a dire need for our young scientists to be proficient in running and using their lab equipment rather than depending on their assistants or workers. Once they learn how to use every lab equipment, their scientific career is likely to progress smoothly.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “I am an innocent man, but I don’t want to indulge in any controversy.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul kalam's famous quotes
  • “I see my future with my family, with my grandsons and daughters, and I want to look after some welfare institutions I had set up at different places in the country with the help of expatriate Pakistanis.”— Abdul Qadeer Khan 
best quotes by abdul kalam sir
  • “There was a general consensus to go for the nuclear test. The whole nation wanted it, and it was done properly.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we’re trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
  • “Some people are ok with doing nothing all day after they retire, but then some people if they had nothing to do would go mad and start banging their heads against a wall.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “Well, sometimes if I go out to dinner with my family, people will come up to me and put their hand across my plate for me to shake, sometimes when I have a bite of food in my mouth. I find this a bit disturbing.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “When India conducted nuclear tests in 1974, I wrote a letter to then-Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from Holland and offered my services for Pakistani nuclear programme.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer khan quotes in english
  • “I had no political background. That’s why PM Bhutto gave me the responsibility of the nuclear programme, and we acquired nuclear capability in a span of mere six years, which was a great milestone.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “Are they happy with our God? Are they happy with our prophet? Are they happy with our leader? Never. I don’t care about rest of the world. I care about my country.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan net worth
  • “When lab safety procedures aren’t followed, people can get hurt or worse. Lab equipment and chemicals that are improperly handled can result in personal injury and even death.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
dr abdul qadeer quotes
  • “I am proud of my work for my country.”— Abdul Qadeer Khan
famous abdul qadeer khan quotes
  • “Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we’re trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.”— Abdul Qadeer Khan
abdul qadeer khan wife
  • “We all avow to struggle for making this country a welfare state where everyone is allowed to spend life on the basis of social justice and where everyone can live in peace and honor.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan
  • “I had no political background. That’s why PM Bhutto gave me the responsibility of the nuclear programme, and we acquired nuclear capability in a span of mere six years, which was a great milestone.” — Abdul Qadeer Khan

DR Abdul Qadeer Khan Biography

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a metallurgist and nuclear engineer from Pakistan. He was born on April 1, 1936, in the Indian city of Bhopal. A.Q. Khan is also called The Father of the Islamic Nuclear Bomb or The Father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb because he brought the design for a nuclear bomb to Pakistan. Khan moved to Pakistan with his family after the country got its independence in 1947. He got his degree in solid-state physics there. Khan is also accused of giving Iran and Indonesia the ability to make nuclear weapons in order to get ballistic missiles from Indonesia. Khan was a professor and director at many universities, including the Ghulam Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Karachi University, and Hamdard University, where he taught students about different atomic fields. This article has everything you need to know about him, such as Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Biography.

Abdul Qadeer Khan is a well-known nuclear scientist and engineer from Pakistan. Most people think he came up with the idea of using gas centrifuges to enrich uranium for Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent programme. The country of Pakistan is very proud of its nuclear weapons programme. As the “father” of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, A.Q. Khan is seen as a national hero. He led the programme for about 25 years. Abdul Qadeer Khan is one of the most important people in Pakistan, and his scientific career is very impressive. Sadly, he stayed in many controversies throughout his career, which caused him a lot of pain. He did research in many areas, such as Condensed Matter physics and the Thermal Quantum field. Khan is also known as the “father of the Islamic bomb” because he gave Pakistan the ability to make atomic weapons and played a big part in making Pakistan an atomic power. He was also accused of a lot of things, like giving the plans for centrifuges to many countries, like Iran and Indonesia. He may not be important to other countries, but in his own country, Pakistan, he is a hero.

Early life and Education

He went to school in Bhopal and got his matriculation in 1952. Khan and his family moved to Pakistan, where he went to college at D.J. Science College in Karachi. Also, he got his BSc in Physics from the University of Karachi in 1956. In 1936, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in the Indian city of Bhopal. In 1947, he moved with his family to the country of Pakistan. Khan went to St. Anthony’s High School and then went to the D. J. Science College of Karachi, where he took math and physics classes. The well-known solar physicist Dr. Bashir Syed was his teacher at college. Khan went to the University of Karachi and got a B.Sc. in physical metallurgy in 1960.

He also worked as an inspector of measures and weights for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation from 1956 to 1959. He applied for a scholarship so he could go to college in Germany. Khan went to Germany after applying for a scholarship there. He got his degree in material science from Berlin’s Technical University and then switched his transfer to Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in 1965. In 1967, Abdul Qadeer Khan got an engineering degree in Materials Technology that was the same as an MS degree from the Netherlands. He also signed up for his doctoral studies at the Belgian university Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Khan went to a university in Belgium to get his Ph.D. under the guidance of Martin J. Braber. He finished his studies in 1972 after successfully defending his thesis. After he got his Ph.D., he went to work for Urenco Group as a subcontractor for a Dutch company to enrich uranium. Khan tried out the gaseous centrifuge method, then left the Physics Dynamics Research laboratory and went back to Pakistan after turning down Urenco’s offer of a better job. He had special access to the URENCO facility’s most restricted areas. He could also read the secret papers about the technology of the gas centrifuge. In December 1974, he went back to Pakistan and tried to persuade Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to build nuclear weapons using his Uranium route instead of the Plutonium route. Media reports say that A.Q. Khan was close to and got along well with Pakistan’s President General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq and the military. He was also very good friends with the Pakistan Air Force.

