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Khloe Kardashian said that giving blame to women for cheating is heartbreaking, after some years Jordyn woods dragged publically over the Thompson Scandal



If others are doing anything wrong for the women and blamed them in any circumstances. I never quite after listening that for any wrong thing women were blamed and it is wrong.

Khole Kardashian has spoken out on this topic and feels too much hurting. She take action against the people who said women are responsible for their unloyal partners. Men blame women for everything that happened in the relationship if any dispute happens then they said all the mistake is with the girl.

In an interview, Khloe navigate and told the public about different stories of relationships. Her marriage has also become destructive and unhappy. It was ended up in 2013. Different rumors in which people blame her to destruct the marriage. She told the reason behind this unhappy marriage. The main fact is the consumption of drugs and alcohol. His boyfriend consumes a lot of alcohol and she did not like it.

After some years Khloe come into another relationship with the NBA player Tristan Thompson in 2016. After five years she separates from him. But the problem is not with her because he accused Khloe for cheated on her sometimes. The first moment he was cheated on was when Khloe give birth to her first daughter in 2018.

After that many scandals come out in the view of the public. Khloe faced a lot of harsh moments because people blame her for everything. A lot of comments come against Khloe as people blame her for unfaithful partner.

Earlier in this year, Tristan had fathered another baby during his and Khloe’s relationship. Many users berated the behavior of the reality star.

Then Khloe spoke out in an interview with variety. Khloe openly said that it was too heartbreaking to listen that in every matter women are blamed by people if they had an unsuccessful marriage. 

She finds that unfaithful partners always blame women for that. Basically, it is not a real fact not always women are responsible for anything wrong that happened in the relationship.

She said; if others are doing wrong like blaming the women it was really hurtful for me. I never understood this situation showing some sympathy or like, wow that is very sucked to go through that. Not only to go through it but then go through it in public, she said.

She also said that I don’t care if people have sympathy. She said that I don’t understand why people too much point to other people for their mistakes. Not look at yourself, just notice other mistakes. This is the very unbearable thing that has to carry she added in the statement.

Khloe’s statement about not blaming women for their unsuccessful relationships is valid. Many people have taken this statement to Twitter to lighten up the major fact.

If you need to know then Jordyn who was the sister of Khloe and best friend of Jenner shared a kiss with Tristan at the house party. She said that he was the only one to kiss her and after that denied these things.

Khloe blamed Jordyn rather than Tristan, she told that Tristan become the main reason behind her family breaking up. In her harsh public tweet, she said this statement after that Jordyn give an interview about the full incident.

Khloe tweeted in march 2019

Why are you lying Jordyn woods?? if you wanted to save yourself to expose in public instead of apologizing to me alone first then at least be honest in your story. By the way, you are the main reason my family broke up.

And after that things really interrupted keeping up with the Kardashian which comes on screen after some months. In this, Khloe and her sister who were in their 30s made a very big point of Jordyn who was just 21.

In one episode after the news broke, Khloe sit with her sister and best friend Malika in palm springs.

Kimora says that guys don’t give any way to people so that they took advantage of you. That is your baby whether you are with him or not. You are not allowed to disrespect me. Khloe responds to the tweet.

The sisters then facetime their mom who is Kris Jenner to let him know that they were planning on dragging Jordyn publicly actually they wanted that she scared of them.

Kim tells Kris we have to build up to remove all the frustration. Kimora Lee said you guys look weak. You have to build up like that people are scared of you and you need to warm up and set the tone.

The good American founder went here to face another wave of criticism after calling Jordyn a fat asshole.

Fans were too shocked after seeing this comment in light of their whole struggles with body image and insecurities which she has been open for years.

At that time fans understood that Khole was hurt by her close friend and her behavior was criticized by the public online.

After that Khloe leave the statement in which she said my all tweets and comments against Jordyn are wrong and I apologize for it.  Tristan cheated me and it is too much hurting and bad if anyone who is too close to you cheated you like this.

 Someone whom I love and treated well cheated me in my loyal relationship. But Jordyn is not to be blamed for my family breakup. This was all Tristan’s fault.

Now, with all that in mind public started criticizing Khole who said not to blame women for their unfaithful partners. But she never did this in the story of Jordyn and Tristan.

People do different comments about Khole’s behavior and their comments against Jordyn. She never blames Tristan according to their public statement in an interview. People were too much shocked and questioned her about her statement and relationship with Tristan. In an interview, Khloe revealed Tristan’s recent paternity scandal will be held in her family’s coming Hulu show which is The Kardashians.

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