Khan reorganised SUPARCO, Pakistan’s national space agency, after he helped with the country’s nuclear programme. Khan was an important part of Pakistan’s space programme in the late 1990s. He worked on projects like the first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV). Khan’s constant talk about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles embarrassed the government of Pakistan. The US started to think that Pakistan was giving North Korea information about nuclear weapons in exchange for information about ballistic missiles. Khan was also looked at again after the attacks on September 11, 2001, in the United States. He is said to have sold Iran nuclear technology. But in 2004, he was given a second chance, but he had to stay at home. The Pakistani government said on August 22, 2006, that Khan had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was getting treatment for it. In February 2009, he was no longer under house arrest.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Family

Abdul Qadeer Khan was born into the Pashtun tribe of Orakzai in the state of Bhopal. His father’s name was Abdul Ghafoor Khan, and he taught school. His mother’s name was Zulekha, and she ran a religious home. Khan, his family, and other relatives moved to Pakistan in 1947 and made it their home. Khan got married to Henny in 1964, and they have two daughters together. Dina Khan and Ayesha Khan are their names. Dina Khan has a degree in public health, and Ayesha Khan has degrees in a lot of different fields, such as philosophy, South Asian Studies, African Studies, and many others.


As a Scientist

After Abdul Qadeer Khan moved back to Pakistan, he began working as a scientist. From 1973 to 1974, he worked on improving the efficiency of the centrifuge. A reactor physicist, Munir Ahmad Khan, told him what to do. After India’s nuclear test in 1974, Khan wanted to help Pakistan get atomic power. He went to the Pakistani embassy and asked for help, but he was ignored and told it was hard to get atomic power. On August 14, 1974, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan wrote a letter to the government of Pakistan about getting nuclear power there. When Pakistan’s prime minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, got the letter, he sent his officials with a team from the PAEC to check on Khan’s work. Khan was asked to come to Islamabad by the prime minister, where he talked to Agha Shahi, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, and Mubashir Hassan about uranium enrichment. Khan was hired as a nuclear scientist after many hours of talk. By 1975, he was moved to the sensitive section, and in 1976, he joined the Atomic Program.

Nuclear Tests

Khan worked for PAEC for many years and finally made a centrifuge. He is now known as “Centrifuge Khan.” Pakistan is now able to use atomic power because of the work of several other scientists. Khan said that he didn’t create atomic power on his own, but he was the one who got the centrifuge design from the URENCO Group. After the Indian nuclear test at Pokhran-II in 1998, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was given permission to do a nuclear test. On May 28, 1998, a nuclear test was done in Chaghi, and it worked. Qadeer Khan said that Pakistan’s first nuclear test used HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium), which was found and confirmed by many international nuclear teams. Abdul Qadeer Khan also suggested testing a hydrogen bomb, but the government of Pakistan said no because it was against Pakistan’s policy.

Dr Abdul Qadeer khan retirement

In 2001, Qadeer Khan left his job at PAEC for good. General Musharraf is also said to have told Khan and Ishfaq Ahmad to make sure the safety of two national atomic scientists.

Contributions to academics

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was a policy advisor in Musharraf’s government. He pushed for getting missiles to use against India. He helped get the Expendable Launch System off the ground and shared the plan for the Ghori Missile. After that, in 1990, he joined the Pakistan Academy of Sciences and was president there until 1997. He also kept his job as the head of the Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. He was also a professor at Hamdard University and helped Karachi University set up the Abdul Qadeer Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. In 2012, he was also the leader of the political party Tehreek-i-Tahaffuz-i-Pakistan.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Awards

He won many awards for his fights and for bringing nuclear design to the world. Two of the highest honours Khan has received are:

Hilal –E– Imtaiz

Nishan –E– Imtaiz


After a nuclear test in Pakistan went well, there were a lot of arguments. He was opposed to giving Iran the plans for the nuclear centrifuge in 1989, but Khan later agreed. Also, the USA asked Pakistan to hand him over. Still, the Pakistan Army was always there to protect him, and a general was put in charge of keeping international intelligence agencies away from Khan. Khan was also thought to have sent designs for HEU to North Korea. In 1990, when Ballistic Missiles were traded, the US intelligence agencies arrested the Korean scientists who admitted that Abdul Qadeer Khan gave them the design for HEU. Also, the US asked for him again, but the Pakistan Army made sure that he was safe from other agencies.

In 2003, the USA spied on Libya’s work on making nuclear weapons. They changed how the nuclear programme was made, and in exchange, they lifted economic sanctions against Libya. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s name was added to a list of design providers that was given to the USA. The US asked Pakistan many times to arrest Khan, but Musharraf and other army generals said no. At different times and in different ways, the forces gave them extra security. After many decades of struggle, it was finally Abdul Qadeer Khan who made Pakistan able to have nuclear power. He is also called the “Father of Islamic Bomb” by some. The Pakistan Army and Air Force are keeping a close eye on him these days.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death

Abdul Qadeer Khan died in the KRL hospital on October 10, 2021. On October 9, he was taken to the hospital quickly because he was sick, but he couldn’t be saved.

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